Long Cove Point Association



Tennis Court Rules


1 • Court usage is restricted to LCPA members who have paid their club dues and tennis privilege fees.
    • All players are required to sign the sign-up sheet.
    • Club members with tennis privileges may allow guests the use of the court.
      A guest is someone staying in the home of the member or someone invited to play with the member.

2 • Only one hour of court time daily may be reserved in advance per membership unit.
    • If unclaimed hours remain on a given day, then a second hour may be taken if claimed on the same day.
    • There is a strict limit of 2 hours court time daily per membership unit.

3 • Court reservations will remain valid until ten minutes past the hour by the club clock. If you find yourself unable to use a reserved time, please release that time as soon as possible.

4 • There is to be no play after 8:00 PM.
5 • Proper tennis attire must be worn at all times.
6 • Shoes which leave dark marks on the court are prohibited.
7 • Bare feet are prohibited.
8 • Guest fees are the responsibility of the host member.
    • Guest fees are to be paid prior to play, by cash or check. NO IOU’s!!!
    • Please follow the Guest fee schedule.