Long Cove Point Association



Tennis News 2018

As many of you already know, Martha Hebert has taken on the role of chair of the tennis committee.  She is a great addition to the advancement of the tennis program but needs the help of other tennis members to make this the robust program we all want. She can be reached at mmflana44@gmail.com

We will begin the season with the sign-up sheets on the tennis bulletin board as in years past.  However, due to repeated requests from many of you, the tennis sign-up will hopefully shift over to an on-line process beginning on or about July 1st.  You will all be notified by email and we will post on the bulletin board how this process is to be done.  A few members who will be available to guide any of you needing assistance in setting this up and make this as painless as possible.  As we begin, your comments are appreciated.

Kitty Perry will organize the women’s weekly tennis, on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:30. Please contact Kitty at 677-2299 or kittyperry39@gmail.com to be included.

A men’s round robin is being put together by Peter Stahl and Peter Waystack for Monday and Friday afternoons from 2-4.  Please contact either of to let them know of your interest. (Peter Stahl: peterstahl13@verizon.net  or Peter Waystack: fpwaystack@verizon.net)
Weekly emails from the Peters and the tennis bulletin board will keep you informed.

Two tennis scrambles and socials have been set for the summer.  They typically last a couple of hours and are a great opportunity to play, watch or socialize with other members on the porch. Check the calendar for the dates and times.

Michael Blake will return again to offer adult and youth clinics in July and August. If the demand is there, they will be twice a week, Monday and Wednesday afternoons for a cost of $10 per person.  Sign-ups go up a week in advance on the tennis board.   Michael is also available for private lessons at $30 per hour. His contact information is on the tennis board.

A reminder:  tennis shoes are required to keep our surface from being marked. No bare feet are allowed. No pets or unattended children not playing tennis on the courts, and please put side benches back into place if moved during play.