Long Cove Point Association

Spring Letter


March, 2018

Dear Members of the Long Cove Point Association,

As I look out the window at the foot of heavy snow that fell yesterday here on the Point, it's hard to imagine that spring is a mere two weeks away, and that not long after that, the tennis court and the clubhouse will be teeming with new and returning members.

I hope this note finds you all well. And yes, it's time for the annual membership renewal letter. In addition to the renewal form itself, you will find, enclosed, a copy of the events calendar for the coming season, a note about a planned rummage sale with proceeds going to upgrade our porch furniture, a list of the current officers and committee members, and an update on all that has been going on with the Tennis Committee and their plans for the season ahead. A link to the current membership list will be sent to you via email from the social committee before the season begins. Hard copies of the list will also be available in the clubhouse in June.

It has been exciting to see the number of new activities that have been added to the roster over the past couple of years. Don't get me wrong, nothing really beats an overstuffed platter of "Italian delicacies" from the Potluck, a juicy brat from the barbecue, or simply relaxing with a glass of wine and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow members at a cocktail party, but so many new offerings are attracting folks with a passion. Maybe it's the thriving yoga program, the book club, or the cut-throat evening of trivia with everyone clamoring for those fantastic prizes. Whatever the reson, all these activities are really enriching life around here for those who can be here for the whole summer or for only a short stay. Thanks to the members who are making these things possible. I look forward to seeing what someone else may come up with.

As exciting as all that is, I need to address a couple of the more mundane but necessary points of business as you renew your membership for 2018:

First, a reminder that the membership voted at the Annual Meeting to increase the yearly dues from $35 to $50 per member. This fee is not assessed per household, but per family member age 21 and above who wish to be considered members.

Second, the membership renewal includes a one-time assessment for the upgrade of the overboard discharge system to a septic system. To bring you up to date: the design of the new system has been completed and approved by the state. A contract for installation has been prepared by O. W. Holmes Excavating at a price of $25,500. Through the incredibly generous contributions of members to our "Septic Bank," the club has almost $13,000 earmarked for the project. As per the vote of the membership, the remaining funds will be collected through this one-time assessment. In looking at the numbers, the board has set the assessment at $50 per member. Again, this assessment is not per household but per household member 21 and over who wish to be considered members. As we estimated an assessment of between $100 and $150 per member, I hope this significantly reduced amount will bring a small smile to members' faces.

Please return the enclosed membership renewal form with your check for fees payable to "LCPA" addressed to: LCPA, Box 63, Chamberlain, Maine 04541.

I guess that about wraps things up for now. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in a few months. I know that our dog, Cujo, I mean, Jeffe, is also looking forward to seeing you as you travel around the Point. He has not had much opportunity to exercise his bark since the last of you left in the fall.

I invite you to direct friends who may be interested in becoming members to our website ( where applications can be downloaded. Inquiries about club rentals can be made by emailing

I would like to close with an excerpt from John Neff and Nancy Hohorst Martin's extraordinary book A Witness to History, the Story of Long Cove. If you have a chance to pick up a copy, I strongly suggest you do.

"And through it all there has been, and will always be the sea. The sea is the center of life at Long Cove. One may pause simply to sit and watch it from time to time. One may travel on its surface. One may need to seek protection from its fury only infrequently, but even that is inevitable. One may have business on its waters from time to time. One may paint it on a canvas or picnic beside it. One may feel its moisture when the fog thickly shrouds its shore. One may catch it sparkling on a day when the wind is from the northwest and the rising sun in the east is clear. One may watch its wildlife denizens on the daily rounds of survival. One may hear the sound of the harbor bell. It is the sea that defines life at Long Cove, and each one whose life has been touched by this place knows that and is deeply grateful for that enrichment.

Long Cove will continue to be a witness to history—our history, in our time, seeking to offer today that mysterious touch of beauty and fullness to all those who venture here."


John Mulcahy

Board Chair