Long Cove Point Association

Spring Letter

April 11, 2021

Dear Members of the Long Cove Point Association,

To say that it has been “some year” is certainly an understatement.  Let’s hope that the positive signs we have been seeing of late continue as we attempt to conquer this horrific virus.

I hope this note finds you all well and looking forward to another summer here on Long Cove Point. On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank each of you for your efforts last summer to keep our community safe. I know how much everyone missed the social activities that have made being a part of our community so special. We were lucky that tennis and yoga were able to continue- and thrive- and it was great to see informal sunset gatherings “on the rocks” by the beach where members were able to enjoy a glass of wine and camaraderie.

We have some good news!  The Board met recently, and we have decided– while still following Maine and CDC guidelines- to reopen the Clubhouse this summer and to restart some of our smaller group activities. In addition to Yoga and Tennis, the Different Kind of Book Group, the Duplicate Bridge Group and the Handicraft Group will resume their meetings. We ask that members continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing when inside the clubhouse. We will place hand sanitizer dispensers and cleaning wipes throughout the building. All the bathrooms will be accessible, and folks will be able to get to the books and puzzles and even engage in a shuffleboard match.

Unfortunately, due to the present restrictions on the size of indoor gatherings, we will not be able to hold any of our larger social activities. BUT- even if we’re not able to indulge in an overflowing plate at a potluck dinner- kind of a gift to our waistlines at least- we will be holding weekly events outside on the porch and lawn. Starting in late June Chris Gram will be donning his Klondike gear every other Saturday to distribute the coveted treats. I had an email from a club member who wrote, “Whatever you decide to do please make sure there are Klondike bars.”   On alternate Saturdays we will be hosting outdoor wine and munchie events. The tennis folks have advised us that we can safely use the court to expand the available outdoor space provided folks wear their sneakers instead of four-inch heels. I know that caveat may disappointment some of you. Our members are nothing if not fashion conscious.  For added excitement we will add live music once a month to these gatherings. Who knows, we may even get a socially distanced conga line going!

As we continue to follow the “state of the pandemic” and any revisions in State guidelines, we are hoping that the situation may improve to the point where we could hold an indoor event in August. So, we are scheduling “something” – not sure if it will be a lobster dinner or a barbecue- for Saturday, August 7, fully aware that simply hoping for it to happen may not be enough to make it so.  More details will follow as the date approaches.

Tennis will continue much the same as last year. We will utilize the online signup for court time, will offer Triples Events each Tuesday evening with our tennis pro, Georgia, and will offer lessons and clinics on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Time to bleach those tennis whites!

Please note two new items on the enclosed renewal application. First, if you do not wish to receive email communication specifically related to tennis activities you may check the appropriate line on the application.  Second, at the bottom of the page there is a more detailed liability waiver which, by renewing your membership, you agree to. Happy to answer any questions you may have about either of those things or about any of our plans in general.

In addition to the renewal form you will find, enclosed, a copy of the “working” Calendar of Events and a list of the current officers and committee members. A link to the online membership list will be sent to you via email from the social committee before the season begins. Hard copies of the list will also be available in the clubhouse in June. Please alert Catherine Gram (  of any change in email address so you will not miss her weekly e-blasts during the summer.

Our “House Committee” is always eager for the assistance of volunteers to maintain our building- it might involve slapping some paint on something, stringing some screening around the ping pong table to corral overly zealous shots or becoming a member of a “ power washing brigade.” Those efforts keep the place looking good.

You can return the enclosed membership renewal form with your check for fees, payable to “LCPA,” to:
LCPA, PO Box 63, Chamberlain, ME., 04541

I guess that about wraps things up for now. Please drop me a note if you have any questions or ideas ( . If you happen to lose track of just where you put the renewal form you can always download one from our website

I invite you to direct friends who may be interested in becoming members to the website ( where applications can be downloaded and Information about club rentals- which this year will continue to be limited -and the required forms are also available. If you have specific questions about the rental process or wish to see if a specific date is available for a rental don’t hesitate to send an email to


John Mulcahy

Board Chair/President