Long Cove Point Association

Spring Letter















March, 2017

Dear Members of the Long Cove Point Association,

I am delighted to send you this annual letter. With it comes the expectation of spring, warmer winds and sweeter breezes and the reunion of old and new friends in our beautiful part of Maine. I hope you have all had a good winter.

Much is underway at the club which I hope to summarize as well as update you on past activities and what you can expect this coming season

1. As always, contained in this packet is your membership renewal form and the Calendar of Events. The Annual Membership list, containing updated membership names, addresses, phone numbers and emails is NOT included. This will be emailed to you by Catherine Gram, sometime in May. If you did not receive an email from Catherine in January asking for changes or updates and you do have some, please contact Catherine as soon as possible so your updates can be included in her emailing of the 1027 Membership List. ( As in years past, we will leave a limited number of the Membership List on the piano in the clubhouse, but we do encourage you to print it out on your home computers whenever possible.

You may recall receiving an email from John Mulcahy this past fall outlining some of the challenges that the Board is anticipating over the next few years. Most of us are aware of the regulations that the State of Maine EPA is phasing in with respect to overboard discharge. Included in this packet is an update from John. We urge you to give this your attention. Also, please mark your calendars for the annual club meeting on Saturday, July 22nd at which we will discuss the options and hopefully make a decision on how the club will proceed.

As stated in the By-Laws, members will receive an email 10 days prior to the July 22nd meeting outlining the issues and possible plans. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you now have the ability to share your opinions and cast your vote by proxy. This can be done through the new LCPA email address: You can always find this address at the club website and posted on the club bulletin board.

2. Catherine and Chris Gram have outdone themselves this year with the Calendar of Events, to the point where it is double-sided! They have developed a calendar that satisfies many interests including Game Night, the first being held on Friday, June 23rd. As always, Catherine will send out an email on Monday mornings, outlining the scheduled activities of the week and any special announcements and information. We hope you will find these helpful. They will begin in late June.

3. Last year we included a survey which was very helpful in understanding the demographics and interests of the membership. We received over 50% back...a fantastic return. Thank you. The questions regarding volunteering gave us a clearer understanding of how people want to give their time to make our club work. To that end, we are trying something new: a Volunteer Sign-u[ sheet where members can indicate what they are willing to do, when they are around. This will not be considered carved in stone but a means for you to indicate that there is a good change you can help out.

4. Friday Nights! Besides Game Nighs (we hope to do more than just the one scheduled), we would like to continue with Movie Night. You may recall that we installed a movie projector and player in the clubhouse last year. This has been a great success for the yoga aficionados as well as younger members who have enjoyed piazza and popcorn with Friday night movies. A few parents have stepped up and made this possible but more help is needed. So if you are around and want to help out with this activity for the younger set (even if it is only once), please indicate on the Volunteer sheet that you are around and willing to run Movie Night on a particular date. Likewise for Game Night. It is easy and truly fun.

5. Our Tennis Program is evolving into a large, robust and fun program for all skill levels. Michael Blake will return again to run a clinic ($10 per clinic) for both adults and kids, twice a week from 5 to 7 pm, if the demand is there. It will run during July and August. Michael is also offering private lessons, as in years past. Please keep an eye on the Tennis bulletin board for updates.

Please note on the Calendar of Events two Tennis Scrambles and Socials are scheduled. The Tennis Committee hosted the first last year and they were excited by the turnout—tennis and non-tennis folk, for an activity that can be enjoyed at many levels. Please consider coming to one of them this year—whether to play, watch, socialize, be encouraged to play, or introduce your grandchildren. The goal is to make this fun, accessible, and affordable.

6. Ping Pong: Wow, that one went over well! Thank you again to those members who chipped in to buy a new table. Kids were playing constantly which was exactly what we hoped for. It might be time to organize some competitive ping pong matces. If anyone is intersted, it is listed on the Volunteer Sign-up sheet. And for us older folk, did you know ping pong is considered an excellent activity for eye-hand coordination? Teams are popping up all over the US.

7. Yoga: As most of you know, yoga is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9=10 am. It is truly a different experience with the projector, and for those of you who have held back because of the size of the screen or the volume, we encourage you to try it again; you can still hang out at the back. Gentlemen, plese note—there are a number of your comrades who now attend, and you can guess who they are by the bounce in their walk.

And, following on the great success of last year, the Baord has given approval for a certified yoga instructor from Damariscotta to lead the Wednesday classes in July and August. For more details, please go to the club website, and click on the Yoga link.

8. Speaking of websites, Elizabeth Vercoe continues as our webmistress and we are most appreciative. Updating occurs on a regular basis so send your photos along to share with all. Please also note we now have a general enquiry email address: which is also listed on the website.

I thinnk that sums it up. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at

Looking forward to seeing you all in a few short months.

Best wishes,

Kit Reno