Long Cove Point Association

The Club & Cove Area in Times Past

Long Cove Point ca. 1908

Long Cove Point in 2002

Long Cove Clubhouse in 1935

Long Cove Point viewed from Salt Pond

Chamberlain Post Office

Arthur & Louise Tukey

Long Cove Point Road in the 1930s

Hanna's Garage in the 1930s

Photo in Chamberlain from the 1930s

The Hendrys, Holtmans, and Neffs at Pemaquid Point in 1937
(L to R: Nell Hendry, Leland Hendry, Dudley Holtman, Frank Holtman,
Bernice Holtman, Bob Neff, Helen Neff, Luther Neff, Dorothy Holtman, & John Neff )


Sally Smith on horseback at the clubhouse in the late 1930s
(Guyot recreational pier and Carter working wharf in background)

Flood at the Post Office in 1951

1951 Flood Damage

Ethel Showalter, 1954


Anick & Roger Fessaquet

   Dorothy Lyon

Old Steps at the Point

'Dirigo' Cottage in 1967, later razed & replaced with the Showalter studio

Cove Lupine

Al Ring & Cynthia Padget

The Old Boathouse

Albin Elskus & his stained glass at Miles

Round Pond Harbor

Pranas Lape & his painting of Maine

Construction of the Tennis Court 2001

The Clubhouse in 2006

& The Refurbished Chandelier!

Cocktails at the Silverberg's in 2007

Yard Sale Crew in 2007

Peter's Old-time Sing-along, 2008

Gram's Wedding on the Cove, 2009

Murray's Farewell Party

John Neff's Talk on Cove History

Harold & Ellie Small with Buddy Love at their cottage

Tennis Buddies

The Cove in Spring

Anna Elskus

Jess & Dorrie Welch

Sue Fondriest

Pemaquid Point

First Ever Long Cove Charity Flotilla, 2010

Conway Wedding party's arrival at the dock

Youth Pizza Party, 2011

and Bonfire on the rocks

John, Andrew, & Nancy present Richard Rodgers' music at the club

Hurricane Irene makes waves at Long Cove Point, 2011

Aftermath of Irene: seaweed and debris on the beach

Paving Long Cove Point Road, 2012

Finishing the job

Cabaret on the Cove: Kemp Harris/Scotty Vercoe Duo

Intermission at the Cabaret

To the clubhouse for dinner
, 2013


Roger Fessaquet and friend at a club dinner, 2013

Anne & Roger remembering old times

Cocktails on Long Cove Point — July, 2014

Three Generations of Leibmans

The new light-weight tables arrive!

Stacked and ready to use for the next event

Rummage Sale in the Clubhouse
— 2016

International Night at the Clubhouse
— 2015

Cocktails on the Rocks

Cocktails on the Harbor—2017

Cocktails on the Harbor

Rummage Sale 2018

Septic Installation—2018

Septic Installation—2018

New Window Boxes 2019

Bill & Shirley Silverberg
at Band Night

Phyllis Lucina and friends

Annual Meeting 2019

Anne's 90th Birthday Bash

Steve Reno, Sam Egbert & friends


Ginny Conway & Connie Towne
Beth Stahl & Nora Waystack
The Stebbins and Addisons on their decks


Klondike distribution during the 2020-21 pandemic


Long Cove Point