Long Cove Point Association

Club Events


Cocktails on Long Cove Point — July, 2014

k Dinner — 2014

Potluck Entertainment

Visiting before dinner

More Entertainment

Finding Nametags at the Lobster Dinner

Three Generations

Socializing Before Dinner

End of the Feast

The New (lightweight) Tables Arrive!

Carting Them Inside the Clubhouse

The Last Loads

Stacked and ready to use for the next event

Cocktails on the Harbor

A perfect summer evening

Sharing the humor

Friendships renewed

Socializing with old friends

Overlooking New Harbor

Barbecuing on the porch

Socializing on the porch

Setting the table for the final potluck

The bounty of the feast

Socializing with friends
& family

Three generations

Enjoying the evening

New friendships
for the youngsters