Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting

August 25, 2012

A. Called to order at 9:00 AM
In attendance: Bill Addison (Chair), Doug Craig, Joe Ponti, Anne Bullis, Doug Alcox, Jane Griesar, and Jack Campbell
Christopher Gram (president), Bob Rapp (Treasurer), John Mulcahy (Social Committee) B. Secretary’s report- approved.

B. Secretary’s report — approved.

C. Treasurer’s report
     1. We are in about the same financial state we were last year.
         Charitable donations ($2,450) have not been included.

     2. Up on both tennis and social fees.
         Paid membership: 246
         Tennis members: no figure given.

     3. Annual Meeting Update
         In order to give the membership a current feeling for the fiscal condition at the time of the
         annual meeting, the treasurer, in addition to the yearly Treasurer’s Report, will provide
         the membership with:
         A. Checking, savings, and cash as of June 1st of the current year.
         B. These same totals for the previous two years.
         C.  Any large unforeseen expenses so far this year or anticipated for the remainder of the year.
         D. Any significant events that might affect the current year finances.
         E. His or her general assessment of the clubs overall financial picture.

D. Tennis Committee Report
         1. Court activity/Issues
         Concerns about insurance regarding the tennis lessons. 
         Doug Craig will look over our insurance policy and report back at the spring meeting.

         2. Next year’s Committee: Next year we will be sure to have nominations for the    
         committee and ensure that the committee has meetings.

E. President/Committee Chairs
         1. President’s report
         Chris has received lots of positive feedback on social events.
         Club was rented for two member events.
         Thank you to John M.  for all the hard work on the social committee
         Thank you to Jack C. for the new toilets and taking care of the lights.

         Membership list protocol?
         Applications go to Bob Rapp, who gives them to Kitty Perry to add the list,
         since she has the electronic version of the list.  The system at this time is that the list
         is updated throughout the year.

         When Ellen receives applications, she gives Kitty Perry the list, and gives John M.
         the emails to be used for social event announcements.

         John M has a very current list of emails, with all corrections.

         Issue:  This information is not gathered in one place.
         Consensus:  One person is to create the official membership list. To facilitate
         generating the list, all those who have information should give it to the “list manager”. 
         The “list manager” will create a list to be sent out in the spring mailing.
         In the President’s letter, it will be mentioned that any changes should be sent to the“list manager”.
         At this time, Kitty Perry has been doing the job.  Chris will contact her to be sure that she agrees
         to continue to do this job.

         2. Membership Committee, Age changes
         At the annual meeting, this issue was discussed:
         Tennis Dues:  Family membership for the club/tennis is up to 18 years old.
         Could this be extended to include college-aged kids?
         Motion: Recommendation to the LCPA Board that the children membership and/or
         tennis membership be raised to include children up to and including age 25.
         The issue is that if we change the age to 25 years old, this would limit membership of those
         who might want to join who are under 25.
         The issue is that we will need to change the by-laws to make the recommended change,
         due to language regarding membership. 
         Motion: The board will make no changes to the membership regarding age restrictions.  Motion passed.

         3. House Committee
         The women’s toilet is working fine, the men’s toilet is not.  The Board authorizes Jack C. to fix the toile
         Floors: Jack  C. suggests that have the floor professionally  cleaned. The Board agrees.
         This will be done in the spring. Reimburse Anne Buell for the purchase of the mops.
        Anne Bullis will ask her for the receipts.
        Status of the ping-pong table. It is still broken. Proposal to purchase a new ping-pong table.
        Screens should be replaced. Jack C. will take care of that for next spring.

        4. Social Committee
         All went well this season.
         a.   Plans and activities
        This year the Lobster Dinner date was switched to accommodate Olde Bristol Days.
        But attendance did not improve. The Lobster Dinner can be scheduled at any time since
        Olde Bristol Days does not seem to be a competitor.

        b. Member provided programs
        c. August food event

        Bill A mentioned that the way our events are planned, those members who come in August
        never benefit from a “free” event, such as the barbecue.  And those who attend in July,
        never get the lobster dinner event.  In the future, we can dovetail the events, so that one year
        the lobster dinner is in July, the following year in August.

        John Mulcahy will be stepping down as Social Chair.  Nancy Craig has been approached. 
        If she is not able to serve, Chris and Catherine Gram will serve as co-chairs. John will work and secure
        two names for cocktail parties.

        Suggestion:  to make new members more comfortable, could we institute some ice-breakers
        during some of our events?

F. Other Business
        1. Charitable Contributions -we have determined our contributions for this year
                $2,450 total, broken down as follows:

                $600 for the Food Pantry
                CHIP- $1,000
                First Responders and the Fire Department can be consolidated and we will donate
                        to the Bristol Fire and Rescue-
                $200 Historical Society- $50

               We will look at charitable contributions for 2013 in the spring.
               Bob Rapp will send out the checks. 2. Old business (Lights, floor) - see above

        2. Old business (Lights, floor) - see above

        3.Set asides for future planned and unplanned maintenance/renovations
        Do we need to create one “pot” for future maintenance and/or renovations?
        It would be easy to create such a fund, if the Board sees the need.

        Joe P. suggested that we should have a list with the following:
        have to be done (safety)
        should be done
        could be done
        This list would be given to the House Committee. 

        We need a new flagpole.  This will be a purchase for next spring.  Bill A will look into costs.

        4. Board appointments- Do we have enough tennis players on the board?  We have two. 
                The Board is satisfied with that number.

        5.New business- none
        6. Anything else?- none

G. 2013 Meetings
     Board Meeting July 6
     Board of Directors August 24
     Annual Meeting July 20

Meeting adjourned at 10:34 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Gram, Secretary