Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting

July 7, 2012

A. Called to order at 9:07 AM
In attendance: Bill Perry (Chair of the Board) and the following Directors: Jane Greisar, Joe Ponti, Bill Addison, Jack Campbell, Anne Bullis, and Doug Alcox. Also in attendance were Christopher Gram (President), Kit Reno (Vice-President), Bob Rapp (Treasurer), Amy Rolfe (Tennis), Ellen Addison (Membership) and Catherine Gram (Secretary).

B. Secretary’s report
     1. Director’s Meeting minutes of 8/27/11 approved

     2. New members/pending applications- There seem to be two different forms in use. Elizabeth Vercoe will be contacted to make sure the form on the website matches the hard copy.

C. Treasurer’s report
     1. Bob handed out his 2011 report, as it had not been previously reported. He anticipates that the 2012 report will end in a lower balance, due to tennis court expenses.

     2. Membership- There are 8 new members. As regards past members, all but 44 members have paid to date. Bob will have more current numbers for the annual meeting.

     3. Tennis court- Total cost for resurfacing the tennis court and fixing the fence was $6,850, which included $350 for fence adjustment.

     4. List of tennis members for posting
     Bob Rapp will give Amy the names of every tennis member, along with what level of membership they paid. Amy.
     Amywill post the list on the tennis bulletin board.

     5. Unpaid members- see above #2

     6. Filing form 990N- Bill Perry filed it last year. Bill will do this year's filing and give any papers to Bob Rapp for next year’s filing.

D. Update from the President and Committees.
     1.President’s Report-
     Spring mailing went out to 127 addresses. Total cost was $272.18, $70.00 cheaper than last year
     due to double-siding one sheet and use of Staples Reward Card.
     The Social Calendar has 8 varied activities with fun for all.
     For Music Night LCPA is lucky to have the Scott Vercoe Duo from Boston. They play jazzy standards as well as some blues favorites.
     Chris recommends that LCPA give them a $200 honorarium ($100 each) to help with transportation costs and bringing their own equipment.
     Chris also extended thanks to John Mulcahey for putting together the Social Calendar.

     Clean-up. Ten people came to help clean up the clubhouse. They did a very thorough job and had fun, too.
     Chris extended special thanks to Barb Achter and Pam Brooks, who completely cleaned the kitchen, and to
     Bennett Brooks for repairing the ping-pong table.

     Wine and Cheese was well attended. A beautiful spread was prepared for all to enjoy.
     Thanks to John and Andrew! The total beverage costs for 2 cases of wine was $218.60. There are 2 bottles of red left
     and these will go to the Clarks’ Cocktail event next weekend.

     LCPA has had a request from the Old Bristol Historical Society to ask for interested parties and families
     to help fund the republishing of John Neff’s book on the history of Long Cove.
     Costs are expected to be around $1,400. OBHS hopes to have 10-12 families invest $100 each
     and they will cover the rest. For each $100 donation one will receive 10 copies of the book.
     This republishing will include corrections.

     Consensus: Jack will ask Elizabeth to post the opportunity to donate to the republishing project on the LCPA website.
     In addition, Chris will announce the opportunity to donate to this project at both the Italian Dinner
     and at the Annual Meeting.
     Jane suggested we might give a $100 donation to the project. This will be brought up at the Annual Meeting.

     A moment of silence will be planned at the Annual Meeting for Barbara Neff and Bo Kilner who passed away recently.

     2. Committee Reports
     a. Community Assistance- (Charitable donations)
     At the 2011 Annual Meeting, there was some concern that the percentage of our donations was too high, and we gave less
     last year: $1,950, which was broken down as follows:
          - No money was given to the Food Pantry because we were told that they had received a large donation
          and that they were doing fine financially at this time.
          - CHIP- $1,100 (includes $100 from the Music night)
          - First Responders and the Fire Department can be consolidated and we will donate to the Bristol Fire and Rescue- $600
          - Library- $200
          - Historical Society- $50

     Doug explained that, in spite of the information we were given last year, the Food Pantry is in dire need,
     due to an increase in demand and federal and local cuts. At the Annual Meeting, it will be explained that we curbed
     our donations as requested by some members. With the new information regarding the Food Pantry’s needs, and
     to keep in line with the LCPA mission statement, motion was made that, at the Annual Meeting, Doug make the
     recommendation to donate $600 to the Food Pantry, effective immediately. Motion accepted.

     b. House Committee- Flag pole was fixed. If we were to replace the flagpole, we have two choices: wood or fiberglass.
     The house committee will need to look into this.

     Spring floor cleaning-The floor has not been professionally cleaned. If the floor is redone, we will need to repaint
     the shuffleboard court. Jack will check into costs.

     Ladies restroom toilet- It is slow to flush. Jack will have Pendelton Plumbing come and look at it.

     Septic system- Jack has checked into it and all is OK.

     Fluorescent lights, or acceptable replacements, need to be put back, especially for the bridge club. Jack is working on this.

     Thanks to Nora Waystack and Gina Conway who donated the flowers and their time and planted the flower boxes.

     Thanks to Doug Craig who fixed the screen door.

     c. Social Committee-
     Chris has offered his truck to transport the grills for the Barbecue.
     Lobsters have been pre-ordered for the Lobster Dinner.

     d. Membership Committee-
     - Five new applications received. One more possible to come.
     - One renewal.
     - Application dated 09/06/11 on LCPA website is the correct one to use this year.

     3. Website updating- See above

     4. Additional comments- None

E. Tennis Committee
     1. Court activities- Sunday Round Robin events have been going well. Anyone is welcome!

     2. Update on “Pro Program”- Lessons are Thursdays.
     Amy presented an idea to have a fund raising tournament. Bill suggested that she bring it up with the tennis committee.

     3. Maintenance needs- current/future
     No concerns at this time.

     4. Appoint Tennis Committee members-
     Judy Ribeiro’s term is over. Motion is for Judy to be reappointed to serve for another 3 –year term, ending in 2015.

     5. Appoint Tennis Committee chair(s)
     Motion made to reappoint Amy and Nora as co-chairs for the 2012 season. Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM

F. Old/ongoing business
     1. Report on tennis court surfacing and fence- All is in good order

     2. Clubhouse lighting resolution- We have 4 chandeliers to be spray painted and put up.
     The plan is put these up and create a two-pronged system: the chandeliers on one circuit, the more powerful lighting on another.
     To be done:
     #1. First get all the fluorescent lights working until we have the new system in place.

     #2. Second, set up the new system- chandeliers on one circuit and new incandescent lights (for playing bridge, etc.) on another circuit.

     The goal is to report at the annual meeting that the lighting issue is resolved. Jack will check with an electrician,
     get a quote, run it by the board. Doug recommended that he contact Prentice.

     3. Officer/Director orientation
     Suggested that every time we hand over a baton, the person explain the duties to the incoming person

     4. Other? None

Meeting adjourned at 10:55 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Gram, Secretary