Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting

July 2, 2011 at 9:05 AM

A. Meeting called to order at 9:05
In attendance were Directors: Bill Perry (Chair), Doug Alcox, Bill Addison, Jane Griesar, Anne Bullis, and Joe Ponti; Christopher Gram, President; Bob Rapp, Treasurer; Catherine Gram, Secretary; Sheila Dodge and John Mulcahy, Co-Chairs of Social Committee and Doug Craig, Chair of House Committee.

B. Secretary's report:
     1. Consider approval of the minutes of the 8-21-10 Directors' Meetings. Approved
          From now on, the Director's Meeting minutes will go out to directors, officers and committee chairs by email. Catherine will create the necessary email contact lists.

     2. New Members/ pending applications
          Ellen Addison, Membership Chair sent the following report:
          As of this date, only one new application for membership has been sent to the treasurer.
          She is Louise Curran of New Hampshire and resides, in the summer, at 507 Route 32, Chamberlain at the Royal Homestead.
          She is a friend of the Leemans and the Smalls.
          In addition, the Guthries have rejoined and have paid for the last year and this year.
          The members who have passed away since the last Annual Meeting in 2010 are Walter Sheridan, Clarice Sturtevant and Louise Young.
          Members who have declined to rejoin are Bob and Jane Bonomi, who have sold their cottage.
          Joy Hixon and Mike and Mary Thomas have also resigned.
          There are 229 adult members (+ or -).

C. Treasurer's report: Approved
     1. Financial picture—Report was handed out for the period from January 1 2010 to December 31 2010.
          Compared to 2009, our financial status is the same.

      2. Total number of members—See above.
          Total tennis members- no final report at this time

      3. List of tennis members for posting—
          There was a concern raised that the fees for membership and tennis, that are paid by members as separate fees, all get placed together into the same bank account.
          Bill Perry explained that the monies are commingled so that any repair will be taken care of by the LCPA Club, not by separate committees.

*Creating separate reserves to separate membership monies from tennis monies is extra book keeping. We should maintain the present system.
*The Treasurer's report will include a comment on estimates on upcoming major expenditures, just to keep us all aware.
*The Board will authorize the House Committee to secure an estimate for the roof: what is the status of the roof today, 
   any anticipated roof repair in the future (including approximate date, if possible), and an estimate of cost for roof repair when the time comes.
   The Treasurer will need ready access to estimates for major expenses for inclusion in the Treasurer's Reports.

     4. There are 27 members from last year's membership list that have not yet paid, amounting to about $3500 + some tennis fees, if all were to renew.
          In addition: The Social Committee has created an itemized account of the cost of each event to guide our planning for this year.
          Concern: Should we be shifting money from checking to savings, to get better interest? Bob will check into it.

D. Update from the President and Committees

      1. President's report given by Christopher Gram:
          I  Spring Mailing- The annual Spring mailing went out in March to 128 families or individual members.
            A Thank You to Kitty for providing us with the updated membership List.
            Total cost between printing and postage is: $341.96.

          II  Social Calendar- The 2011 Social Calendar is replete with 11 listed events offering a wide range of opportunities for our members to join in.
            A Thank You to Sheila and John for filling the summer so well.
            For Music Night on August 20th we are fortunate to have Bob Page from Atlanta.
            There has been discussion as to charging a fee or possibly turning this event into a fund raiser. (More discussion on this below.)

          III  Clean Up Day went smoothly. Eight eager beavers helped and even with the windows, we were done in about two hours. Cost of the coffee and goodies: $16.73.
            Chris changed smoke alarm batteries, excepting the one above the kitchen door, which may be faulty. He is checking into that.

          IV  The Wine and Cheese event had approximately 60 in attendance. As in the past, the President purchased a case each of red and white wines.
            We also had seltzer and juice for those not wishing Bacchus's juice. Cost for the beverages: $163.43.
            There are some bottles left over, which will be brought to the Perry's shindig. A Thank You to Sheila and Dexter for staying late to clean up.

          V  Weddings and other Functions: There are two weddings this year- one in July and the other on Labor Day weekend.
            All procedures required by the rental policy have been followed.
            Right after this the Tennis Committee has arranged a Tennis Social with Michael Blake, the Pro.

          VI  Other: At the end of last season, $65 from the cash jar was donated to the New Harbor Church's food pantry.

            There is also a new First Aid kit on top of the metal cabinet in the clubhouse.

      2. Committee Reports:
            a. Community Assistance (Charitable Donations) -
            We expect to continue to make charitable donations, subject to approval and determination of amounts by the Members at the upcoming Annual Meeting.
            We need to be sure that the organizations receive the donations in a timely manner.

            b. House Committee- flagpole replacement –
            Instead of replacing the whole pole, Doug suggested that the dry rot at the bottom of the pole could be sawn off to add approximately 10 years
            to the life of the pole. The committee could also repaint the pole. New lights— For the Conway wedding, an electrician rewired the club and put in new chandeliers. We bought more to finish the job.
            Some were concerned that the chandeliers do not give enough light for certain activities, so it was suggested that we put a few of the fluorescents back up.

            c. Membership Committee: See above under Treasurer's Report

           d.  Social Committee:
            60 people attended the Wine and Cheese
            The committee will have a meeting the morning of July 2 to make decisions regarding Callers.
            John will also send emails to all members to remind them of upcoming events.
            The only event for which the callers will need "reservations" is the Lobster Dinner, as this is the only event that requires a number of attendees for planning purposes.
            Next Event: The Italian Dinner July 9
            Sheila purchased new platters for the Lobster Dinner.

E. Report from the Tennis Committee

      1. Tennis income/fees- see Treasurer's report
      2. Update on "Pro Program"
            Amy Rolfe is working with Michael Blake to continue the "Pro Program" for this season. She explained that lessons cost $30.00 an hour.
            She will check to see what Michael will want to offer this year: private lessons, clinics, etc.
            Today, July 2, there will be a social event to introduce Michael Blake to the membership.
            Amy will work to reinstate the Round Robin. She suggested that these might take place Sunday afternoons.
            She would also like to do a Charity Tournament.
            She also suggested starting a Mini Children's Tournament to encourage children to get out on the court.

      3. Court Activity- any issues- no report

      4. Maintenance needs- current/future
            a. Rollers- New rollers need to be purchased and Anne will research our options.

            b. Resurface schedule- The last resurfacing was done 9 years ago, with the intention being to have it last 10 years.
            This is longer than normally suggested, but we stretched to do the initial resurfacing so that the members who paid tennis dues up front for 10 years
            (providing the down payment money for the new court) would again be paying.
            Bill spoke with the company Maine Tennis and Track, who explained that we need to plan on 3 coats for the cost of $6250-
            this would include power washing the court and any necessary patching. This would be done June 2012.
            Motion made to allow funds up to $6500 for resurfacing and possible fixing of the fence.
            Voted in favor to proceed.

      5. Appoint Tennis Committee Members- need two, each for three -year terms
            Nora Waystack offered to be re-elected
            Kit Reno to be elected

      6. Appoint Tennis Committee chairs- Motion made that Nora Waystack and Amy Rolfe be co-chairs of the Tennis Committee.
            Voted in favor.

F. Old/ongoing business:

      1. Items from 8/21/10 Board minutes
            a. IRS status/filings- We do need to file form 990N. It is just a formality, but does need to be done and has been for all years beginning in 2009.

            b. Directors and Officers insurance- We do not need it.

            c. Status Doug's song on web- It has been posted.
                 First Aid Kit is in the clubhouse, on top of the metal cabinet.

      2. Officer/Director orientation- Not a formal event but any past officer/director will be available to guide the newcomers

      3. other? none

G. New Business:

      1. Clubhouse Use Policy
            There were inconsistencies in the original document and Bill and Chris revised and streamlined it to make it more consistent with the by-laws.
            In addition the following substantive change was made:
            Small, incidental gatherings (memorials, readings, etc) would be considered a membership benefit
            For all other rentals, the member hosting the event will pay $150 plus a security deposit of $150.
            Motion to approve revisions: Voted in favor.

            Cleaning- There is a concern that the floor is really not very clean, especially for the yoga class.
            Consensus: Hire someone to properly clean and treat the floor in the spring. This can be redone during the season, if necessary.

            Indemnification Agreement:
            Bill and Chris simplified the document by deleting any inconsistencies and redundancies.
            Motion to accept revisions: Voted in favor.

      2. Music Night- set admission fee?
            There was an email poll taken by the Board on May 1- Bill received responses from all but 2. All in favor of hiring Bob Page but suggested a $5 admission charge.
            Motion: The Music Night will be a fundraiser for a local charity. A suggested donation will be posted.
            Voted in favor.

H. Date for next meetings:

      Immediately after the Annual Meeting on July 16
      Saturday August 20 at 9:00AM

I. Meeting Adjourned 10:45AM

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Gram, Secretary