Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting

August 21, 2010 at 9:05 AM

A. Call to Order at 9:05
In attendance: Bill Perry, Board of Directors Chair; Christopher Gram, President; Bob Rapp, Treasurer; Jack Campbell; Jane Griesar; Joe Ponti; Anne Bullis; Bill Addison; Doug Alcox; Sheila Dodge, Social Committee Co-chair; Nora Waystack, Tennis Committee Chair; and Catherine Gram, Secretary.

B. Secretary's report:
     1. Consider approval of the minutes of the 7-3-10 and 7-17-10 Directors' Meetings. Approved

C. Treasurer's report: Approved
     1. Financial picture

Bob handed out his report, which covered from January 1st to August 20th showing $1,393.37 in checking, $13,416.30 in savings, and $26.52 in cash for a total of $14, 836.19.

To bring consistency to the reports, Bob created categories that will be repeated on each report. Suggestion was made to add sub items in order to have more specific information regarding how the money was spent. Events should be itemized as well, including expenditures and income for each event. This will guide our events planning for upcoming years.

Bill P. pointed out that we need to comply with the policy that the maintenance committee can spend only the amounts authorized by the members or the board for any project. Any expenses beyond that amount will need to be brought back before the board.

Question: What is our present balance compared to last year?
Not all bills have been paid at this time, but our cash availability seems to be improving every year. This is useful information regarding any future planning.

      2. Membership numbers—total and tennis

There seem to be approximately 30 members who have not paid their dues. An effort has been made to contact them. Some of them have indeed canceled their membership; another half a dozen claim they have paid, but we have no record of such payment. The bylaws state that member dues become payable April 1st and that a member who fails to pay dues by the third Saturday after the annual meeting shall be deprived of all rights and privileges of the association. Consensus is that we can assume that these members do not wish to be members of the club.

We have a savings account and a checking account. Savings is getting about 3%, interest, the checking much less. Since there is more money in the checking account we should move some      to the savings in order to get more interest. Question posed whether we should get a CD, but we learned that a 6-month CD would receive less interest than the savings account.

      a. Tennis guest fees collected
          Total tennis fees to date are as follows:
          $3,427 for members
          $267 for guest fees

D. Report from the Tennis Committee:
     1. Court activity- any "issues"

The LCPA tennis committee set out to create a "Pro" program to give more opportunity to play by offering lessons with a coach. He has been a great addition and has had a very positive effect on the tennis community at LCPA. Court use has increased.

The coach is willing to come next year. Specific events could be planned, such as an adult round robin tournament and a children's tournament.

Next year we will have an open tennis sign up sheet, for people to sign and play with other members.

     2. Maintenance needs— current/future

We can go another year before resurfacing.
The dry rollers will need to be replaced next year.

     3. Results of "Pro" Program. See above under Court Activity

Other issues regarding Tennis Committee
   • Suggestion made that the Treasurer create a list of paid tennis members. This list would be posted.
   • Suggestion made to have a bench next the tennis court. Joe will donate one.
   • Suggestion made that all club events would be posted on the "tennis" bulletin board so that tennis players would be sensitive to possible interference.

E. Update from the President/Committee Chairs
     1. President's Report

a. Scheduled events: The Cookout and the Lobster Dinner were well attended.
          Chris made special mention for all that Sheila and John did to make these events a success. The idea of putting stickers on the nametags at the lobster dinner to note what people had ordered certainly helped organize and expedite the serving of the food. Thanks, Sheila and John!

b. Upcoming rentals of the Clubhouse:
            Conway wedding on Sept 5, with a Breakfast on Sept 6
            Ginny Glazier for July 2, 2011 starting at 5PM

     2. Committee Reports

a. House
The railing and the ramp have been painted
The flagpole needs replacing

b. Membership- See above

c. Social-
The fan and the sink are wonderful additions to the kitchen. Sheila explained that the budget given to Pendleton expressed clearly that the job was not to exceed $1,000. In fact the final bill was $1.150. Consensus of the Board was that this was acceptable due to renovation complications that led to these additional expenses.

Sheila shared her concern that the Cookout created a lot of leftovers. Sheila recommends that we address the issue of over-ordering for future events hosted by the Club.

The lobster dinner- For this event, we require members to contact their callers two weeks in advance. Sheila ended up calling Doug 8 times with changing numbers. This makes it difficult for the supplier as well. Therefore, we will need to make sure we stick to the close off date.

Suggestion was made to offer a real Lobster Bake on the rocks. Some said that might be cost prohibitive.
Cocktail Parties have been very successful. Anne Buell has offered her home for one cocktail party; it would be nice to have another person offer, as well.

The member art show was wonderful. Suggestion made to do have another next year.

d. Community Assistance- covered under Charitable Donations
e. Others as appropriate- no reports

     3. Plans and activities for the 2011 season –

The Social Committee will meet to create a calendar of events.

     4. Additional items/ comments, if any-

Concern was expressed that some who rent the hall do not appropriately clean it. Chris suggested that the penultimate paragraph in the Clubhouse Use Policy be clarified. Bill P. and Chris will work on this.

There is a new Maine law regarding overboard discharge- where do we stand?

Jack looked at the state regulations on this. The question is whether one has an option to make the necessary changes on one's land. Bill P. had our property surveyed. The positioning of the clubhouse and abutting wells leaves no room on our lot to allow for a septic system. Bill P. has documentation that shows that, according to current regulations, we will not need to make any changes due to the fact that our lot does not make it possible to do so.

F. Old/ Ongoing business
     1. IRS requirements.

Bill P. called the LCPA attorney who explained that he felt we should be filing every year. Others, apparently knowledgeable with IRS rules, feel that any non-profit organization that does not have $25,000 in gross receipts does not need to file. Bill P. will look more into this to determine what we really need to do as to filing and retained earnings.

     2. First Aid Kit-

Doug has researched First Aid Kits. He found one for 50$, to which we will add 6 cold packs. The kit will be kept up on top of cabinet near the door to the porch, for easy access. Motion made to purchase. Approved.

Doug will order it Thursday.

G. Other/ New business
     1. Charitable Donations- recipients and amounts

a. New Harbor Food Pantry- Donation jar has netted $50. We have not advertised this very much this year. Elizabeth Vercoe will ask Chris to make an announcement on Saturday, August 21, during the Band night. Elizabeth talked with the people who run the New Harbor Food Pantry and CHIP. Their recommendation is that we apportion our donations to the two organizations at 20% Food Pantry and 80 % CHIP.

          LCPA donations for 2010
          New Harbor Food Pantry $400
          CHIP $1,600

b. First responders, Fire Department, Library, Historical society
          LCPA donations for 2010
          First responders $500
          Fire department $300
          Library $200 (up from $100 in 2009, as voted by the membership)
          Historical society $50

          For a total of $3,050 in donations for 2010

          Motion made, seconded for approval of the Charitable Donations as listed. Vote: Approved.

c. Any others - none

     2. 7-17-10 Revised bylaws are on the LCPA website. Bill P. handed them out to the board.

     3. Need for new Officers/Directors orientation?

Bill P suggested that it might be useful to have a "New Officer Orientation". This could be an informal get together after the annual meeting to delineate officer duties. Joe suggested that past Officers/Directors could meet with the person taking on the new duties.

H. Set date/time for next meeting:
     Next meeting will be July 2, 2011 at 9 am

I. Meeting Adjourned 10:40AM

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Gram, Secretary