Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting
August 22, 2009

A. Call to order at 9:00am
1. In Attendance: The following Director’s were present Doug Alcox, Bill Perry, Joe Ponti, Anne Bullis, Bill Addison. Also in attendance were President John Towne, Vice President Sam Egbert, Treasurer Kitty Perry, Secretary Cindee Young and Social Committee Chair Sheila Dodge.

B. Secretary’s Report
1. Minutes from the July 11, 2009 and July 18, 2009 were approved with a motion to accept and seconded and voted with all in favor.

C. Treasurer’s Report
1. Kitty Perry reported a checkbook balance of $13,113.94, an overall income of 12,160.00 from April 1, 2009 through August 20, 2009. Expenses to date are $5,585.65. There are still some outstanding expenses that will occur in August. This leaves a surplus of $6,539.59.
2. Kitty reported the club has 126 paid families; this includes 10 new members, 3 members that are gratis and 9 unpaid members.
3. Discussion was held on families that have outstanding balances. Some members of the Board will contact those families to inquire if they are still interested in being a member. These families, if they would like to continue to be members would have to pay twice the membership amount.
4. Joe Ponti brought up a need to look into Long Range planning for the club. With a surplus each year we need to be aware of major projects and some Financial Planning.
5. It was moved, seconded and voted to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.

D. Tennis Committee
1. Anne Bullis had a concern about dogs on the tennis court. A “No Pets” sign has been placed outside the court.
2. Anne also reported that tennis guest fees are down but activity is also down. Weather could be a factor but the bright side is the club can get another year out of the court surface.

3. Discussion was held on the fact a Local Realtor is still advertising tennis is available with a sale of a house in Long Cove. Unfortunately they are being misinformed because you do have to be sponsored by a member and there is a club membership to be paid. This in the past has caused hard feelings and is very misleading.
4. Bill Perry is purchasing a net cable for the court.

E. Update from the President/Committee Chairs
1. John Towne has 3 confirmed rentals for the clubhouse on September 4, 12 and October 3.
2. New officers for the year Dan Mocarski /Archives, Doug Craig/House, Amy Rolfe/Children programs, Sheila Dodge/John Mulcahy will co-chair the Social Committee.
3. John had wanted to know if there were any nominees for President next year since Sam Egbert is not interested in taking the position. His concern is there is mentoring time for the new president so he wanted to make sure they would be onboard for an easy transition. It was discussed that the nominating committee is aware and that they are in the process of contacting possible candidates.

House committee
• Overflow discharge pipe is taken care of. The pipe was extended and secured
• Anne Bullis was concerned with the cleanliness of the floor especially during Yoga class. Discussion followed about maybe treating it with oil and repainting the shuffle board lines.
• A request was made for a ceiling fan in the kitchen to help keep it more comfortable when people are helping during clean-up. Also a request for a new sink was discussed. The flat drain makes it difficult because of the drainage. Purchasing a large industrial sink with a hose would be ideal. These two items are to be referred to the house committee to investigate and purchase and the Board has moved and seconded and all were in favored, to allow up to $1000.00 to be spent for these two items. If they exceed $1000.00 then a request would need to come back to Bill Perry and he would contact the board members for approval.
• Underbrush and the hole behind the club were discussed. Bill Perry will take care of the hole and remove the brush.

• Membership numbers were discussed in the Treasure’s report.

• Townes cocktail party was successful.
• Chicken Dinner had low attendance this year. Next year a cookout will replace this event.
• 65 people attended the Lobster Dinner. This event seems to have a low attendance because of a party in Chamberlain and Old Bristol Days. A discussion was held regarding this event. The Lobster Dinner used to be the final event of the season. The date will stay the same for next year and could be reevaluated.
• Square dance is scheduled for tonight.
• The Clean out your Fridge Dinner will have a cookout component. Hamburgers and Hotdogs will be grilled with members bringing salads and desserts.

Community Assistance
• Elizabeth Vercoe sent an informative letter to the Board on the need of support for the Food Pantry and Fuel Assistance program. There was discussion of the club giving donations to the food pantry and also still collecting donations of food and money in –house. Also next summer members will be encouraged to sign up and volunteer on Saturday mornings at the pantry.

Planned activities for 2010 season
June 5 Clean up at the club
June 19 Wine and Cheese Social
July 3 Board of Director’s Meeting
July 10 Italian Dinner/Pot Luck
July 17 Annual meeting
Cocktails on the Cove at the Clark’s
July 23 Kid’s Night
July 31 Cookout Dinner
August 8 Cocktails at the Mulcahy /Fenniman residence
August 13 Kid’s Night
August 14 Lobster Dinner
August 21 Board Meeting
August 28 Clean out Dinner

F. Old/Ongoing Business
• John Neff’s book will not be reprinted and a letter was sent to him. Doug’s song is being recorded and will be put on the website and a CD may also be made. Doug will keep us up to date on the recording.

G. Other/New Business
1. A discussion was held on the charitable donations. The donations were increased for next year because of the needs of the community. The following allocation of club donations were voted on and seconded with all in favor.
New Harbor Food Pantry $500 plus in house donations
CHIPS Fuel Assistance program $1500
Bristol First Responders $500
Bristol Fire Department $300
Bristol Library $100
Historical Society $50

2. Bylaws are being reviewed by Bill Perry and John Towne and suggested changes will be sent out with the President’s spring letter.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:35am