Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting
July 11, 2009

Call to Order - The board meeting of Long Cove Point Association was called to order July 11, 2009 at 9:05 AM at the clubhouse. Board members present were Chairman Bill Perry, Joe Ponti, Jack Campbell, Bill Addison, Jane Griesar, Doug Alcox and Ann Bullis. Club members present were President John Towne, Vice President Sam Egbert, Secretary Ellen Addison, Treasurer Kitty Perry, Tennis chairman Bill Bullis, House chairman Doug Craig, Social chairman Sheila Dodge, Community Assistance Committee chairman Elizabeth Vercoe and Tennis committee member Nora Waystack.

Secretary’s report – Board members reviewed the minutes from the August 23, 2008 director’s meeting. A motion was made and seconded to approve them and motion passed.
Five new membership applications have been submitted to be approved at the annual meeting July 18, 2009. They are Anne Buell, Anthony Cordasco and Julie Gerow, John Mulcahy and Andrew Fenniman, Lee Simard, and Walter and Audrey Villecco.

Treasurer’s report
– Kitty Perry reported that the audit of the books will be held next week before the annual meeting. She stated that as of June 20, 2009 the checking account had a balance of $12,755.69 and the savings account balance was $1,385.26 for a total of $14,140.95. Total income from January 1, 2009 to July 11, 2009 was $7,938.94 and expenses were $1,822.23. There are 99 member/families paid and 31 member/families still due. A letter of reminder will be sent out three weeks after the annual meeting to those having not paid.

Update from the President and committees – President John Towne reported on the coming summer events. Amy Rolfe will run the children’s events and the Townes and Rapps will host the two cocktail parties. He is looking for two new houses to host next year’s parties. He recommended continuing to mail out the spring newsletter as opposed to e-mailing. He suggested that at major events such as the wedding this past May, a person should be at Route 32 to direct traffic.

House chairman Doug Craig said that the brush behind the club needed to be cleared again. He will check on the filling in of the old well/tank behind the building. The kitchen vinyl needs to be tacked down. All windows have been reglazed except for some in the rear of the clubhouse. The porch ceiling is in need of cleaning and repainting and the handicap ramp has been bleached and cleaned. It was suggested that non-skid material be purchased and installed to prevent anyone slipping on the wet or slippery surface.

Social chairman Sheila Dodge said that all was in order with the calling committee and the events for the summer.

The membership update was included in the Secretary and Treasurer’s report.

Community Assistance Committee chairman Elizabeth Vercoe recommended that the club continue donating food to the New Harbor Food Pantry and that callers remind their lists to bring items to club events. Also, there is still need for monetary donations for fuel this coming winter. Anyone wishing to send a check for food should make it out to New Harbor Food Pantry and for fuel to CHIP (Community Housing Improvement Project) to receive a tax deduction. Other members of this committee are Felicia Leibman, Barbara Achter, Phyllis Lucina, Doug Alcox and Jane Griesar.

Report from the Tennis Committee – Chairman Bill Bullis said there are 81 paid up tennis members so far and that the court surface is in excellent shape and the cracks had been sealed last year. The rainy weather has stalled much court activity lately.

Two new roller covers and straps have been purchased. The fence on the north end has risen up and tennis balls roll under it. Upon discussion on how to solve this problem, it was decided to install 1X6 boards painted black and wired to the bottom of the fence to prevent balls escaping.

Judy Rubeiro’s term on the tennis committee is expiring and a motion was made and seconded to ask her to serve another term. Motion passed to reappoint her.

Bill Bullis is retiring as tennis chairman and after discussion of the chairman’s duties, Nora Waystack was appointed for the office. It was suggested that Amy Rolfe be asked to assist her.

Joe Ponti commented that LCPA maintain an informal reserve of about $4000.00 for tennis court resurfacing and major repairs when required.

Old Business - The reprinting of John Neff’s book has become too costly and complicated and as there was little or no interest, the idea will be dropped. Ann Bullis is to advise Mr. Neff and express the association’s appreciation for his offer/efforts. If anyone would like to update their cottage history, they can submit the information to Elizabeth Vercoe for the LCPA web site.

Doug Alcox is working on getting the “Chamberlain” song on the LCPA web site.

New Business – Two new card tables have been bought by the club for the bridge club or any other uses they can fill.

Bill Perry recommended that the By-laws be reviewed and clarified over the winter.
The next board meeting will be held immediately after the annual meeting on July 18, 2009 and the last board meeting of the summer will be August 22, 2009 at 9:00 AM at the clubhouse.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 AM.

Ellen Addison