Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting
August 23, 2008

Call to Order - The board meeting of Long Cove Point Association was called to order August 23, 2008 at 9:00 AM at the clubhouse. Members in attendance were Chairman Bill Perry, Bill Addison, Joe Ponti, Jack Campbell, Doug Alcox, Jane Griesar, Anne Bullis, Elizabeth Vercoe, President John Towne, Secretary Ellen Addison, and Treasurer Kitty Perry.

Secretary’s report – Members took time to review the past two board meeting minutes. A motion was made and seconded to approve them and motion passed.

Treasurer’s report – Treasurer Kitty Perry presented the information pertaining to LCPA’s financial picture from April 1, 2008 to August 22, 2008; income was $13, 320.75 and expenses were $6,317.11 resulting in an overall total of $7,003.64. (Detailed copy attached.) She reported that we now have 123 member families including the 6 new families voted in this year, 59 of which are tennis playing families. The balance in the checking account to date was $7,441.88 and balance in savings to date was $1,378.41 resulting in a balance of total assets of $8,820.29. (Copy attached.) Motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded, and passed.

Update from the President/Committee Chairs – President Towne reported that he had asked Dorrie Welch to chair the Archives Committee; Ellen Addison will remain as Membership Chairman; Doug Craig will chair the House Committee; Sheila Dodge will take over the Social Committee. He then outlined the 2009 summer events as follows:
23 May – Wedding and reception for Chris Gram and Catherine Hobby
6 June – Clean up day
20 June – Wine and Cheese
11 July – Italian dinner
18 July – Annual Meeting 10:00 A. M.
18 July – Cocktails at the Rapp’s
24 July – Kids’ function
1 August – Chicken dinner
8 August – Cocktails at the Towne’s
14 August – Kids’ function
15 August – Lobster dinner
22 August – Dessert & BYOB with dancing hosted by Peter Haas
29 August – Clean out refrigerator potluck
President Towne also said that three new white tables had been requested and will be purchased. He said that Tancy Rapp will take over the telephone committee.

Anne Bullis read a report from Debbie Hohorst that this year’s kids’ pizza parties and bonfires were a great success. Anne also said that due to lack of interest she would not have a garage sale next year. The nautical items donated by the Murrays, if sold now, would generate an amount of money akin to having the sale.

Membership chairman Ellen Addison reported that there were already two more families applying for next year and presented the 2009 membership application to the board and to President Towne.

Anne Bullis gave the Tennis committee report and said two new rollers were required and that $360.00 had been collected from guest tennis fees.

Old/ongoing business
– Elizabeth Vercoe reported great results from the food drive for the New Harbor food pantry. Her committee members, so far, are Phyllis Lucina, Felicia Leibman, Barbara Achter and Doug Alcox. They had delivered a total of 8 crates and 6 bags of food to date. She has posted a list of needs and has callers reminding members for each function. A can is also available for monetary donations labeled Food/Fuel. Phyllis will be responsible for working with CHIP (Community Housing Improvement Project) on the fuel requests. CHIP takes the applications from the needy families and supplies one tank per family per winter.
Discussion followed on the dispensation of LCPA’s charitable donations to local organizations and it was moved to allot the following amounts:
First Responders - $150.00
Bristol Library - $100.00
Fire Dept. - $100.00
Historical Soc. - $ 25.00 (They store the LCPA records.)
Motion was seconded and passed.
It was then moved to donate $1000.00 of LCPA monies plus fuel donations to CHIP for fuel; seconded and passed. The final motion was for monetary donations not specified for fuel to go to the food pantry; this was seconded and passed.
A new LCPA committee under the title of Community Assistance Committee was formed and Elizabeth Vercoe will chair this.

Other/new business – John Neff would like to make his book on Long Cove available again as it is out of print and he would update cottage information from 1996 to include as an appendix to the book. Discussion followed and it was suggested to ask at the August 30th Potluck if there is enough interest from individuals to front the money for a reprint. Steve Reno could possibly have use of the University of New Hampshire press for this.

A member had asked the board to consider erecting a basketball area at the club. There was discussion as to the feasibility, but due to lack of space and close proximity of neighbors, it was not practical.

The possibility of publishing Doug Alcox’s “Chamberlain” song on the LCPA website was mentioned and Doug will see about printing up his words and music for this.

It was reiterated that the lobster dinner is to be prepaid and only members and their house guests can attend.

The next board meeting will be July 11, 2009 at 9:00 A.M. at the LCPA clubhouse.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 A.M.

Ellen Addison