Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting
July 5, 2008

Call to Order - The board meeting of Long Cove Point Association was called to order July 5, 2008 at 9:00 AM at the clubhouse. Members of the board in attendance were Chairman Bill Perry, Bill Addison, Ann Bullis, Jane Griesar, and Phil Cameron. Doug Alcox and Georgia Rolfe were absent. Also present were President Joe Ponti, Vice President John Towne, Secretary Ellen Addison, Treasurer Kitty Perry, House Chairman Bill Griesar, and Tennis Chairman Bill Bullis. Also attending was Elizabeth Vercoe for the purpose of presenting a proposal to the board.

Secretary’s report - A few minutes were allowed for reading of the August 25, 2007 minutes by the board members. A motion was made by Jane Griesar to accept the minutes and seconded by Bill Addison. Motion passed.
As membership chairman, Ellen Addison reported on the new member requests she had and was given three new applications Kitty had received.

Treasurer’s report
– Kitty reported that as of July 5, 2008 the total income was $9,716.79, expenses totaled $4,475.08 for an overall total in the treasury of $5,241.71. An audit will be done before the annual meeting.
She stated that 112 families had paid this year’s dues and only 16 families or individuals were still unpaid for this year. There are 41 paid up tennis families and possibly another 5 families to still remit for tennis. Joe Ponti stated that the by-laws should be enforced and recommended that a late fee of $30.00 be enforced if members have not paid by 3 weeks after the annual meeting. Discussion followed and it was recommended that a letter be sent right after the annual meeting explaining that dues are payable in three weeks time.

Tennis report
– Bill Bullis said court activity was good, that the weekly round robin had started and also that there was now a round robin for ladies Monday and Friday from 10 to 12 noon. An updated tennis membership list is posted on the bulletin board and fees have been collected in a timely fashion.

The double black bungee cord installed along the bottom of the fence by Bill Perry is working well and hairline cracks around posts will be resealed in August.

Bill Bullis was reappointed to be on the tennis committee and he consented to be Chair for another year. Nora Waystack was also appointed to the committee.

Food Bank Participation
– Elizabeth Vercoe had seen an article in the Lincoln County News (copy attached) about the need for food pantries in our area and proposed that as a way to fulfill our obligation to community service, we participate in a food drive. The Basic Needs Council of the United Way of Midcoast Maine has worked with community groups to establish a Food Security Coalition. The United Methodist Church in New Harbor runs a food pantry on Saturdays from 9:00 to 10:00 AM and now serves 50 households including single mothers and people on fixed incomes. Elizabeth suggested that we collect food at the club to donate to this cause. She will contact a local couple, Donna and Bob Hart, who run this pantry to get input on specific needs. Elizabeth will give a presentation on this need to the general membership at the annual meeting. A monetary donation will also be discussed.

Update from the President
– Joe named our deceased members, Sue Fondriest, Ellie Nolan, Paul Nichols, Dave Pollack and Jess Welch and we will have a moment of silence in their memory at the annual meeting.
There was nothing to report on archives.
The house committee has installed the dishwasher and counter; Bill Griesar noted that he got a $50.00 discount because the dishwasher had a small ding on the front. He had also installed wheels on half of the old ping pong table to make it easier to move. Joe mentioned that the kitchen floor vinyl needed replacing and will check the condition of the floor beneath. Steve Nichols had pruned tree branches encroaching around the clubhouse and will fill in the old well later. The secretary sent him a thank you note for the work. The growth around the back of the clubhouse was addressed and in lieu of gravel, it was suggested that the lawn maintenance crew mow there a couple of times a month.
The nominating committee has a slate of officers ready to present at the annual meeting.
The social committee is ready for the upcoming events this summer. Also the youth events are scheduled as planned and will be properly supervised. Jane Griesar suggested that the club invite John Neff to speak on the history of Long Cove and LCPA and will contact him to see if he is available to speak either August 17th or the 24th at 2:00 PM. Since this year is the club’s 100th birthday, it was suggested that we have a birthday party with ice cream and cake along with his talk. A donation for his mileage is all the compensation Mr. Neff requested as he lives in Winthrop.

Old business
– The OBD (Overboard Discharge) has been approved by the state. The survey is completed, deeds are registered and residents on both side of the club are satisfied. The OBD pipe has been repositioned down the shore and anchored with rocks.

The next board meeting will be immediately following the annual meeting on July 19, 2008.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 AM.

Ellen Addison