Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting
August 25, 2007

A. The board meeting of Long Cove Point Association was called to order August 25, 2007 at the clubhouse at 9:04 AM. In attendance were Board Chairman Bill Perry, and members of the board Doug Alcox, Bill Addison, Anne Bullis, Phil Cameron and Jane Griesar. Georgia Rolfe was absent. Also attending were President Joe Ponti, Vice President John Towne, Secretary Ellen Addison, Treasurer Kitty Perry, House Chairman Bill Griesar, Social Chairman Ginny Conway and Tennis Chairman Bill Bullis filling in for Dave Pollick.

B. The minutes of the July 7, 2007 and July 21, 2007 board meetings were perused by the members and a motion was made and seconded to approve them. Motion passed.

C. Treasurer Kitty Perry reported that there are currently 285 members including children of which about 100 are paid tennis members. The checking account balance as of August 25, 2007 is $14,069.28. The tennis loan payment if paid off as of August 27, 2007 would be $12,218.30. The principal balance is $11,496.20. The interest rate is 6.75% and due to go to 8% next year. The chicken dinner took in $612.00 and expenses were $661.21 for a loss of $49.00. The lobster dinner took in $1399.00, expenses were $976.68 for a gain of $422.32. Regarding membership, she will firm up the master list for the 2008 spring mail out. Discussion followed as to those few still unpaid and a motion was made to keep their names on the roster until next spring giving them time to pay their dues. Motion was seconded and passed.

D. Update from the President/Committee Chairs
President Ponti stated all events this summer went well and praised Doug Alcox for his “Chamberlain” song performed at the lobster dinner.
House Chairman Bill Griesar reported that Steve Nichols will begin trimming of the grounds and the clearing of trees leaning towards clubhouse in the fall. He will also fill in the abandoned septic tank in back of the club with rocks and pull out the old pump on the north side. Trees on the north side will be trimmed of their bottom branches. Nichols will get permits for any cutting done. The roof leaks have been repaired.
Social Chairman Ginny Conway said that the 2008 social functions will remain the same and the cocktail functions will be held at the Rapps and the Waystacks.
Discussion was held as to asking John Neff to possibly speak at one of our dinners or to perhaps add a separate function for this purpose. The Social Committee will explore this further. Anne Bullis was approached by Debbie Hohorst as to the possibility of a club sponsored activity involving children, teenage and younger. Debbie suggested two events, one in July and one in August, which could be a club sponsored pizza party, showing of a movie, tennis or ping-pong tournaments, scavenger hunt, karaoke party, etc. Projected dates were July 25 and August 15. These events would need lots of adult supervision and parents will be approached to participate. It was suggested that a schedule and a run down of the supervision be presented at the next board meeting. The board moved to show support for this concept of involving our youth in the club and was seconded and passed.
Membership Chairman Ellen Addison distributed the updated membership form for 2008.

Long term Financial Planning - President Ponti presented a financial perspective and suggested planning document to possibly be used for long term financial planning. This document is attached to the minutes. He was thanked by the board members for his work and discussion followed. The document includes assumptions of income and expense estimates for 2008 and upcoming projects based on priority in the future.

E. Report from the Tennis Committee
– There are approximately 100 paid tennis members and guest fees have been paid promptly. Court activity is down due to weather and the availability of more courts in the area. It was mentioned that dogs be kept off the court and a sign so stating to be put up. The fence posts that have been affected by the frost are estimated to cost $1000 to $1500 to repair. The minor surface cracks are being sealed and watched for future resurfacing.

F. Old Business
1. Membership/event capacity - Participation at events has been reasonable and discussion for limiting number attending has been eliminated from further board meetings for the time being.
2. Reduction/retirement of tennis court loan – The retirement of the loan would save future interest as it is going from 6.75% to 8% next year and there would be no penalty for early pay-off. It was deemed that it would be fiscally responsible to pay it off this month when due. A motion was made to pay off loan now completely and seconded. Discussion followed that since we have extra monies it would be wise money management to do so. Motion passed.
3. Dishwasher purchase – Ginny Conway gave background on the need for one. Discussion followed on portable versus built-in, and it was moved that the club would purchase a residential dishwasher to be permanently installed by Ron Pendleton. The counter next to the sink would be modified by Bill Griesar to accommodate the appliance. Motion passed.

G. Other business - Renewal of Overboard Discharge license (OBD) - LCPA received notification in early August 2007 that our OBD license had expired October 23, 1995 and a renewal application must be submitted within 60 days. Bill Perry compiled information from various sources including LCPA, Town of Bristol and Lincoln County records, abutter discussions, site observations and boundary survey done for the Van Winkles. It is assumed that we cannot install a regular disposal system due to proximity of wells nearby and we need to renew our OBD license. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to authorize Bill Perry to: submit the OBD application (which includes the need to have our septic tank pumped out (cost $250.00); to contract with Lincoln Surveying Company to survey and pin the LCPA property (estimated cost $1000.00); and to have Jim Gallagher (our corporate clerk) secure necessary abutter agreements regarding our property lines.

A motion was passed to hold the next Board Meeting July 5, 2008 at 9:00 AM at the clubhouse.
Anne Bullis received permission to deal with what to do with the old ping pong table and a thank you note will be sent to John and Donna Cochran for donating the new one.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:13 AM.

Ellen Addison