Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting
July 7, 2007

The board meeting of Long Cove Point Association was called to order July 7, 2007 at the clubhouse at 9:02 AM. In attendance were Board Chairman Bill Perry, and members of the board Doug Alcox, Bill Addison, Anne Bullis, Jane Griesar. Phil Cameron and Georgia Rolfe were absent. Also attending were President Joe Ponti, Secretary Ellen Addison, Treasurer Kitty Perry, and Bill Bullis filling in for Tennis Chairman Dave Pollick. The minutes of the August 26, 2006 board meeting were perused by the members and a motion was made and seconded to approve them. Motion passed. Bill Addison noted that all the repairs to the foundation had been completed last summer, and also, as part of our outreach to the community, a few tables of bridge had started meeting at the Club on Thursday mornings.

Update from the President
To begin his update, President Ponti listed those of our membership who have passed away since last year. Included were Alfred Ring, Webster Van Winkle, Albin Elskus and Mel Massey. Those with serious illness are Dave Pollick and Ellie Nolan. He called attention to the newly placed ramp at the bathroom entrance. A question of installing a dishwasher was proposed to be discussed later in the meeting. He suggested that clearing of the shrubs and trees that may cause a problem to the Club building be addressed and will consult with a tree surgeon on the legalities involved. There were 55 in attendance at the first social, the wine and cheese get together, and we may be pushing 100 attendees to be at the Italian dinner. Kitty suggested the call chairman give her a list of names in the future as to those attending functions so she could prepare the name tags. Membership has 97 paid families, 18 unpaid families and 11 new paid members for a total of 219 adults and 59 children. Tennis has 122 paid members of which 87 are adult and 35 are children. President Ponti suggested that a line be included in the membership form as to which committees members would like to serve on. This would encourage new members to be on committees upon joining. A new member packet will be given to each new family. Anne Bullis asked if anyone knew where the laminated tennis forms usually on the porch bulletin board were. No one did. Bill Griesar will have his roofers give an estimate on repairing the two leaks in the club roof as soon as his cottage roof is finished.

Update from the Treasurer

Treasurer Kitty Perry reported for the period of July 7, 2006 to July 7, 2007 the total income was $16,481.37, total expenses were $10,212.95 with an increase of $6,268.42. The checking account balance is $11,322.28; savings account balance is $2,364.13 for a total of $13,686.51.

Social dues amount is $8,111.00 and social income (events) is $2,035.00 for a total of $10,146.00. Social expenses were $2,003.64
Tennis income is $3,210.00 tennis expenses are $2,937.52.
President Ponti brought up the question of retiring the tennis debt. Bill Addison queried as to whether we should use general funds for this. The status on the court debt is that we have now passed the 5 year mark on a 10 year note. Discussion will continue on this matter at the August board meeting as to the best use of club funds.

Report from the Tennis Committee
1. Acting Tennis Chairman Bill Bullis projected 31 families as paid tennis members.
2. As of now there is little court action but he expects it will pick up by August.
3. His main concerns were the uplifting of the fence and the eventual resurfacing of the court. Maine Tennis Company will be contacted for estimates on the repair of the fence and for the eventual resurfacing needed to be done by 2010. President Ponti suggested that a 4 year financial horizon be iniated as to where the Club will be cash-wise by the year 2010, and he and Kitty Perry will work on a rough scenario to present at the annual meeting and the August board meeting.
4. It was moved and seconded that Bill Bullis serve as interim tennis chairman this summer until Dave Pollick’s return. Motion passed.
5. A tennis committee member for a 3 year term is needed and it was moved to reappoint Sam Egbert to this position. Motion was seconded and passed.

1. Membership/event capacity discussion – As of last August, there were no problems with event capacity but it was stated that we do not need to actively solicit for new members. There are four new families who have submitted applications and possibly one more, plus a member’s daughter and son-in-law who have paid dues for this year. Another two or so applications have been given out. A suggestion was made to keep track of the participation this summer at our events.
Discussion followed as to the feasibility of a dishwasher. A portable washer would run about $450.00 installed. Bill Addison moved that we buy a portable dishwasher to be installed in the kitchen. Jane Griesar seconded. Discussion followed and Anne Bullis asked that we wait until Ginny Conway can express her views on the benefits of the purchase. Motion and second were withdrawn. There was also discussion on a portable versus a built-in.

2. Clearing behind Clubhouse - President Ponti will consult with tree surgeon as discussed in his update above.

Other Business
Jane Griesar announced that The Old Bristol Historical Society will have John Neff speaking on the history of Chamberlain and the Long Cove Point Association September 5, 2007 at 6:30. It was suggested that perhaps the Social Committee ask him to make a presentation at the Club sometime.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 AM.

Ellen Addison