Long Cove Point Association
Board Meeting
August 26, 2006

The board meeting of Long Cove Point Association met August 26, 2006 at the clubhouse at 9:00 AM. In attendance were Board Chairman Bill Perry, and members of the board Doug Alcox, Bill Addison, Anne Bullis, Jane Griesar. Phil Cameron and Georgia Rolfe were absent. Also attending were President Joe Ponti, Vice President John Towne, Secretary Ellen Addison, Treasurer Kitty Perry, Social Chairman Ginny Conway, House Chairman Bill Griesar, Tennis Chairman Dave Pollick and John Merrill.
The minutes of the July 15, 2006 board meeting were approved.

Chairman Perry called upon John Merrill for a report of the Association’s tax exempt status. John stated that he found the 1990 IRS determination letter in the archives that we are, in fact, exempt and classified as a social and recreational club in section 501( C ) (7) with 10% going to outreach programs and in compliance with the IRS. No filing is needed under $25,000.00 total income and if they eventually send us Form 990, it should be signed and returned stating we are still in compliance to keep the exempt status.

Treasurer Kitty Perry reported that we have 214 paid adult members plus 53 children on our roster. President Ponti suggested that this list should be the official list as of today for mailing in the spring. He would update the membership list next summer after the annual meeting. Kitty reported the total income of $13,358.54, total expenses $4,947.02, and fund raisers and tennis fees for the 2006 season (see attached sheet). A question was raised as to whether the club has a charge account at Reilly’s and answered in the negative. A motion was made to request Kitty and Joe to set up a new account, seconded and approved. It was noted that the Einhorns will purchase most of the supplies for the club for next year through their wholesaler and will be reimbursed from the treasurer.

Update from the President/Committee Chairs
President Ponti stated that Archive Chairman Dorrie Welch is copying some of the records from the archives to a DVD. He also authorized her to purchase a frame to display records, etc. for the Clubhouse in the summer and the Bristol Historical Society in the winter. A question was raised as to fire protection at the Society. President Ponti offered to look into one or more fireproof containers for all of our records. He can purchase these without further board approval as long as the cost does not exceed $500.00, the cumulative limit that can be authorized and spent by the President each year.

House Chairman Bill Griesar reported that he placed a fan in the kitchen and also reloaded the septic system with chlorine tablets. He suggested that rather than rip out the shower in the steward’s room, shelving be put in for storing supplies. Bill Addison noted that the chandelier needs to be hardwired with a dimmer switch. President Ponti asked as to who is responsible for planting the flower boxes and suggested that they should be the responsibility of the House Committee to get planted, possibly on clean-up day in June.

Social Chairman Ginny Conway gave a rundown of this year’s successful events and a schedule of next year’s seven functions. The Polynesian supper will be eliminated and a cocktail party at the Waystacks will be in its place. She stressed getting more people involved in the Saturday morning set-ups for each function. Chairman Perry commented on the importance of socializing after the suppers. President Ponti will send a detailed social event list in the spring and suggested the callers contact their list early to introduce themselves. He also will stress timely response from the members to the callers.

Membership Chairman Ellen Addison passed out the 2007 membership forms and reported the number unpaid members (22). Six families have already expressed interest in joining next year.

Additional items/comments

President Ponti brought up the possibility of making a donation to “Friends of Pemaquid Light”. The subject will be brought before the members at next year’s annual meeting.

Doug Alcox suggested initiating a lending library at the club. He could buy 100 books to start off at a reasonable price. However, we have books left from the garage sale and President Ponti said he would encourage donations of books in the annual letter.

Bill Addison suggested that thank you notes be written to the Smalls and the Cynthia Rogers family for their $500.00 donations for the refurbishing of the chandelier. President Ponti will take care of this.

Dave Pollick and Bill Addison will undertake repairs on the foundation of the storage shed at the Club.

Tennis Committee Report
Tennis Chairman Dave Pollick reported that there are 33 paid tennis members including families, adults, children and guests. The 5 year prepaid term expires as of this year and of that group only 3 or 4 will be paying yearly fees next year. In July and August there were 148 hours of regular court time and 64 hours of round robins. The condition of the court is good and will not need to be redressed for 2 or more years. There was no interest in hiring a tennis professional full time. He stated his need for a database on a CD of tennis players to show paid dues and fees. He was thanked for doing a great job and for running the whole season by himself.

Old Business
The question of limiting membership/event capacity is basically a non-issue as there were no major problems this year.

It was suggested to note in the minutes that allowing the Long Cove Dock Association to use the club for its meeting is part of our outreach to the community.

The next board meeting will be held July 14, 2007 at 9:00 AM, a week before the annual meeting July 21, 2007. A short meeting will be held after the annual meeting to organize and elect a chairman. The last scheduled board meeting will be August 25, 2007.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15AM.

Ellen Addison