P.O. Box 63

Chamberlain, ME 04541



Minutes of the meeting of the

Board of Directors

July 16, 2005.


1.   The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Anne Bullis at 11:15 am in the clubhouse.  Present were:  Anne Bullis, Bill Perry, Bill Addison, Doug Alcox,  Jack Campbell (President, non-voting)) and Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary, non-voting).   Jess Welch and Ed Shepherd were absent.  Since Doug Alcox declined the office discussed in his absence at the previous meeting, the board elected Bill Perry chair for a term of one year beginning at the annual meeting just concluded and ending at the annual meeting in 2006.


2.  Discussion opened confirming a list of the membership of the tennis committee.  There are five members:  Dave Pollack (term expiring 2008) as chair, Connie Towne (2006), Judy Ribeiro (2006), Bill Bullis (2008), and Sam Egbert (2006).



The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 am.




Respectfully submitted,






Elizabeth Vercoe