Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 28, 2021
Virtual Meeting

1. Call to Order of Special Meeting

The virtual meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm by John Mulcahy, Chairperson and President. Present in addition to John were Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary), Seymour Kagan, Tim Peele, Kit Reno, and Amy Rolfe.

2. Approval of Minutes for Board Meeting

The minutes for the meeting on August 19, 2020 were approved as corrected. (The lobster dinner was planned to be indoors, not outdoors.).

3. Treasurer's Report (Mark Jones)

Mark reported to John:

     a. 188 renewals received to date (ahead of last year at this time)
     b. Charitable donations to date ahead of 2019 and 2020
          1. Current: $2930
          2. 2020: $2765
          3. 2019: $2410
      c. Plan for those who did not pay in 2020 but have paid in 2021.
           1. Mark’s suggestion: Charge the missed membership fee ($50/member) but not the lapsed membership penalty ($100/member).
         -The Board agreed that members who did not pay in 2020 would be required to pay the missed dues but not the $50/member penalty for the lapse.

4. Social Calendar

      a. Overview of Survey results
      b. Current Maine State guidelines
      - No masks or social distancing are required for either vaccinated or non-vaccinated adults or children with the exception of children ages 5-12 at school.

      c.  Input from Social Chairs

      -Chris and Catherine will take care of setup for any indoor events provided they perform the setup by themselves.
      They do not feel comfortable at this point attending any indoor events.
      They would continue, if the Board chooses, to continue as hosts of the Klondike on the Oar events.
      They do not wish to take charge of any of the smaller events – Trivia, game night, etc.
      They might have a change of heart as the summer unfolds.

      d.  Discussion of Possible changes to our Current plan
           1. Currently all events through July are scheduled for outdoors with possible inside event in August.
           2. Discussion and Recommendations

      - The Board voted to amend the current plans and hold the following events indoors for the 2021 season:
           1. Welcome back wine and cheese in June (Could be held outside and inside)
           2. A Pizza Dinner and Potluck event in July
           3. A Lobster Dinner in August
              * The Board will discuss later if/how much of a fee will be assessed for the Lobster Dinner.

      -We would eliminate some of the ”on the porch” cocktail parties on the original activities calendar now that other events are being scheduled.

5. Updates: Extermination and Septic Maintenance

      a. Orkin Seasonal Contract (May through October)
          1. Initial Visit: $295
          2. Monthly Charge: $95
          3. Will start June
       b. Septic Preservation. Initial inspection found no issues with the system.

6. Other Business

a. 16 New Folding Chairs have been purchased
b. Current name tag system will be replaced with disposable/recyclable name tags filled out by each member at each event.   
c. Food for thought: outside vendors versus volunteers
-The Board agreed that it makes more sense to engage outside vendors for maintenance needs
-The Board agreed to have the proposed slate of members sent to the membership in advance of the annual meeting with, perhaps, short statements about each.
-The Board will ponder whether to suggest to the membership a modest increase in dues ($10) to cover these costs.

The meeting was adjourned.

Elizabeth Vercoe