Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
August 19, 2020
Virtual Meeting


1. Call to Order of Special Meeting

The virtual meeting was called to order at 11:01 am by John Mulcahy, Chairperson and President. Present in addition to John were Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary), Mark Jones (Treasurer), Kevin Conway, Seymour Kagan, Tim Peele, Bonnie Potter, Kit Reno, and Amy Rolfe.

2. Approval of Minutes for Board Meeting

The minutes for the meeting on June 25, 2020 were approved.

3. Treasurer's Report (Mark Jones)

Mark submitted his written report for 1/1/19-8/14/20 and said that there is currently $20,286 in the checking account and $8,745 in the capital account with about $1,000 in expenses outstanding. To date there are 251 membership renewals for 2020 plus one provisional membership, 5 Golden Parachute members, and 2 Sanford Tennis Winners. There remain 34 unpaid memberships. New memberships (19) have resulted in $950 added to the Capital Expense account and membership renewals (252) have added $5,040 to the account for a total of $5,990 in new funds in the capital account.

Payment of $200 for the Burch wedding in 2019 was received recently and a refund is due for the cancellation of the Buchanan/Kausch wedding originally planned for this month.

Voluntary charitable contributions ($2,740) and club contributions ($1512) less the $3,512 already distributed to the New Harbor Food Pantry and Caring for Kids left $840 available for distribution. The board voted to allocate this amount as follows: $200 each to CHIP and Community Energy, $300 to First Responders, and $70 each to the Bristol Library and Historical Society.

4. Committee Reports

a. Tennis Committee (Martha Flannagan Hebert) John reported for Martha that 43 members reserved the court this summer, some for multiple times. The board voted to approve a 1-year extension of the removal of a special tennis assessment in addition to the usual membership fees.

Regarding maintenance needs, Kit said the center net strip needs replacing and will cost about $15. There are also cracks to be filled at the end of the season.

There was agreement among tennis players on the board that Georgia, the new tennis pro, has worked out well in lessons and triples.

b. Membership Committee (Claire Mocarski) Reporting for Claire, John said that there the 14 unpaid members were contacted. Of these, 4 have paid, 3 promised payment, and 7 have not responded. Of the 3 memberhips lapsed for two years, 2 have been paid. The Sanford Tennis Winner memberships will carry over to next year. The new membership application will be removed from the website for now and replaced in January.

The board voted to extend a Golden Parachute membership to the Shepherds.

c. Finance Committee (Mark Jones, John Rolfe, Peter Waystack)

The board voted to approve Mark Jones, John Rolfe, and Peter Waystack to be the new Finance Committee members and agreed to ask Ed Shepherd about his role on the committee, possibly as a consultant.

d. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway) John reported for Ginny that the board terms for Kevin Conway, Seymour Kagan, and Kit Reno are ending in 2021and that Bonnie Potter's first term is ending. Kit Reno has agreed to replace Ginny once Kit's board term is over and Amy Rolfe volunteered to help with the committee.

e. Social Committeee (Catherine and Chris Gram) Since there were no other social events this summer, the Grams suggested Klondike bar events with distribution by approved social distance from the clubhouse steps at the end of an oar. The three events to date have been well attended and a fourth and final event is planned for August 22. Plans for 2021 are in process.

f. Archive Committee (Anne Bullis and Jim Lyon) No report.

g. House Committee (Kit Reno) The accessible bathroom is now painted, thanks to Kit and Bonnie, and a window pane and screen replaced at a cost of $161. Several additional items are planned including a paper towel holder, some shelves, and baseboard trim. Two volunteers have offered to replace the porch vertical slats on both sides of the clubhouse. Since a budget was already approved and the labor is now volunteered, no vote on the cost of cedar for the slats was necessary. It was agreed that a gift of an adult beverage would be appropriate for the workers.

Kit also noted that two sets of chandeliers are not working, probably as a result of wiring for the new bathroom. So the electrician needs to be contacted. The six new folding chairs and a restocking of kitchen supplies are planned for the spring.

h. Yoga (Marcia Kagan) The board approved the same budget of $560 for next year.

5. Chairman/President's Report (John Mulcahy)

a. The issue of liability insurance for the club and officers was discussed. Amy Rolfe provided a sample waiver that could be added to the back of the membership applications for all members to sign, possibly for 2021. It is anticipated that the cost of insurance may be fairly steep. John mentioned that our insurance company offered to provide someone to talk to the board. The tennis pro carries her own liability coverage and the board expects the yoga instructor to do likewise. Kevin Conway offered to provide the draft of a waiver for the club.

b. John will file the amended Bylaws with the state.

c. The new handicap parking sign should be ready next spring.

d. The AED purchase was delayed until next spring. The Einhorns and Felicia Leibma have offered to fund the purchase.

e. John has obtained a plaque with a photo of the clubhouse and the names of members as a farewell gift to the Addisons.

f. The membership list is going to be revamped to allow printing of mailing labels.

6. New Business

There was some discussion about a reduction in membership fees or hosting of a free event in 2021 as thanks to members for supporting the club during the pandemic despite an absence of the usual social events. No decision was reached but several members suggested some extra event that would not require a lot of work for the social committee in lieu of a membership fee reduction.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:14 pm.

Elizabeth Vercoe