Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 25, 2020
Virtual Meeting


1. Call to Order of Special Meeting

The virtual meeting was called to order at 11:06 am by John Mulcahy, Chairperson and President. Present in addition to John were Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary), Mark Jones (Treasurer), Seymour Kagan, Tim Peele, Bonnie Potter, and Kit Reno.

The chair called this third special meeting so that the board could meet virtually to decide various club matters during the novel corona virus epidemic.

2. Approval of Minutes for Board Meetings

The minutes for meetings on August 21, 2019, May 4, 2020, and May 29, 2020 were approved.

There was some discussion about whether one 2019 club rental had been paid and the question will be investigated.

3. Treasurer's Report (Mark Jones)

Mark submitted his written report for 2019 and said that there is currently $21,650 in the checking account with several checks for payments not yet cashed which will leave $19,571. There is $8,745 in the capital account. To date there have been 216 membership renewals and 16 new memberships resulting in $4,230 going to the capital expense fund from renewals and $800 to the fund from new membersips (the "septic allowance").

There is still the one club rental pending. John is in touch with the Buchanans to indicate that the contract cannot be honored unless there is further loosening of restrictions by the governor on social distancing at gatherings.

Mark said he had updated the financial records to give to John Rolfe for the annual financial review.

The board voted to approve the 2019 Financial Report Mark presented.

4. Committee Reports

a. Tennis Committee (Martha Flannagan Hebert) John reported for Martha that court reservations are continuing online at Yourcourt.com and that guidelines for court usage have been posted and seem to be observed.

Regarding maintenance needs, the mold issue on the court edges has been resolved and the court resurfacing is expected to cost $8,235 in 2022.

After discussion, the board voted to approve a small reception honoring Nora Waystack but with masks and social distancing required. The board also approved Georgia Ahlers as the new tennis pro to give private lessons at $30/hour on Wednesday mornings and triples at the same price but without access to the club bathrooms. Georgia will require reservations and payment (to the Y) by phone.

b. Membership Committee (Claire Mocarski) Reporting for Claire, John said that there were 16 new applications plus 2 "Sanford" members with the names provisionally added to the membership list. "Golden Parachute" memberships have been given to Jean and Bill Arnold, Sally and Dick Stebbins and Doug Craig. Bill Addison declined the offer. The board confirmed that these memberships will be given to those who have been members for 50 years and made significant contributions to the club.

It was agreed that the board would accept Claire's kind offer to define the responsibilities of committee chairs.

c. Audit Committee (John Rolfe)

The board approved the description of the proposed Finance Committee to replace the Audit Committee since outside auditors would be required for an official audit. The description is as follows:

A Finance Committee will be established to monitor and communicate to the board
about the organization’s overall financial health. Its core duties include
participating in and overseeing:
• the development of LCPA’s budgeting and financial planning,
• the creation and documentation of LCPA’s internal controls,
• the implementation of safeguards to protect LCPA’s financial assets, and
• the preparation and distribution to the board of timely, accurate, and userfriendly
financial reports.
The committee chair will be the Treasurer. Committee members will be appointed
by the board and will ideally consist of LCPA members who have financial
experience and knowledge. In addition to the Treasurer, the committee will include
a minimum of two additional members.

Ratification of the change of committee name and functions requires approval by the club membership, a change to the bylaws, and the changed bylaws reported to the state. John will file the amended bylaws. Lynn Fielding who has experience in these matters has volunteered to be on the committee.

d. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway) John reported for Ginny that no board terms are ending in 2020 and that there is room for a ninth member. John will consult Ginny about this.

e. Social Committeee (Catherine and Chris Gram) Since there are no social events this summer, Chris suggested, and the board approved, a driveby distribution from the Klondike bar collection, possibly one in July and one in August Details to be determined by Chris and Catherine.

f. Archive Committee (Anne Bullis and Jim Lyon) No report.

g. House Committee (Kit Reno) Last summer's improvements of the kitchen steps and door, vertical slats in front, and new bulletin boards look great. The board approved $1400 maximum to be spent on vertical slats on the shed and table tennis sides and screening. Kit and Bonnie volunteered to paint the slats if pine (and not pressure-treated) wood is used. Tim Peele said he would look at the work required to see if he could do it instead of hiring the carpenter (whose estimate was just under $1400).

Michael Baty is continuing to take care of the grounds and Lucy Smith continuing as cleaner.

h. Yoga (Marcia Kagan) Since yoga resumed with restricted space for 9 participants, there have been 3 to 6 attending with one person dropping out because masks were not being used. Michelle is not doing instruction at the clubhouse but has invited members to attend her Beach Yoga on Wednesday mornings for free.

4. Chairman/President's Report (John Mulcahy)

The bathroom renovation is complete at a cost of $5,599.87, about $600 over the estimate. (There were some unanticipated repairs needed.) Additional proposed expenses for new faucets, a soft-close toilet seat, and 50' phone extension cord were approved. Purchase of 6 new folding chairs will be delayed until next year when 12 can be ordered.

The OBD update included scheduled maintenance and a cracked pipe repair. No ants showed up so no exterminator was scheduled. The amended handicap parking sign doesn't need to be installed this summer.

Rental documents have been updated on the website.

Payments to the cleaner and yoga instructor will be paid as previously agreed, half on July 1 and and half on August 1.

Charitable contributions were sent to the Food Pantry and Caring for Kids as agreed. Mark read the thank-you letter from the Food Pantry and John noted a similar one from the Caring for Kids program.

The board decided not to amend the table tennis restrictions and not to have a dues reduction in 2021.

The board voted to have the annual meeting conducted through an email survey with a 25 member minimum response required to attain a quorum. John will send the members notification of this and also of the results afterwards.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:28 pm.

Elizabeth Vercoe