Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 4, 2020
Virtual Meeting


1. Call to Order of Special Meeting

The virtual meeting was called to order at 11:00 am by John Mulcahy, Chairperson and President. Present in addition to John were Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary), Mark Jones (Treasurer), Kevin Conway, Seymour Kagan, Tim Peele, Bonnie Potter, and Kit Reno.

The chair called the special meeting so that the board could decide what, if any, club activities should continue this summer during the novel corona virus epidemic.

2. Governor Mills' Orders

In summary, the governor has ordered quarantining of out-of-state residents for 14 days on entering Maine and a 50 person limit on gatherings through August.

3. Impact on LCPA Activities

After some discussion, there was a motion, vote and approval that all large social gatherings such as dinners and cocktail parties would be cancelled.

After extensive discussion regarding the small gatherings such as yoga, bridge, and the book club, the board concensus was to make a final decision in late May. There was agreement that the kitchen would remain locked and possibly the bathrooms as well during these activities, since there is no way to assure disinfecting between uses unless a point person agrees to do the cleanup. John will see if there are volunteers to oversee cleanup after each potential activity.. Marcia Kagan has agreed to disinfect after yoga.

Guidelines for tennis from the USTA specify careful rules for returning to the courts. There was extensive discussion about this, and the tennis players on the board favored allowing singles and doubles with guidelines for social distancing.

It was generally agreed that the club would remain locked except if small activities such as yoga and the book club take place. Meanwhile, the tennis court gate needs to be securely locked and John volunteered to do this.

Kit Reno suggested that table tennis might be allowed if players brought their own paddles and balls.

4. Members Dues for 2020

Mark indicated that there are currently 140 membership renewals, down considerably from last year at this time. There is about $14,000 in the capital account and $18,000 in the checking account. There was discussion about whether to credit a portion of dues to next year or offer a special take-out event but no final decisions. There was general agreement that club charitable donations should be increased and made at the beginning of the summer instead of August since the need is great this year. Since the membership needs to vote on charitable giving, arrangements to vote my email will need to be made.

5. Other Financial Considerations for 2020

The question was raised as to whether service providers such as the club cleaner, yoga instructor, and tennis pro should be asked to continue their roles and, if they are not comfortable doing so, whether they should be paid anyway. No decisions were reached but Kit suggested these people be contacted for their input.

Lawn maintenance will proceed as usual and the flower boxes will be filled. John said he raised the flag.

6. Miscellaneous

John will check if the one club rental for a rehearsal dinner at the end of August is still planned to take place. No additional rentals are planned and there was a concensus that this was appropriate.

7. May Meeting

John will schedule another virtual meeting for the end of May, at which point the board will need to decide on the issues discussed but deferred. John will also draft a letter to the membership about the current decision to cancel major social events, to decide on the smaller events in late May, and to reconsider these decisions during the summer.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:22 pm.

Elizabeth Vercoe