Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
August 21, 2019
LCPA Club House


1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 am by John Mulcahy, Chairperson and President. Present in addition to John were Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary), Kevin Conway (Treasurer), Mark Jones, Seymour Kagan, Tim Peele, Bonnie Potter, and Kit Reno.

2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Board Meeting

The minutes for the Board Meetings of June 22 and July 20, 2019 were approved as corrected.

3. Treasurer's Report (Kevin Conway)

Kevin reported that the current checking account balance was $23,923.93 with a balance in the capital account of $7,758.18. Membership fees to date (284 members X $50 each) with 6 unpaid renewals total $14,150. Membership will follow up with reminders to the unpaid members. There were 18 new members who, in addition to the regular membership fees, paid the one-time capital assessment fee of $50 for a total of $900. Those fees, plus the regular capital contribution of $20 per member, total $6,580 and will be transferred from checking to the capital account. The capital expense account will then total $14,338.18.

Club rentals to date are: 5 @ $200 + 1 at $50 = $1,050. ($200 is still owed from the first rental.)

The charitable contributions from club members (284 X $30 X 20%) came to $1,704 plus additional voluntary contributions of $2,245 for a total of $3,949.

4. Committee Reports

a. Tennis (Martha Flannagan Hebert)

Martha reported that tennis participation has accelerated with many participating in triples and other tennis activities. The use of online court reservations has worked well and will continue next year. Court maintenance has required installing an extra support post for the net after one was bent, and the board approved ordering two more at about $200 each to have in reserve. John will pick these up at Maine Track and Tennis. Bill Wallace is going to pressure wash the court to remove mold. Kids running around on the court during club rentals can be a problem so plastic tie locks will be fastened to the court gate before rentals in future. Bill Perry will organize a crack-repair party soon. Costs for tennis include balls, payment to the tennis pro, and replacement posts totaling about $1,000. Resurfacing of the court is expected in 2022 at a cost verified last year of $7,000-$9,000. John will confirm this figure again when he picks up the new posts. The Board approved additional funds ($240) to allow triples to continue through September. Martha will explore this with members to see if there is interest. Martha reported there was no further discussion of a wind screen this summer. Peter Stahl has been responsible for organizing men's tennis and Beau Villecoe has organized women's tennis.

b. Membership (Claire Mocarski)

Claire reported the total of 18 new memberships in 2019 plus 2 children's memberships. “Golden Parachute” Status (Courtesy memberships to longtime members) have already been given to Bill and Jean Arnold, Sally and Dick Stebbins, and Doug Craig with the suggestion of adding Bill and Ellen Addison to this list. (They are notified by mail.) After some discussion, the criteria for this honor was decideded to be 50 years of club membership plus substantial contributions to the club in various ways. Sy Kagan has agreed to draft language for this designation.

Unpaid members are to be stricken from club lists if there is no response after two reminders, first by email and second by letter. The application form for new members will remain on the website until after the final club event of the season. Provisional Memberships (all membership privileges except voting) can occur after the annual meeting with a payment of fees for the current season with full membership added after approval at the next annual meeting. Provisional members will also pay regular membership renewal fees for the following season.

c. Audit (no report needed at this meeting)

The audit procedure approved at the June meeting will be amended to indicate it will be in effect ongoing. The audit procedure will be amended to read: “End of year financial statement will be available for review by June 15.”

A letter from a member who is a CPA indicated that the word "audit" has very specific meaning, that auditors should be impartial (not members), and members acting as auditors could be in jeopardy should anything go wrong. The suggestion was proposed to replace the Audit Committee with a Finance Committee with the Treasurer serving as head. Kevin Conway and Mark Jones will draft an amendment to the bylaws to accomplish this change for approval by the board in June so it can be put to a vote by the membership at the 2020 annual meeting in July. John would then file the amended bylaws with the state.

d. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway)

Ginny reviewed board terms, limited by the bylaws to two terms. Seymour Kagin, Kevin Conway, and Kit Reno complete their second terms in 2021. Bonnie Potter completes her first term in 2021. Tim Peele and Elizabeth Vercoe complete their second terms in 2022. Mark Jones completes his first term in 2020 and has agreed to serve a second term ending in 2023. So new members are needed as terms expire, and Ginny indicated she has some propective candidates.

e. Social Committee (Catherine and Chris Gram)

Catherine and Chris reported that: lots of friendly hands came and helped clean up the club on June 9, the wine and cheese party hosted by the board cost about $235, the first dessert party had 15 in attendance, Matthew Tabenken led a wine tasting at the Fieldings cocktail party with over 70 people there, the July 6 potluck was attended by 55, about 35 were at Bonnie and Bill's cocktail party. about 85 attended the annual barbecue which cost about $693, 25 attended the second dessert party, 22 attended Trivia Night, about 80 attended the lobster dinner (but many registered late or dropped in), and about 50 attended the Crowe's cocktail party on August 17. All were deemed a success.

In order to avoid the many late registrations for the lobster dinner, the Grams suggested a deadline for checks two weeks before the event with a hard deadline the Wednesday beforehand, a form detailing who orders what, a notice on the sign at the club, and a reminder in Catherine's email the Monday before the dinner.

Plans for next year may include a movie night combined with a dessert party or make-your-own sundae along with the usual full social schedule. The Grams were applauded for their hard work and willingness to continue as social chairs.

f. Archive Committee (Jim Lyon & Anne Bullis)

Jim pointed out the historical photos that he and Anne and Jane Griesar printed, matted, and framed for exhibition at the club along with explanatory signage. He mentioned he has three more to frame and swap out with some current ones. A suggestion was made to auction off the three retired pictures. He also pointed out the new collaboration with the prospective mill museum project and that club records are being housed by the Bristol Historical Society. He would like to add Mimi and Chris Brett to the committee. Anne Bullis continues to serve on this committee as well. The board approved a budget of $100 for printing and other expenses. Jim will also detail the nature of the records currently at the Historical Society to allow the board to determine if any of these might be destroyed.

g. House Committee (Kit Reno, Chair)

Kit reported that the reconditioning of the vertical slats on the shed side of the porch will be postponed to next season but that the kitchen steps are much improved after power washing. Michael Baty is the new lawn maintenance person, and Lucy Smith continues as cleaner. Eight new folding chairs have been purchased with six more needed next year. Screening behind the railing for the ping pong table is working well. Kit would like to buy a new mop head and offered to purchase it. She also asked about having new bulletin boards at the club entrance at a cost of about $60 each. All of these suggestions were approved.The board noted that the new window boxes that were built and installed at the beginning of the season are a major improvement and look great.

h. Yoga (Marcia Kagan)

Marcia said that there is good participation in the program. The yoga instructor was paid $70 per session for a total of $560. The budget for next year should be the same.        

i. Bathroom Upgrade Committee Report  (Bill Mullin)

Bill distributed estimates from an electrician (Ross Bradley, estimate at $2,344.08) and two carpenters (Christopher Leeman @ $6,776.32/bathroom and $6,647.96/closets; Joe Sullivan @ $1,797.96/bathroom and $2,920/closets) for upgrading and enlarging the bathroom to be handicap accessible plus possibly enclosing the shelving in the steward's room. A plumbing estimate has proved elusive.John will follow up with the plumber. The board inspected the area. Discussion followed about whether there is a need for enclosed cabinets outside the bathroom and whether a door to cover the opening (now sited at the current location of the piano instead of outside). The board agreed that the cabinets appeared not to be a necessity and if eliminated would reduce expenses, but the door seemed advisable. It was noted that the current estimates are considerably more than the $5,000 originally considered to be the cost. Further discussion appeared to indicate that finalizing estimates and getting board approval would be unlikely to happen in time to have the work done before the next season. The board agreed that email communication would be appropriate among board members regarding the project in an effort to expedite work on the project.

5. Chair/President's Repor (John Mulcahy)

a, Old Business

John said the new septic system would be inspected in October. He distributed a "Welcome" statement for the home page of the club website which will be added under the category of "About Us." The club phone will be turned off on October 1 and there has been no need for pest inspections this year. There was a discussion about the handicap parking sign with agreement to add another sign for two designated spaces. John has secured the costs of two different AEDs and will make a choice and have the equipment in place for the start of next season.

b. New Business

Since the board never actually voted on the elimination of tennis dues, there was discussion about what to do now that the change in policy has been announced. Concern about financing the bathroom upgrade and tennis court resurfacing led to a motion approved by the board to continue the new policy for a year and to revisit the decision in August next year.

It was agreed that with the increase in lobster costs we needed to change the charges for the lobster dinner from $20/$15/$10 to $25/$15/$10. Budgets were approved for tennis and yoga, and there was discussion about managing club rentals (done by Bonnie Potter and Anne Bullis). The board decided to increase the security deposit for rentals from $150 to $200. John proposed streamlinng the documents related to rentals.

The money allocated for charitable donations increased from $3,123 in 2018 to $3,949 this year with the portion of club dues @ $1,704 and additional voluntary contributions from members @$2,245 for a total of $3,949 available for distribution. After some discussion, the board agreed to donate: $1,050 to the food pantry, $700 to CHIP, $1,088 to First Responders, $200 to the Bristol Library, $200 to the Historical Society, and $700 to Community Energy. (Note: The figures were slightly revised later to make up the correct total available for distribution with $1,075 going to the food pantry and $1,074 going to First Responders.)

The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 pm.

Elizabeth Vercoe