Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 15, 2019
LCPA Club House

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 by John Mulcahy, Chairperson and President. Present were members Anne Bullis, Kevin Conway (Treasurer), Mark Jones, Seymour Kagan, Kit Reno and Bonnie Potter. Committees were represented by Chris Graham (Social Committee), Martha Flannigan Hebert (Tennis Committee), Marcia Kagan (Yoga Committee), Anne Bullis (Archives), Kit Reno (House Committee) and Ginny Conway (Nominating Committee.)

2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Board Meeting

The minutes for the Board Meeting of August 18, 2018 were approved with amendments. Amended minutes will be forwarded to Board Secretary, Elizabeth Vercoe, for posting on the Club’s website.

3. Treasurer's Report (Kevin Conway)

Kevin reported there is currently $24,043 in the checking account (this includes membership renewals, tennis fees and voluntary charitable contributions.) The Capital Reserve Account has a balance of $7755.  There are currently ten prospective members (with its current capital expense fee) which will add $500 to the capital reserve fund. There are currently four club rentals for the season producing income of $800.

4. Committee Reports

a. Tennis Report (Martha Flannigan Hebert, Chair)

Tennis socials have been scheduled for July 11 and August 22. These events are open to all club members. There are currently no socials planned for children. Michael Blake will be returning to provide private lessons, Tuesday night triples, and a Child and Adult Tennis Clinic on Wednesday afternoons. The Club pays for his services for the socials and the Triples (non-Tennis members pay $5). Those involved in the Clinics and private lessons pay him separately.

Men’s and Women’s tennis is being planned by Peter Stahl and Kitty Perry.

Martha submitted a budget of $1015 for the summer. She was reminded that the Board had approved $775. (See discussion below about online signup). Tennis dues for the past several years have been steady at about $2000 per season. John reminded the Board and Martha that although yearly tennis expenses are approved at around $700, part of the fees are earmarked for the periodic resurfacing of the court which runs between $7000 and $9000. Bill Perry had predicted that the next projected resurfacing would be in 2022.

 Looking ahead she proposed the purchase of new posts and net mounting mechanism ($300) and windscreen ($500) for next season. The Board expressed some concerns about the windscreen and possible objections by neighbors of the court. Martha will do more research and return to the Board with her findings.

The discussion then turned to the question of on-line court signup (Yourcourts.com) versus the traditional posting of the calendar outside the clubhouse. Martha had arranged a trial of the system during September and reported that members found it helpful.  Kit reported that South Bristol continues to use physical signup at the courts. After a lengthy discussion the Board agreed to an additional one-month trial beginning now (the month would also be free, thus reducing her budget request at this time).  In addition to the regular tennis events on-line signup will not be possible each day for tennis times between 12-2, providing an opportunity for serendipitous use. Marcia will work on setting up the account and will spend time deciding how to most clearly communicate information about the new signup system to all club members. John, in a post meeting communication, requested that a paper calendar be posted for the 12-2 slots on the tennis board. He also asked that signup, except for regularly occurring events, only be allowed online in two-week increments. Information about the new process should also be posted on the tennis board at the Club.

b. Membership (Claire Mocarski, Chair)

John Mulcahy, in Claire’s absence, reported there are 10 prospective new members to date. John raised the possibility of adding a password-protected area on the website where current members could access the current membership contact list.

The Board was reminded that "Golden Parachutes" (courtesy memberships to longtime members), either for members of advanced years or perhaps for other special circumstances, are currently provided to Sally and Dick Stebbins. Bill and Jean Arnold and Doug Craig. John asked the Board for any other members who might be offered this status. (In a post-meeting communication Anne Bullis suggested that Bill and Ellen Addison might be included..

c. Audit Report

No report was necessary at this meeting. Ed Shepherd, Chair of the Committee,had recently provided a “Procedure for Annual Audits” to be considered by the Board.  Copies were distributed to the Board Members. Kevin Conway, our current Treasurer, along with other Board Members agreed to Ed’s protocol. Kevin reported that he has transitioned to online banking effective for 2019. He also reported that Board member, Mark Jones, is assisting him in setting up Excel as a tool for managing the Club’s bookkeeping. Discussion followed as to whether the Club, rather than using a volunteer as Treasurer, should hire an independent bookkeeper. Discussion will continue around this issue. John will share the Board’s views on the Audit Procedure with Ed and ask that Ed contact Kevin directly to arrange for the requested documents.

d. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway)

Ginny reported that two new board members will be needed in July as John Mulcahy and Anne Bullis have reached their term limits. Tim Peele and Elizabeth Vercoe will be completing their first terms and have agreed to serve an additional term.

e. Social Committee (Chris and Catherine Gram, Co-Chairs)

Chris reported that there was a large turnout at last week’s Cleanup Event. He reviewed the schedule of upcoming events with the Board and indicated that copies of the “Calendar of Events” and “Board/Committee Members” have been placed on the piano. Kit Reno agreed to place a laminated copy of the “Calendar of Events” on the cork board outside the building.

Chris will arrange transport of the grills for the Annual Barbecue. Pickup of the grills is on Friday, July 19 and return is on Monday, July 21.

f. Archive Committee (Anne Bullis/Jim Lyon)

Anne Bullis has agreed to continue to serve on this committee and will plan to meet with Jim who serves, unofficially, as the Club’s Historian.

g. House Committee (Kit Reno, Chair)

Kit reported that new window boxes were installed last weekend by Chris Gram,Bill Wallace and Steve Reno. The new boxes are described as “PVC window boxes that boast a solid, durable construction and require minimum maintenance due to their versatility and optional self-watering reservoirs. All of our products are made to last and backed with a lifetime warranty.”

Anne Bullis will contact Susan Marsh, who is maintaining the flower boxes, to inform her that she may now pick up the box inserts from the florist and place them at the clubhouse.

The porch railings were scraped and primed last weekend by Bill Chapin. Application of the final white coat is in process.

The vertical slats under the porch in front were washed and scrubbed by a crew of volunteers. New stain is being applied across the front.

New slats will be installed on the sides in July once the new grass has been firmly established. All are to be of uniform size(1”x4”) and constructed of pressure treated wood. Given the material they cannot be stained until next year. Approximate cost will be $250.

Kit asked that the Board consider her contacting Phil Fitton, Stone Mason, to set a foundation of cement blocks under the back steps. The Board agreed to her request.

New screening has been ordered to place behind the railings behind the ping pong tables. Peter Marsh and his sons have agreed to do the installation.

Rusted window screens have been secured. There is an extra one in the steward’s room.

Eight new folding chairs have arrived. Kit will sort through and remove chairs to be replaced. John will transport those chairs to Miles Thrift for resale.

Kit will ask Catherine Gram to send out a note to members asking for volunteers for a “Painting Party.”

h. Yoga Committee (Marcia Kagan, Chair)

Marcia reported that Yoga has begun and that the instructor will begin the first Wednesday in July and continue through July and August.

5. Chairman's Report (John Mulcahy)

a. OBD Replacement Update

The process has been completed for a total expense of $26,412. The total of dedicated funds for the project (Voluntary Contributions and Member Assessments) totaled $23,330 Maintenance will be free for two years and performed twice a year. The first maintenance call is expected mid-June. Appropriate warranty registration has been filed with FujiClean in Brunswick.

b. Bathroom Upgrade off the Steward’s Room

John will contact the contractor who provided the previous estimate and our new plumber to seek updated estimates for the project. Kit reported that in a discussion with Irene Burton last summer, Irene stated that she could actually use the bathroom itself if the door from the porch were widened. John will share this with the contractor in the event the upgrade is done in stages. John will report back to the Board.

c. Website Welcome

John will draft a “Welcome” for the website.

d. Clubhouse phone has been reconnected.

e. Ants. There is no evidence of ants at this point. We will not engage the exterminator at this time. We will keep an eye on “Old Mr. Moose” as it appears that mice enjoyed a piece of his snout over the winter.

f. Board Leadership John shared his concerns about finding Board members who were interested in assuming leadership roles in the community. Kit asked that the Board consider asking John to stay for an additional term as we seek new members who might be interested in leadership roles. The Board, as well as John, agreed to her proposal. This information will be shared with the Nominating Committee.

g. Clubhouse cleaner Lucy Simon will continue to serve as the clubhouse cleaner. She has a schedule of cleanings for the season.

6. Old Business

All old business was discussed during committee reports and the president’s report.

7. New Business

John introduced the idea of eliminating a separate tennis membership and making tennis available to all members – sort of a “Club Chamberlain” approach. The Board felt that philosophically this seemed like a good idea. John, along with Martha, will look at how this could be financed if tennis dues are eliminated.

The meeting was adjourned at 11 am.

Elizabeth Vercoe