Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
August 18, 2018
LCPA Club House

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 by John Mulcahy, Chairperson and President. Present were members Anne Bullis, Jack Campbell (House Committee), Kevin Conway (Treasurer), Chris Graham (Social Committee), Martha Flannigan Hebert (Tennis Committee), Mark Jones, Seymour Kagan, Marcia Kagan (Yoga Committee), Tim Peele, Kit Reno, and Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary). New member, Bonnie Potter was away. John kindly provided refreshments for this final meeting of the season.

2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Board Meeting

The minutes for the June 23, 2018 and July 21, 2018 board meetings were approved.

3. Treasurer's Report (Kevin Conway)

Kevin reported voluntary charitable contributions of $1,635 from the membership and $2,150 in tennis fees. About $21,000 is in the checking account and $27,243.99 in the capital reserves. There are currently about 36 unpaid membership renewals. A total of $10,105 in voluntary contributions for the new septic system were received plus members' septic assessments of $12,300 for a total of $22,405 that is set aside for the new septic. The yard sale netted $2,307. The lobster dinner cost $870, but minus charges netted $150. The treasurer's report was approved.

4. Committee Reports

a. Tennis Report (Martha Flannigan Hebert, Chair)

Martha reported very successful tennis triples socials and suggested increasing the frequency, perhaps on alternate Tuesdays and with a $5/person charge to cover the tennis pro's fee. Depending on the pro's availability, a student may fill in. She also reminded us that a new online system for signing up for the tennis court is beginning with a no-cost trial this September. If we continue computer signups, we may block out 2 hours daily for serendipitous use of the court. Funds for the tennis season were previously approved at $770 but only about $400 was spent for the tennis pro and low-pressure tennis balls.

John will add members with guest privileges to the tennis email list next year.

Bill Wallace has expressed interest in doing the court setup and takedown. He and Bill Perry suggest a new net cable and crank mechanism to make the job easier and the net more secure. The tennis committee plans to continue providing ongoing maintenance to the court including the painting/filling of small cracks this fall.

b. Membership (Claire Mocarski, Chair)

With Linda Mullin's resignation, Claire has volunteered to be the new chair. There are about 35 unpaid memberships to date requiring a second notice to be sent out. The form for new memberships is currently off the website. After some discussion indicating that provisional memberships are designated in the bylaws, the board decided to upload the form on the website soon, and also decided that memberships extend from October 1 to the end of September the following year.

"Golden Parachutes" (courtesy memberships to longtime members), either for members of advanced years or perhaps for other special circumstances, were approved for Sally and Dick Stebbins. Bill and Jean Arnold were previously given this status.

c. Audit Report (none needed at this meeting)

d. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway)

Ginny reported that two new board members will be needed next year since John Mulcahy and Anne Bullis have reached their term limits (3 years renewable once) and that Tim Peele and Elizabeth Vercoe reach the end of their first terms next year.

e. Social Committee (Chris and Catherine Gram, Co-Chairs)

Chris reviewed ths year's very active social season at the club and attendance at various events, most of which had many present although the lobster dinner had fewer than usual. The board voted to continue current prices for the lobster dinner and to amend the signup date to August 1 (for the dinner scheduled for August 10). Chris also presented the draft for the 2019 calendar, eliminating game night for lack of interest but continuing trivia night because of enthusiasm though modest attendance.

Expenses this year were $2,072.45 with $951 income from the barbecue and lobster dinners for a net cost of $1,121.45.

Hosts for the cocktail parties in 2019 are needed.

f. Archive Committee (Anne Bullis/Jim Lyon)

Anne Bullis noted there are new historic photographs of Long Cove hanging in the club that Jim Lyon discovered, Jack Campbell printed, and Kit Reno framed. Anne is resigning from the committee and Jim is not interested in being on the committee. However, following the well-attended and well-organized presentation Jim made this week on Chamberlain's past, someone suggested that Jim be designated club historian. It was noted that Jim did spend $150 on the Photo Project, after being allocated $50 by the Board, but Kit noted that she had indicated to Jim that the additional expense was acceptable, given the breadth of the project, and that she would discuss the additional expense with the board. Sy suggested Jim attend a board meeting if he has a funding request. John Mulcahy noted that the Bylaws require an Archive Committee so it can't be disbanded (although it could become inactive). Anne and Kit will meet with Jim to discuss how to proceed.

g. House Committee (Jack Campbell, Chair)

Jack reported that while most members on the committee are inactive, others such as tennis players have chipped in to help with projects such as the shed roofing. Tim Peele is cleaning up the porch railings on the table tennis side. Susan Marsh has volunteered to tend the flower boxes. The flower boxes themselves, however, need replacing. The verticals under the porch need replacing and Kit said she would ask the Mullins if they still have the lumber that fits the bill. Jack said he would handle the problem of diverting rain water at the back stoop and Tim and Chris offered their assistance. Jack also indicated that Michael Baty would mow for the same price as the current contractor but would also haul away clippings and keep the back cleared once the brush is initially cut. John will cancel the current contract as of the end of this season and ask Michael for a price for clearing the brush.

h. Yoga Committee (Marcia Kagan, Chair)

Marcia suggested raising the fee for the yoga instructor to $70 and the raise was approved. She also suggested the season be extended through September but without an instructor.

5. Chairman's Report (John Mulcahy)

a. OBD Replacement Update

Access for installation of the new system can now be through the Hannon property, thanks to Dale Hannon, provided the house has not been sold before installation. If needed, an excavator will cost an additional $3000. If a pump is not needed, we will save $1850. John will check if the original (less-expensive) system can be installed instead of the upgrade. Projected cost is $26,412 provided no ledge is discovered. Unpaid memberships totaling $1800 would about cover the small deficit and the board agreed to authorize payment of the funds needed that are not already designated for the septic. The power will need to be left on during installation.

b. Bathroom Upgrade

It was noted that the ongoing septic assessments will replenish the capital account next year, possibly permitting the installation of the accessible bathroom in the clubhouse.

c. Membership Form and Website Welcome

John suggested a welcome note on the homepage of the website to direct new members to the application form.

d. Phone Disconnet, October 1

e. Audit Committee Recommendation

Ed Shepherd and John Rolfe have suggested formal guidelines and procedures for the annual audit. Most of the discussion noted that the club is not a large corporation with a large budget and that the treasurer is a volunteer with the conclusion that while guidelines might be useful for consistency, burdensome requirements would scare off future volunteer treasurers and are not necessary anyway. John Mulcahy will meet with Ed and John Rolfe to discuss how to proceed.

6. Old Business

Folding chairs will be replaced next year (8 of a total of 14 needed). The cleaning person seems to be doing a good job. The ping pong table will be brought inside sometime after Labor Day. All present commented on the great new porch furniture now in use. The exhaust fan remains an unsettled issue.

7. New Business

There was some discussion of the purpose of the club in regard to tennis court use and club rentals. After further discussion and a review of the ByLaws, the board decided that the club rentals would be available only to members and family of members (and not available to friends of members) after this season and that tennis players have to be club members as they always have been.

a. Capital Expense Fund

There was a total of $4960 added to the capital expense fund this year ($20 x 248 members).

b. Charitable Contributions

Members contributed $1635 voluntarily. The club contributes 20% x members x $30 which came to $1488 for a total of $3123 allocated as follow: Food Pantry $850, CHIP $560, First Responders $900, Bristol Library $150, Historical Society $100, and Community Energy $560.

c. Budget Items

The board voted to maintain the same costs for the lobster dinner ($20/$15/$10).

Tennis funding will remain the same ($750) with estimates to come for the net mechanism upgrade.

Yoga is increased to $560 to give the instructor a modest raise.


The meeting was adjourned at 11 am.


Elizabeth Vercoe