Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
July 21, 2018
LCPA Club House


The meeting was called to order at 11:00 by John Mulcahy, Chairman and President. Present were members Anne Bullis, Kevin Conway (Treasurer), Mark Jones, Seymour Kagan, Tim Peele, Bonnie Potter, Kit Reno, and Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary).

The board welcomed new member, Bonnie Potter.

After we all admired and tested the new porch furniture, Tim Peele reported that one chair of the eight ordered had not been delivered on time and he had thereby obtained a 15% discount on it because of the delay. Help for assembly of the remaining chairs is needed, and it was decided to delay the project until after the yard sale. Some concern was expressed about possible theft of the chairs as they were expensive. Kit volunteered to obtain some stick-on plaques indicating ownership by the club.

Discussion followed regarding replacement of the rotting flower boxes. The recommendation was to replace the wooden ones with sturdy plastic ones that could be screwed in place. There was also a suggestion to purchase the new boxes (at approximately $50 each) this year, funds permitting.

The board moved and approved the new slate of officers: John Mulcahy (Chairman), Keven Conway (Treasurer), and Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary).

John indicated that this would be his last year as Chairman and suggested outsourcing the club rentals and supplies management from the Chairman's list of responsibilities. Kit and Anne volunteered to handle the rentals.

The next board meeting is scheduled for August 18 at 9 am.

The meeting was adjourned.

Elizabeth Vercoe