Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 23, 2018
LCPA Club House

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 by John Mulcahy, Chairman. Present were members Anne Bullis, Jack Campbell, Kevin Conway (Treasurer), Chris Graham (Social Committee), Martha Flannigan Hebert (Tennis Committee), Mark Jones, Seymour Kagan, Marcia Kagan (Yoga Committee), Linda Mullin (Membership Committee), Tim Peele, Kit Reno, and Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary).

2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Board Meeting

The minutes for the August 5, 2017 board meeting were approved.

3. Treasurer's Report (Kevin Conway)

Kevin reported that $8,900 in membership dues and fees have been received to date plus $1,635 in tennis fees and $1,395 in voluntary charitable donations. About $21,260 is in the checking account and $25,141 in the capital reserve account. There are currently 210 membership renewals to date. A total of $10,105 in voluntary contributions for the new septic system were received, a number to be reconciled with that of the chairman. The treasurer's report was approved.

4. Committee Reports

a. Tennis Report (Martha Flannigan Hebert, Chair)

Martha suggested a new online system for signing up for the tennis court using yourcourts.com at $15/month beginning with a no-cost trial month this September. After lengthy discussion, the idea was approved on a trial basis. A suggestion of tennis merchandise beginning with hats having a logo and a startup fund of $200 was moved, seconded, and approved with the notion of a competition for the club logo rewarded by a free hat. . Kit will provide information regarding the “Logo Contest” to Catherine Gram to be included in an upcoming Monday e-mail update.  Also approved was a one-season tennis membership donated by the club and worth $40 to be auctioned off at a YMCA benefit. Funds for the tennis season were previously approved at $770 with $120 for tennis-pro, Michael Blake. Two special tennis events are currently scheduled for July 21 and August 11.

The broken bench has been repaired and court resurfacing is not expected to be required until 2022. The tennis committee will continue to provide ongoing maintenance to the court including the painting/filling of small cracks.

b. Membership (Linda Mullin, Chair)

There are four new membership applications. John will update the form and provide to Elizabeth to post on the website. Those who have not paid for memberships for some years are being removed from the list of members. Provisional members will be added to the weekly email list since they are allowed to attend all club activities. Since Linda is resigning as chair, a replacement is needed. Kit will craft a note for Catherine to include in her weekly e-mail soliciting volunteers to replace Linda as chair.

c. Audit Report (none needed at this meeting)

d. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway)

In Ginny's absence, it was noted that Jack Campbell's term on the board is ending so a new board member is needed. A call for volunteers will be in one of the weekly newsletters. Kit Reno has provided a list of the president's duties to John Mulcahy. He will share it with Board members as officers will be elected from the Board for the next year at the July membership meeting.

e. Social Committee (Chris and Catherine Gram, Co-Chairs)

There were about 80 people at the wine and cheese party. Expenses to date, including season supplies, are $437.35. Chris also mentioned a problem regarding trash disposal after Saturday night events since the transfer station is closed on Sundays. Several suggestions arose such as storing the trash in the shed and asking the club cleaner to dispose of the trash. Trash will be placed in the shed at the end of events and a plan for removal on Monday will be explored. Chris agreed to arrange for pickup of the grills for the barbecue on August 11.

f. Archive Committee (Jim Lyon, Chair)

In Jim's absence, someone asked if the $50 allocated for archival photocopying was given to Jim, and Anne Bullis said it was.

g. House Committee (Jack Campbell, Chair)

Matt Reno leveled the back steps and rebuilt the cover for the OBD chlorinator last season. New projects require shingling the shed and painting the railings which Kit Reno thought volunteers could handle. Jack is repairing the screen door. After discussion of debris accumulating from lawn clippings and tree trimming, Tim Peele and Chris Graham offered to complete some trimming and haul off the remaining piles to the transfer station in Kit Reno's pickup. At least one new member for the committee is needed and Matt might agree to join, according to his mother.

h. Yoga Committee (Marcia Kagan, Chair)

Since the old DVD player is not performing well, the board approved $80 for a new one if the old one cannot be cleaned. Marcia mentioned that mats belonging to members are now kept separate from a few for those without mats. She added that about 20 people come on the Wednesdays in July and August when there is an instructor (free to members, $10 for non-members).A budget of $480 was previously aproved for the yoga instructor. John will put Marcia in touch with Eric Speck to explore the problem with the DVD player.

5. Chairman's Report (John Mulcahy)

Despite the low usage shown by the water meter last season, and Ken Cotton's inexplicable upgrade, the septic design approvals are all in place (and in writing) and estimated to cost $26,412 installed later this fall, barring unforeseen problems such as rock ledge. John reported voluntary contributions of $12,655 for the new system, a figure to be reconciled with that of the treasurer. Thank-you letters have been sent to donors. Four members chose to have their contributions covered by the fund. There was also some discussion about access to the construction site. John will seek information about whom to contact to obtain permission to access the site through a neighboring property.

Bug Busterzz are treating the club for carpenter ants. The new cleaner for the club is Lucy Smith. John has arranged for re-connection of the club telephone. There are 8 new folding chairs this year and 14 more are needed.

After lengthy discussion of new porch furniture and a look at the possibility of L.L. Bean rockers or folding chairs (at about $330-350 each), Tim Peele and Anne Bullis volunteered to research the possibilities with an eye to buying two rockers and several straight chairs in low-maintenance, sturdy materials with the proceeds from the club yard sale in July. The possibility of small side-tables also arose along with the idea of a bistro table and chairs. Anne and Tim will report by email to the board.

6. Old Business

The terms of the septic assessment decided last year were rehashed and it was decided to make no changes in the presentation at the annual meeting. Therefore, if approved, new members will be assessed whenever they join within the next three years (through 2021) and lapsed members will pay the current membership plus membership for the previous year along with the assessment.

There was further discussion about having an exhaust fan for the club and a handicap-accessible bathroom. The current estimate for bathroom carpentry is $2,755 without plumbing costs. Seymour Kagan suggested that two big projects in one season may be difficult, and the consensus was to delay the bathroom until at least next spring. John will reconnect with theoriginal contractor to revisit his estimate for upgrading the bathroom. Estimates for the fan were about $3,000 and there is concern about the consequences of disturbing asbestos shingles at the back of the club. Further study of the fan issue seems needed.

The meeting was adjourned.

Elizabeth Vercoe