Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Directors Meeting
August 5, 2017
LCPA Club House

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 by John Mulcahy, Chairman. Present were members Anne Bullis, Jack Campbell, Ginny Conway (Nominating Committee Chair), Kevin Conway (Treasurer), Mark Jones, Seymour Kagan, Tim Peele, Kit Reno (President), and Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary).

2. Issues Raised After the Annual Meeting

Dexter Polistock was invited (but declined to attend) the board meeting to air two issues he felt were not discussed at the annual meeting, namely laddering the dues increase over 2-3 years and having a payment plan for large families. Bill Perry, in a phone conversation with John, also raised the issue of securing a bank loan to fund the new septic system (which the board had already considered and rejected except as a backup measure) and clarified the fact that he had not personally guaranteed the tennis loan as suggested at the annual meeting.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes for the June 24 board meeting were approved. The minutes for the July 22 board meeting were approved with the clarification that Kit Reno is resigning as president after the August meeting but will remain on the board.

4. Treasurer's Report (Kevin Conway)

Kevin reported that $9,810 in membership dues and fees have been received to date plus $2,415 in tennis fees and $1,705 in voluntary charitable donations. Each of these totals is an increase from 2016. Club rentals for the season totaled $750. About $20,000 is in the checking account (including $2,200 in voluntary contributions toward the new septic system) and $4,107 in the capital reserve account. There are currently 263 dues-paying members over the age of 21 including 18 new members. There are currently only a handful of unpaid membersips for 2017. The treasurer's report was approved.

5. Committee Reports

a. Tennis Report (Kit Reno)

Martha Flannigan Hebert is the new chairperson. Kit has asked Michael Blake, the club's tennis pro, to assess the footwear of those using the court and to speak to those he feels may have unsafe footwear. Kit will also send a follow-up letter confirming this request from the Board to Michael. Maintenance issues are minimal and include a broken bench (to be removed from the court and possibly repaired) and nontoxic weedkiller to be applied around the posts. Jack Campbell has fixed the lock on the shed. Next year there will need to be a painting crew to fill any cracks in the court.

b. Membership (Kit Reno for Linda Mullin, Chair)

There are two new membership applications since the annual meeting, one already paid for 2018. The paid applicants were told they could use the club now. Seymour Kagan raised the issue of club capacity (the clubhouse legal limit is about 120) and whether limits should be set for the size of the total membership. So far there has not been a problem with having adequate space except possibly at yoga although others suggested the mats could be more efficiently arranged to allow for more people. The Board also proposed the possibility of limiting yoga participation to club members, rather than allowing non-club members, if space becomes an ongoing concern. An issue also arose about the membership list which includes people who have moved or not paid dues.  It was decided to clean up the current membership list, eliminating those not paid by the end of the year. Letters are currently sent out as reminders of unpaid dues and these should now be sent in July with a further reminder in August. The Board will also grant free Membership in Perpetuty to elderly, longstanding members for whom ongoing payment of fees may present financial hardship. Each of these will be reviewed on a case by case basis. John asked that the membership application be removed from the website for adjustments of fees.

c. Audit Report (none needed at this meeting)

d. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway)

Ginny requested suggestions for board nominations.

e. Social Committee (John Mulcahy for Chris and Catherine Gram, Co-Chairs)

There were 115 people at the barbecue and the net cost, including $130 received as contributions for guests, was about $700. The Grams have suggested an ice cream social in 2018, but the board felt that the dessert night and proposed ice cream social be combined. The barbecue and lobster dinner months will be swapped in 2018. Mark Jones suggested a family movie night. Since the club calendar is now so full, John Mulcahy will check with the Grams to suggest they designate others to head individual events so the co-chairs are not overburdened.

f. Archive Committee (Anne Bullis for Jim Lyon, Chair)

A suggestion was made for Jim to winnow the contents of the safe deposit box. He has requested $50 for making copies of documents provided to the committee by members. The Board agreed to allocate this amount.

g. House Committee (Jack Campbell)

Matt Reno has offered to level the back steps and to rebuild the cover for the OBD chlorinator. It was decided to leave the hot water on throughout the season now that there are so many events at the club. Jack Campbell reported that his checks on the new $700 water meter has revealed a total of 219 gallons used in about 3 weeks, far less than the 300 per day permitted by the proposed septic system. Peak usage was 122 gallons at a recent rental for a wedding. The board suggested a change in plumbers for the club. John Mulcahy will inquire whether Bill Mullin would like to join the House Committee.

5. Chairman's Report (John Mulcahy)

Regarding the new septic system, despite the low usage shown by the water meter, there is no smaller system than the one under consideration. The next step is for Bill Mullen to get an estimate from Ken Cotton, the septic design engineer.

John Mulcahy presented the draft of a letter to be sent to the membership regarding the outcome of votes at the annual meeting and information about voluntary contributions for the new waste disposal system including an online link where people can make pledges. The Board approved the documents and John will send them to the membership in the week ahead. There was discussion about whether the voluntary contributions would include credit toward the special assessment, but the board decided that donors will be assessed in addition to their gifts as any change requires a vote at the annual meeting. If any contributions are earmarked by the member to offset an assessment for another member, the Board will advise that member that his/her assessment has been waived after receipt of an anonymous contribution on their behalf.

Tim Peele and John Mulcahy plan to cut brush opposite the club later in the season. Tim also suggested using a product to remove the mold on the porch railings. Bug Busterzz are treating the club for carpenter ants on a monthly basis through October 1. John will arrange the seasonal disconnect of the telephone at the end of the season.

Kit Reno and John are reallocating duties between the board chair and president.

6. President's Report (Kit Reno)

Kit Reno reported that 8 new folding chairs were purchased this year and 22 more are needed. Eight additional chairs will be purchaed next season. Various people commented that the person currently cleaning the club is doing a good job.

There was discussion about club rentals, whether the current fees are too low, and whether the rentals and club activities are in conflict or not. It was decided that fees will not change and that people renting the club will be asked to adjust to regular club activites like yoga and bridge although tennis will be suspended during actual rental events (but not during setup).

The allocation of the increase in 2018 membership dues (to $50) was discussed and it was decided that in addition to the $5 per membership fee which is currently allocated to the capital expenses fund, the $15 increase in membership fees for 2018 will also become part of the capital expense fund. This will raise the total contribution to the fund to $20 per member. The initiation fee for new members will remain at $30.

Charitable contributions totaling $3,283 (20% of the $30 membership renewal fee x the number of members, plus voluntary charitable contributions) will be allocated by the same percentages to the same charities as last year (rounded off for convenience). This will mean about $880 to the Food Pantry, $590 to CHIP, $950 to First Responders, $160 to the Bristol Library, $110 to the Historical Society, and $590 to Community Energy.

2018 fees for the lobster dinner will remain the same. In addition to $50 allocated to the Archive Committee, the Board agreed to allocate $120 for the two tennis socials. Yoga continues to be popular and the club's contribution of $480 ($60 X 8 sessions) for the instructor will remain the same for 2018. The ping pong table should be on the porch about the time of the first club event and come inside around Labor Day weekend.

Concerns about administering the special assessment for the septic system remain. It was proposed that the special assessment will apply to all members in 2018, as planned, and, after 2018, to all new members and members whose membership lapses through 2021. The decision to extend the assessment beyond 2019 will require approval by the membership at the 2018 annual membership meeting. The two or three large families who may find the assessment a burden will be called in 2018 when we know the amount of the assessment to arrange a two-year payment plan if needed. It was also noted that if the new system costs about $25,000 minus $2,200 in early voluntary contributions with 263 members dividing the cost, the assessment would be about $87 each, considerably less than the maximum of $150 approved at the annual meeting and not counting any additional voluntary contributions.

The meeting was adjourned.

Elizabeth Vercoe