Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Director’s Meeting
July 16, 2016
LCPA Club House


 The Board met briefly after the Annual Meeting. Present were John Mulcahy, Kit Reno, Doug Craig, Kevin Conway and Seymour Kagan.  The Board voted  that Kevin would remain as Treasurer, Elizabeth Vercoe would be Secretary, John Mulcahy would remain Chairperson, and Kit Reno would continue as president. Kit Reno reported that several volunteers have offered to contribute a substantial part of the cost of a new ping pong table, which is estimated to cost approximately $1200.  It was decided that the club would contribute the remaining balance.  Sy Kagan raised the issue of whether a separate account should be set up for capital tennis improvements.  It was decided to defer this discussion until the Board’s August meeting when the remaining Board members would be present.

Kevin Conway