Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Director’s Meeting
June 25, 2016
LCPA Club House

1. Call to Order

John Mulcahy called the meeting to order at 9:07 am. Present at the meeting were: John Mulcahy (Board Chair), Kit Reno (Board Member and President). Doug Craig (Board Member), Anne Bullis (Board Member), Jack Campbell (Board Member), Kevin Conway (Board Member and Secretary/Treasurer), Linda Mullin (Membership Committee Chair), Chris Gram (Social Committee Co-Chair), Catherine Gram (Social Committee Chair), Ginny Conway (Nominating Committee Chair).

2. The Board unanimously approved the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of August 22, 2015.

3. The tresurer, Kevin Conway, reported that the checking account balance is, as of today, $17,332.25. He reported that the following amounts had been received to date in 2016:

Dues           $7,655
Tennis         $1,780
Donations   $1,315
Rentals          $400

4. Committee Reports

a. Tennis

Kit Reno reported that the committee has eight members. They are: Anne Bullis, Claire Mocarski, Kitty Perry, Bonnie Potter, Cheryl Reif, Tracy Shuttleworth, Carlene Sproul, and Nora Waystack. There will be a tennis scramble at 2 pm on July 2, 2016. Michael Blake will be present to give tips. He will also be giving lessons this season. A committee goal is to establish a tennis clinic for kids, with 2 sessions per month, each for 2 hours. The first hour of each session would be for kids. As a second goal is to generate renewed interest in tennis by the LCPA community at large, the second hour would be a clinic for adults. There will be an advance sign-up and a charge for each participant. Kit requested that the club reserve $150-$200 for startup costs. It was noted that this small amount was within the expected tennis costs for a season and did not need a separate vote.

Kit stated that Sunday Round Robins will begin again on Sunday, July 10th from 2 pm to 4 pm. She also stated that the Tennis Committee would host a yard sale on Saturday, July 30, from 8 am to noon with proceeds going to supporting and improving programs that encourage children and young adult participation at the club (e.g. tennis, shuffle board, ping pong and evening activities). Kit said that donations for the yard sale would be held until the day before the sale. It was noted that a tarp is not indicated for the court during the winter, and that Bill Perry will continue to periodically look for cracks.

b. Membership Committee (Linda Mullin, Chair)

Linda Mullin reported that new member applications have been received from Walt and Pat Nicklin, David and Kysa Kelleher, Woody and Dolores Euart, Nancy Walton, and Auriel and Scott Turner. Linda reported that Nora Waystack indicated one more would be applying.

Linda showed a letter that would be sent to each new applicant welcoming them and stating that they could attend all club activities as soon as they paid dues and that they would be formally accepted at the Annual Membersip Meeting. Doug Craig indicated that the Bylaws provide a provision entitling applicants who have paid the requisite initiation fees and current dues to Interim Membership privileges in advance of formal acceptance to Membership. Kit Reno will update the new membership letter to include this language.

c. Audit Committee

Andrew Fenniman will audit the book this year, and will then resign. Elizabeth Vercoe will be asked if she wants to remain on this committee. The Nominating Committee will search for one or two replacements.

d. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway, Chair)

Ginny Conway reported that her committee consists of Judy Speck, Clare Mocarski, Petie Ern, and that Betsy McFarland wants to be a member. She state that Felicia Leibman and Bob Rapp wish to resign from the Board of Directors and that Anne Bullis' term ends this year. Anne Bullis stated that she would like to remain as a director. The by-laws limit terms to 3 years. It was suggested that Anne could be off the Board for 1 year, then return. The discussion was then tabled.

Ginny stated that the Board of Directors now consists of eight members. Tim Peele would like to be a Board Member. His name will be offered at the annual meeting. Elizabeth Vercoe has agreed to serve as Secretary. Ginny will follow up with Elizabeth to clarify with her that her interest would mean becoming a Board Member as the secretary is elected internally by the Board. If she has interest in serving on the Board, her name will also be offered at the Annual Meeting.

Andrew Fenniman will resign from the Audit Committee at the Annual Meeting and Bill Addison has agreed to replace him. In anticipation of the expected retirement of Elizabeth Vercoe from the Audit Committee, Ginny will seek a second member to nominate for this committee.

Lists for directors and committees will be presented at the annual meeting.

e. Social Committee (Chris and Catherine Grams, Chairs)

Chris Gram reported that the annual cleanup on June 4th was a success, as was the wine and cheese social on June 18th (cost $136.20). An estimated 80 people attended. Chris indicated that the committee decided not to provide refreshments at the cleanup day as most have gone to waste during past years and no one voice objections at this year's event.

Chris listed the season's upcoming social events, including Italian Night (July 9), Music Night (July 15), the Lobster Dinner (July 23), the annual barbecue (August 5, John Mulcahy and Sheila Dodge will make the burgers)., Trivia Night (August 13), and the Pot Luck Dinner (August 27). All of these activities (and others, such as yoga, bridge, and member-sponsored cocktail parties) are noted on the club's website.

Catherine Gram said she would schedule book club meetings.

A general discussion was held about making Friday nights "Movie Nights" (or other family activity like games or Bingo Night).

Kit Reno circulated a list of suggested family movies such as E.T. Kit would make signs for these events. A potential problem would be trash, since the recycling center is closed on Sundays. Trash could be put in the latched shed in trash cans with heavy liners.

The committee will attempt to schedule a History of the Cove event by Jim Lyons and/or Loraine Norton.

The lock on the front door needs to be inspected and changed if necessary. Jack Campbell will examine it.

f. Archive Committee (Anne Bullis, Chair)

The website does a great job of documenting the club's history. John Mulchy will check to see who is permitted to open the safe deposit box at the First. It should be determined if the club needs one. Anne will talk to Jim Lyons and Loraine Norton about a history of the cove event.

g. House Committee (Jack Campbell, Chair)

Tree trimming and removal is to be done by Kurt Brackett. Kit will follow up with Kurt.

New members: Anthony Cordasco is will to serve.

Jack Campbell will inspect and, if necessary, fix the smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. New racks for the dishwasher will be ordered by Kit.

A discussion about refinishing the floor was tabled.

John Mulcahy reported that the OBD was repaired by Septic Preservation Inc. and that the work was in accord with regulations. Jack Campbell is getting more chlorine tablets. It was discussed if large groups at club events (e.g. weddings) should be required to bring a portapotty. It was decided to "play it by ear." Jack Campbell will secure a larger number 44 for the clubhouse. April Cowan will clean the clubhouse 6 times at $25/hour. A telephone was installed in the clubhouse (677-6387). The cost of installation was $116.70. The monthly cost will be $45.22.

The purchase of new chairs was discussed. It was decided that Kit will count the number of rusty chairs and ask her son Matt about costs. John Mulcahy will also explore options.

The need for painting at the clubhouse and shed was discussed. Jack Campbell and Doug Craig have ladders. They will look for volunteers to paint, such as John Rolfe, and plan a "paint and patch" event. They will also forumulate a plan to clean or replace the shingles on the shed.

Anne Bullis will check the shed and Kit will remove any trash in anticipation of using this space to store trash from club events before it can be taken to the transfer station.

Doug Craig will refurbish the sign in front of the tennis court.

Kit will find someone to paint the shuffleboard court.

h. President's Report (Kit Reno)

Kit Reno reported the results of her survey. She summarized as follows:

We are an aging club. We have very few young families. Socializing and camaraderie are most important. All current activities are enjoyed. Need more for kids. Mandatory volunteerism is strongly opposed. Few members want to give their time to make the club run. Members will help on occason, but not organize. Members appreciate freebies, but not necessary for participation.

Kit has restocked supplies for the season (plates, cups, napkins etc.)

A new cleaning person (April Cowan) will clean for 2 hours ($26/hr.) on July 11, 18,& 25, and August 8, 12, & 29.

Kit presented a proposal for a DVD Home Theater System and sound system at a total cost of $850. It would be used for movies, yoga, and power point presentations. It would be installed by Eric Speck. It was decided that Jack Campbell would consult with Eric about any potential installation problems. If none, the board would approve the cost. If a more appropriate system required additional expenditure, it was felt that it should be done properly. Kit and Jack will also explore the need for an appropriate sound system to use in conjunction with the projector. Kit moved, Anne seconded, and the Board unanimously approved the motion.

Kit will find volunteers or she would host family movies on 2 Friday nights per month.

A yard sale to promote tennis and other activities would be held on July 30 from 6 am to noon.

Kit will research the cost of a pingpong table requested by several members. It would be paid for by donations, but Kit suggested that the club make a donation. Kit will discuss the appropriate table and costs with the interested members.

Copies of the current membership list and activity calendars are on the piano in the clubhouse. Kit will post a laminate copy outside.

5. New Business

Jack Campbell suggested that the by-laws be amended to include language indicating that in the event that the clubhouse burns down or is otherwise destroyed, that it must be rebuilt exactly as a replica of how it exists today. Doug Craig thought the Board in existence at the time of the burning should decide. The suggestion was shelved.

Jack Campbell will inspect the lock on the clubhouse door and replace it if necessary.

The Directors approved a meeting by Friends of Muscongus Bay at the clubhouse on an upcoming Monday. John will provide the details to Kit Reno.

Kit will purchase a case of wine for music night.

Kit will investigate the purchase of a new ping pong table.

The club will not install wireless internet service.

John Mulcahy will give Elizabeth Vercoe the approved August 2015 minutes to be posted on the website.

The annual meeting of members will be on July 16th at 10 am. The Board of Directors Meeting will be on August 20th at 9 am.

Kevin Conway