Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association
Board of Director’s Meeting
Saturday, August 22, 2015
LCPA Club House

I  Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.

Directors in attendance:  John Mulcahy (Chairperson); Anne Bullis; Jack Campbell; Doug Craig; Kit Reno (Interim President); Bob Rapp; and Kevin Conway (Treasurer/Secretary).  Not present:  Seymour Kagan; Felicia Leibman (resigned).

II  Agenda presented by Chair John Mulcahy

III  House Committee Report

Committee Chair  Jack Campbell reported that:

 *New countertops had been installed in the kitchen.

 *Kevin Welch had painted parts of the front of the clubhouse and the porch lights had been replaced.   

*Rachel Fossett, who performed cleaning chores after events last summer, did not have a specific schedule this summer. 

Kit Reno stated that she is aware of 2 occasions when Rachel had cleaned and that she had a reduced schedule.  Kevin Conway stated that he had received no invoices from Rachel this summer.   

Jack Campbell stated that the Maine EPA had ordered that the outlet pipe of the club’s OBD needs to be extended to the low water level and needs to be anchored.  Jack stated that he would call Ronald Pendleton for an estimate, which Jack believed would be about $500. John Mulcahy stated he also would call his septic maintenance company for an estimate.  

Kit Reno suggested that the Association refinish the clubhouse floor.  This would involve either sanding and refinishing or a utilizing a chemical treatment.  Jack Campbell said he estimates this would cost $2500-$3000.  He said he would get an estimate.

John Mulcahy raised the issue of replacing the clubhouse chairs.  Kit Reno said she would ask her son (Matt) to get an estimate from the same company that provided the new tables.

John Mulcahy questioned the status of the hard wired smoke detectors.  Jack Campbell said he would investigate the status of the smoke detectors and the fire extinguishers. 

Anne Bullis is concerned that tree branches are touching the clubhouse and that there may be a moisture problem.  John Mulcahy will discuss these issues with Jack Campbell (who had left the meeting early). 

IV  Board Membership

Felicia Leibman has resigned.  The number of directors is now eight (8):  John Mulcahy, Anne Bullis, Jack Campbell, Doug Craig, Kit Reno, Seymour Kagan, Bob Rapp, and Kevin Conway.  The Board of Directors will stand at 8 members- within the bylaws- until the next Annual Membership meeting.

V  Approval of Minutes of Board Meeting on June 28, 2015

Kit Reno moved to approve the minutes; Doug Craig seconded; all directors voted to approve the minutes.

VI  Treasurer’s Report

Kevin Conway reported the following numbers:

                  2015 Dues                       $9,330       (2014 Dues $7,840)
                  2015 Tennis                     $2,045       (2014 Tennis $1,855)
                  2015 Charity                   $1,740       (2014 Charity $1,115)
                  2015 Events (Rentals)     $1,150       (2014 Events $600)

Bob Rapp moved that the report be approved.  Anne Bullis seconded.  All directors voted in favor of accepting the report. 

VII  Tennis  
Anne Bullis stated that there had been no problems with tennis play this season.  She stated that she will try to reinstitute the “round robin” next season.  Anne noted that there are some cracks and weeds in the court’s surface.  She stated that Bill Perry, at her request, will inspect the cracks and weeds to determine when the club will need to resurface. 

Bob Rapp raised the issue of whether a tarp should be placed over the court during the winter.  Ann Bullis replied that a tarp may be unnecessary because the pitch allows good drainage.  However, Anne will call Maine Tennis Co. to see if they think a tarp would be helpful. 

The Board thanked Anne for her help with the tennis committee and will continue to seek a chair for this committee.

VIII  Membership

Ellen Addison is resigning as chair after decades performing this function.  She was given a loud and sincere round of applause by a grateful Board of Directors for her long service.  Kit Reno stated that Linda Mullin was a possible replacement.  Kit will explore potential replacements.  Ellen will continue to follow-up on the approximately 15 unpaid season memberships.

IX  Social Committee

Chris Gram (Co-Chair)  reported the accomplishments of the committee this summer.  He reported that a new event, a book club, had met on four occasions with excellent results.  He reported that the following events had also been successful:  the annual wine & cheese social; the International Potluck dinner; the annual barbeque; trivia night, the annual lobster dinner ; cocktails at the Towne’s home; Chris reminded the board of this evening’s Music Night with Frank Futusky and the upcoming “Clean out your refrigerator” dinner.
Chris reported that the “google” membership list can be viewed by members only.  At the present time, changes to the list can be only be made by Catherine Gram, Kit Reno, and Kevin Conway. John Mulcahy led a discussion about sending club “news,” such as the death of a member or the sale of a home to the entire membership list.  It was agreed that the list should not be used for advertising or business purposes, but that sometimes the lines of appropriateness are blurry.  In the future, such decisions will be made on a “case-by-case: basis. 

Chris spoke about the Committee’s thoughts about next summer.  He stated that Catherine Gram (Co-chair) has sent out a proposed list of events, including:  the book club, wine & cheese; lobster dinner in July; Barbeque dinner in August, followed by a banjo singalong with Peter Haas; two cocktail parties (Clarks and Silverbergs); a trivia night, a music night, and an international dinner.  These events will be placed on the website’s calendar.  http://www.longcovepoint.org/calendar.html

One problem with the clubhouse rentals this season was the fact that the recycling center is closed on Sundays.  Doug Craig suggested that the bags of trash be placed in the shed.  Chris Gram thought we should have more garbage cans.  Bob Rapp suggested that a small fence be built around the trash containers to keep animals away.  It was decided that a committee would be formed to find a solution. 

Chris Gram reported that the status of the members of the social committee is fine. 
Chris said the set up/clean up help was sufficient.

Anne Bullis suggested a “History of the Cove” night.  Jim Lyons has a DVD that could be shown.  Kit Reno suggested a “Movie Night for Kids.”  It was reported that Lorraine Norton had suggested presenting a speaker to address environmental developments in the Cove.   The Committee will consider each of these suggestions. 

Doug Craig suggested that International Food night be changed back to Italian Night.  It was decided that it will be changed back to Italian Night for one year when scheduled on the website’s calendar. 

X  Nominating Committee

Ginny Conway will be the chair of the nominating committee.

XI  Archive Committee
Anne Bullis will continue to serve as Interim Chair (and sole member) of this committee as we seek out potential new members.

XII  President’s Report

Kit Reno reported:

*Ellen Addison will resign as chair of the membership committee, but will work with the new chair to acquaint him/her with the position.  Kit will ask Linda Mullin and/or Kathy Jones if either would accept the position.
*Three rented events have occurred in the clubhouse with two more scheduled (August 28th & Columbus weekend).
*The dishwasher is showing wear & tear, especially the rollers on the lower rack.   A repair will be considered next year.
*Kit recommends that the wood floor of the clubhouse be sanded and refinished.  There is grime embedded in the floor.  This has been discussed in past years but never done.  The growing Yoga group (6-17 people) would benefit greatly and a beautiful floor would enhance the quality of the clubhouse. 
*Kit proposes the purchase of a new TV for the clubhouse at an expense of $200-250.  Anne Bullis stated that it should not be affixed to a wall, as that would make it easier to steal.  Kit will look for a TV. 
* Kit proposes that a survey be prepared to send to membership to assess demographics, participation, needs, suggestions, and complaints of members.  She submitted to the board a sample of questions to be asked in the survey.  It was decided that she would prepare a survey for the board’s consideration. 
*Kit suggested that the board consider adopting a “Mission Statement” so that members could better understand the purpose and goals of the Long Cove Point Association. 

XII  New Business

*The board was reminded that the cost of maintaining the tennis court is $7000 every 5-7 years.
*The membership dues will remain the same next year
*The tennis fees will remain the same for next year
* The lobster dinner prices will remain the same
*The barbeque will be free, but guests will be encouraged to make voluntary contributions.

XIII  Allocations of charitable gifts.

John Mulcahy stated that, per a vote of the Membership, 20% of the membership dues is to be allocated to local non-profit organizations.  Bob Rapp reminded the Board that the $5 increase in membership dues, which was effective this season, was to be earmarked for future capital needs, so that $5 should be deducted for each member before multiplying by 20%.  It was agreed that Bob was correct.   After deducting $5 per member for capital needs, 20% of the net dues was $1,600.  Voluntary contributions were $1,740.  The total to be distributed ($1,600 plus $1740) was $3340.  The board voted unanimously to make the following gifts:

                  Food pantry                               $840.00
                  CHIP                                         $600.00
                  First Responders                     $1,000.00
                  Bristol Area Library                   $200.00
                  Historical Society                       $100.00                 
                  Community Energy Fund           $600.00
Total                                                          $3,340.00

It was decided that membership applications/renewals  and  expense receipts would be maintained for one calendar year, then shredded.

XIV  Bylaw Amendments

John reported that per a conversation with Karla Larabee of the Maine State Bureau of Corporations on 7/21,` there was no need for us to file our recently amended bylaws as the State did not have, nor did they require, that we file any bylaws with them.

John reported that the amended bylaws have been filed with the appropriate Federal agency:  Tax Exempt Government Entities (TEGE). The amendments were faxed on 7/21.

XV  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:57am.