Minutes of the Long Cove Point Association (LCPA)
Board of Director’s Meeting
Saturday, June 27, 2015
LCPA Club House

In attendance: John Mulcahy, Chairman of the Board; Virginia Conway, acting as Nominating Committee Chair in Felicia Leibman’s absence; Anne Bullis, Board Member; Jack Campbell, House Committee Chair and Board Member; Doug Craig, Board Member; Andrew Fenniman, Audit Committee; Jane Griesar, Board Member; Bob Rapp, Board Member; Ellen Addison, Membership Chair; Kevin Conway, Treasurer; Chris Gram, Social Co-chair; Martha Wertz, Secretary.
Not Present: Kit Reno, Club President; Catherine Gram, Social Committee Co-chair; Nora Waystack, Tennis Committee Chair.
John Mulcahy, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 9:00 am. The minutes of the August 24, 2014 meeting were approved with the following change of fact, an hourly cleaning fee of $25 rather than $20, and minor spelling changes. Jane Griesar moved and Bob Rapp seconded the approval of the minutes, which were unanimously accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
Kevin Conway, Treasurer, provided a summary verbal report. The LCPA has $16,660 in the checking account. Approximately 85% of members have paid their current dues, with 24 families yet to respond. Early returns include $7,540 in dues, $1,770 in tennis revenue, and $1,590 in charitable gifts, including a $400 gift. In response to a question about tennis revenue, Anne Bullis noted that revenue from tennis is not a current concern. Overall revenues are at a good level for the current year.
Jane Griesar moved acceptance of the report with Anne Bullis seconding and unanimous approval.

Committee Reports


Anne Bullis reported for the Tennis Committee. She expressed concern over the lack of available help among members for oversight and execution of the tennis program. Currently she, Kitty Perry, and Nora Waystack are serving as a provisional committee. She expects a tennis league for women to be in place for the summer and hopes there can be a league for men and women’s tennis. She also hopes to reinstate round robins one day a week.

Doug Craig suggested that if help remains a difficulty we should institute a sign up sheet and forego establishing leagues. No decision was reached and this remains an issue meriting study.

Ellen Addison, Membership Chair, reported 5 new families to date balanced by a loss of 5 members through death. Kit Reno will recognize members who have died since the previous year at the first major LCPA function.

It was noted that there is a problem in printing out the member list, caused by formatting, and that the problem is being addressed. John noted there would be some hard copies of the membership list available on the piano at the next function.

Someone asked if minutes were being posted on the web site. John said that they should be and would check to see if there is a problem.

Social Committee
Chris Gram, Social Co-chair, reported on social activities for the summer season. The first event, a wine and cheese reception, had 70 attendees which is double the attendance from 2014, perhaps because it was held a week later than in the previous year. On June 6, 14 members attended a clean up to prepare the house for the season. Total costs to date for the Social Committee are $164.85, with food costs totaling $83.06 and cleaning supplies of $45.43.

A member had asked about charges for the BBQ. Chris reminded the Board there is no charge for members; however, members who bring guests are encouraged to make a contribution. This policy was approved at the August 24, 2014 meeting of the Board of Directors.

A new event, a book group, is being launched for the current year and Chris and Catherine have had an enthusiastic reception.

Jack suggested that we might want to talk about the history of the club either as a new event or as part of a currently scheduled event. He recommended a possible master of ceremonies (Jim Lyon), who though not a member, has good knowledge of both the club and the area’s history.

As part of this discussion, Chris asked that we consider buying a house projector. Jack Campbell will look into this.

Doug Alcock fortuitously joined the Board Meeting at this point to address the purchase of lobsters for the annual lobster dinner. Explaining that he was not rejoining the LCPA because he was moving from the area, he suggested that he and Chris go to Muscongus Bay Lobster Pound in the coming week to set up the purchase of lobsters. In the past year, Yellow Front Grocery has provided the chickens for this event at the best available price in the area. Doug offered to help cook with Andrew on burger night.

The Board took this occasion to thank Doug for his many services to the LCPA. It had been previously suggested that Doug be recognized at a meeting or event for his outstanding service to the organization.

House Committee
Jack Campbell, Chairman, reported that the benches and doors have been painted by someone outside the club at a cost of $70 for paint and additional cost for labor, in the absence of volunteers. A discussion of volunteer involvement and the best recruitment of volunteers ensued. Andrew noted that it is often more effective to ask people directly for help rather than issuing a general request.

Jack reported that trees behind the clubhouse had been cleared. Anne asked if the marsh needed to be cleared as well. Jack agreed that this was a need.
Replacement of the counter tops in the kitchen was discussed. Doug Craig asked about expansion of the kitchen, possibly knocking out a wall and using underutilized space in the bathroom.

Audit Committee
Andrew Fenniman reported that he and Kevin had met, and that pending final review of documents, all appears to be well in order.

In response to Kevin’s question about when to give an annual financial report, Bob Rapp said that the Treasurer’s Annual Report is given at the annual membership in July for the prior calendar year.

Archive Committee
Anne Bullis has acquired the archive materials and will review them. These materials will go to the Historical Society.

Nominating Committee
Ginny Conway will oversee the Nominating Committee in Felicia Leibman’s absence. Depending upon the acceptance of the revised by-laws at the July 2015 membership meeting, two scenarios have been prepared, one should we continue with the current by-laws, without change, and one should the revised by- laws be accepted.

President’s Report
In Kit Reno’s absence, John read her printed report, which is attached.
Under discussion, it was noted that while we request one check from renters for hall rental and a second check for a security deposit to be held until the event is over, many people provide only one check for the total. We have decided that it is fine for people to do this and we simply issue a refund check for the deposit from the Association’s checking account.

Old Business
John will submit the revised by-laws to the membership for discussion at the July 18, 2015 annual membership meeting. The revised by-laws were reviewed and unanimously approved by the Board at their August 24, 2014 meeting. He will circulate the suggested revisions on line well in advance of the meeting and will also have hard copies available, noting content changes.

Bob Rapp expressed a continuing concern with a quorum of 25 members for the annual membership meeting. While the overall number of LCPA members has grown, the quorum for the annual meeting has remained the same. It was noted, however, that attendance at the annual meeting is often small, and members who do not live in the area can vote by proxy. He was also concerned with issues, which could arise, over a quorum among board members at the proposed revised flexible number of 7 to 9 members. His concern is respectfully noted.

It was noted that there is a misapprehension among some members that the new by-laws do not include a chairman and a president. This is not the case.
Bob Rapp asked who has precedence over the nomination of board members and wondered if it were clear in the by-laws that the nomination committee has precedence. John will review the by-laws to ensure that it is clear.

New Business
It was agreed that we should replace the counter tops in the kitchen in the current year, with members who have sufficient expertise to install the counter tops, rather than hiring an outside person. Anne Bullis moved that we allocate $1,000 for new Formica counter tops in the kitchen. Jane Griesar seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved. Jack will implement this.

Doug Craig asked how the approval of the by-laws would affect the presentation of the nominating committee. John explained that the by-law changes would be presented first on the agenda. In response to their reception, Ginny will have two scenarios for nominating.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:07 am.
Respectfully submitted,

Martha Wertz