Long Cove Point Association Board of Directors Meeting
August 24, 2014

Draft ( 10/2/14)
LPCA Club House

In attendance: John Mulcahy, Chairman of the Board; Felicia Leibman, Nominating Committee Chair and Board Member; Anne Bullis, Board Member; Jack Campbell, House Committee Chair and Board Member; Doug Craig, Board Member; Jane Griesar, Board Member; Bob Rapp, Board Member; Ellen Addison, Membership Chair; Kevin Conway, Treasurer; Chris Gram, Social Co-chair; Martha Wertz, Secretary. Not Present: Kit Reno, Club President; Catherine Gram, Social Committee Co-chair; Nora Waystack, Tennis Committee Chair; Andrew Fenniman, Audit Committee.

John Mulcahy, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 9:10 am. The minutes of the July 12, 2014 meeting were approved with one grammatical change. Jane Griesar moved and Doug Craig seconded the acceptance of the amended minutes. The minutes of the August 14, 2014 meeting were accepted with two minor changes. With these changes duly noted, Jane Griesar moved the acceptance of the minutes, and Anne Bullis seconded.

Treasurer's Report
Kevin Conway provided the Treasurer's Report. Through August 24, 2014, the LCPA had received membership dues of $7,840, tennis dues of $1,855, and voluntary contributions for nonprofits of $1,115. On August 24, the checking account balance totaled $11,935.96, including $2,683 that will be distributed to local nonprofits.

Net cost for the barbeque and net gain for the lobster dinner were reviewed. The barbeque dinner's net cost to the LCPA was $574.75 ($724 total expense less $150 in guest donations received at the door) and the net gain for the lobster dinner was $89.41. This is lower than the gain in the previous year, reflecting a higher cost for lobsters in 2014.

Kevin noted that comparisons from August 24, 2013 to August 24, 2014 showed membership revenues up $7,840 compared to $7,590 in the previous year and tennis down, $1,855 in the current year compared to $3,108 in the previous year. In response to a question about the drop in the tennis revenue, Kevin explained that annual tennis dues were reduced for 2014.
By a vote of the membership at the 2014 Annual Meeting, membership dues will be increased for 2015 by $5 per member. The additional $5 will be designated as a line item for capital expenses. Ellen Addison will amend the membership renewal form for 2015 after receiving final fee structure from John Mulcahy. Ellen will follow up with Elizabeth Vercoe about updating the website to reflect fees for 2015. John Mulcahy moved to accept the Treasurer's Report with Jane Griesar seconding. The report was unanimously approved.

Committee Reports

Anne Bullis reported for the Tennis Committee, which she has helped to oversee for the 2014 season. Anne will continue to oversee the tennis program for 2015 while efforts are made to fill out that committee which may involve securing a new chairperson. Anne asked for a list of all those who signed up for tennis. She noted that the Round Robin had been stopped for 2014 and that she would like to see it resume in 2015. The Board agreed that this was an effective way to generate interest in the tennis program and to provide a social setting for tennis members. A resident tennis Pro offered lessons during the season. Discussion revolved around the issue of new members who join only for tennis (five people in the 2014 year) who may be unaware of the broader range of club activities. Kit Reno has offered to prepare a letter for new members making them aware of the club's program of activities and encouraging broad participation.
An ongoing concern was expressed that some renters believe that their rental agreement automatically includes use of the courts and are not aware that they must become members and pay the appropriate fees for use of the tennis court. In some instances, Anne has helped renters find alternative sites for tennis.

Ellen Addison, Membership Chair, reported that seven families had joined in 2014. In response to a question from John Mulcahy, Ellen reported that our membership includes 148 families or about 240 individual members. Approximately ten members, with whom Ellen is following up, have outstanding dues. Ellen reported that we generally maintain the status quo for total paid memberships with unpaid members and new members balancing each other out.

Chris Gram, Social Committee Co-chair reported on a busy and successful social season. Attendance at the barbeque was the largest on record. The Trivia night, which was a new event, attracted 47 people, with 40 people actually playing. The music night was well attended with people arriving throughout the evening. A $200 honorarium was provided for the performers. In total the cost of social events for the season was $2,400. There was a consensus that this was a great season with activities that were wide- ranging and well attended. The Social Committee was to meet on August 24, immediately following the Board of Directors Meeting to develop a calendar for the 2015 year, which will then be sent to the Board for review. In response to concern that "Clean up Day" was very early this year Chris reported that the 2015 Cleanup had been set for June 6.

Jack Campbell, House Committee Chair, reported on upkeep and maintenance. Upgrades for 2014 have included new screens for windows and new tables. Shingles and the porch railings were power washed. The porch railings need to be painted by August 29 in anticipation of a club rental on that date.. Because efforts to complete the painting with volunteers has been unsuccessful, it was suggested that Anne Bullis's grandson be engaged to complete the job for a fee of $75 ($15 per hour for five hours). Jane Griesar moved that we allocate $75 to complete this project and Felicia seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.
Rachel Fossett, who had been engaged this season to clean the clubhouse every other week, is to be asked to continue to clean for the coming year at a rate of $25 an hour. Everyone expressed satisfaction with the quality of her work. Anne Bullis moved that we ask Rachel to continue cleaning on the current schedule for 2015. Felicia seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously.

There was no report from the Audit Committee.

Anne Bullis will oversee the Archive Committee until a new committee can be constituted. There was no further report.

Felicia Leibman reported for Nominating. All positions, save for the tennis committee, are currently filled.

President's Report:
In Kit Reno's absence, John Mulcahy asked on her behalf that we raise the daily rental fee for Club use to $200. The deposit of $150 would remain the same. Kit has also asked that clearer parameters be set for the return of the deposit fee with a modification made to the rental agreement in the event that renters do not meet expectations for clean- up. During the 2014 year, an issue had arisen with a renter who was unhappy when only half of the deposit fee was returned, due to the club's assessment of the poor condition in which the renter had left the space. The Board reviewed, and approved with one addition, an amendment to the rental agreement which had been prepared by Kit Reno. The amendment sets forth very clear expectations of how the club is to be left after a rental. There is a need for further clarity for renters concerning the club's right to retain all or part of the deposit.

The increase in a daily rental fee to $200 was moved by Bob Rapp and seconded by Jane Griesar. It was approved unanimously. The deposit remains at $150. It was noted that the rental fee covers use for only one day. If it is convenient to the LPCA, a renter may come in the day before to begin set up, but only if it does not conflict with other events at the club.

At this point in the meeting, committee chairs were thanked for their good work and excused from the meeting.

Old Business
In considering fees for 2015 a discussion ensued about the reduction in tennis revenue for 2014.
In response to a question from Bob Rapp, John Mulcahy explained that a study conducted in 2013 projected sufficient funds to cover the cost of annual maintenance plus periodic resurfacing of the tennis courts if at least $1275 was collected from annual tennis fees. Given that that goal was exceeded this year, Jane Griesar moved to keep the fees for tennis at their current level. John Mulcahy and Bob Rapp seconded the motion, which was unanimously carried.
The cost of the lobster dinner was reviewed. Felicia suggested that we wait until next summer to see the market price before setting the charge for that event. After some discussion it was agreed that Doug Alcox knows the market and is the best judge for the purchase of lobsters, both choice of vendor and suitability of price.

Discussion about the cost of the barbeque and whether it should remain a free event ensued. It was decided to continue to have the barbeque as a free event for members and their families with a request that donations be made for members' guests. Jane Griesar moved and Felicia Liebman seconded having it remain a free event for members and their families with unanimous agreement of the motion.

It was decided that since members' voluntary contributions to the Club for distribution to local nonprofits are not tax deductible , that the Club would not provide any written acknowledgement to members of those contributions. A request for voluntary contributions (nondeductible) will continue to be included on the membership renewal letter. The language in the letter will be changed from "charitable organizations" to "non-profit organizations."

John asked for a discussion of allocation of the club's charitable contributions, which this year will total $2,700 ( 20% of the membership dues plus member designated contributions, rounded up from $2,683). After some discussion, it was agreed to support the following organizations:

New Harbor Food Pantry $700
Chip $500
First Responders $750
Bristol Library $175
Historical Society $75
Community Energy Fund of Lincoln County $500

Of the organizations receiving support, the Community Energy Fund is a new recipient. The rest have been supported by the LCPA in the past. Anne Bullis moved that these contributions be approved. Felicia Lieberman seconded the motion and it was unanimously passed.

As previously noted, Chris Gram will send a proposed 2015 calendar of activities from the social committee following their upcoming meeting. In discussing status of committee membership, John Mulcahy asked for an update and if there was any indication about the interests of new members. Felicia noted that it is hard to tell at this point where interests lie. The biggest need is help with tennis and she will be following up on this.

John Mulcahy then revisited the question of the proposed By- law amendments. John moved that we present the By-law amendments to the full club membership at the 2015 membership meeting. He suggested that the current draft of the amended bylaws be further amended to state that the Board of Directors would include at least 7 and not more than 9 members. Language would remain that states that the officers- president, secretary, and treasurer – along with the Chairperson of the Board, would be elected by the Board from among its members.
Jane Griesar withdrew her previous philosophical concern that short- term issues were potentially driving structural changes, which she had raised at the July 14 meeting.
Doug Craig asked that Article VII, section F (5) be changed to read "The Board of Directors may consider a topic without meeting, upon unanimous written or electronic consent of the Board." Any topic thus considered would continue to require only consent of a simple majority of the board for passage. This amendment was passed unanimously. Jack Campbell noted that as the year transpires, additional minor edits would arise.

Amendments to the by laws will be e -mailed to the membership for consideration at least ten days before the annual membership meeting and a hard copy will be made available upon request.

Discussion also centered on the nature of a quorum. Currently 25 people constitute a quorum in the by-laws. Bob Rapp questioned whether a quorum of 25 is too low. Because attendance at the annual meeting has averaged between 35 to 45 members, John Mulcahy noted that a quorum of twenty-five seems realistic. Bob was concerned that a decision could be 'railroaded' through by a small number of people.

John Mulcahy called for a vote on the motion that the amended By-laws be presented to the annual membership, with the above-noted changes. Jane Griesar seconded it and it was passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Wertz, LCPA Secretary