Long Cove Point Association Board of Directors Meeting
August 14, 2014

LCPA Club House

In attendance: John Mulcahy, Chairman of the Board, Jane Griesar, Board Member, Felicia Leibman, Board Member, Bob Rapp, Board Member, Anne Bullis, Board Member, Doug Craig, Board Member, Kit Reno, Club President, Martha Wertz, Secretary. Not Present: Jack Campbell, Board Member

John Mulcahy, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 4 pm.

The primary order of business was the review of proposed By-law amendments for the Long Cove Point Association, as circulated by e-mail to Board members and officers by John Mulcahy in a version dated 7/24/14.

Amendments to Articles I through VI were reviewed with all changes either approved as circulated or with the following changes as noted below.

Article II,
Amended to read, "Active membership to include family members under the age of 21 (rather than 18).

Discussion concerned voting rights of family members who transition from family membership to membership in their own right. Doug Craig questioned whether these family members went into an interim role until approved in their own right, thereby losing their vote for one year. Those present determined that family members who 'age out' of membership shall automatically transition to full membership without a loss of voting rights.

(2) Amended to read "unanimous approval of the Membership Committee (delete and the president).

Article V
In (A), a style change was noted, "All dues become payable April 1st."

In (B). "Will" was struck from the following "All prospective new members must be approved for membership at the Annual Meeting, and (strike will) required to submit…"

In (D). 'H' becomes 'F'. To read, "Refer to Article VII, F., 3.

Noted by Doug Craig.