Long Cove Point Association Board of Directors Meeting
July 12, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 9:00AM.  Present were Directors John Mulcahy, Doug Craig, Felicia Liebman, Anne Bullis, Jane Griesar, and Bob Rapp.  Also present were Officers-- President Kit Reno, Treasurer Kevin Conway, and Acting Secretary Barbara Achter.  Social Committee Chairs Chris and Catherine Gram were in attendance as well.

Minutes of the August 24, 2013 Meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report by Kevin Conway.  A report for January 1, 2013-December 31, 2013 was distributed.  Total expenses so far this year are $4,568 and the Association has $12,252.60 in the bank. Dues revenues so far this year are $6,540 with 37 member dues still outstanding.  Tennis membership dues (received from 52 member fees) thus far are $1,735.  Voluntary charitable contributions sent in along with member dues total $1,035.  Insurance premiums have been paid and Form 990N has been filed. Board members expressed a desire to change the fiscal year, from annual meeting to annual meeting, to the calendar year but no action to do so will be taken now.

Update from President:  Elwin Guthrie resigned as President (due to personal responsibilities) and V.P. Kit Reno will serve as President until the annual meeting.

Committee updates:
 *Membership Committee:  Seven new families will be presented for membership at the annual meeting.  John Mulcahy will maintain the membership contact list for now.  Any changes in member information should go to him.  Catherine Gram is working with John to establish the membership data base on “Google Doc.” Google Doc will enable multiple individuals to access the data base and to make changes/corrections as they are received.

  *Social Committee:  Chris and Catherine Gram reported that 10 volunteers helped at the May 31 annual clean-up day.  It was agreed that next year the cleanup date should be scheduled for a date later than May 31.   Forty to forty-five members attended the June 14 Wine/Cheese reception, and about 65 members were at the July 5 International Pot Luck dinner.  Thus far the Committee has $443.41 in expenditures.  Only 10 members have sent in checks for the upcoming Lobster Dinner.  Catherine will send out one more reminder.  She will also e-mail a note to the membership to ascertain interest in Trivia Night, scheduled for August 2.  If there is sufficient interest the event will be held.  It was suggested that members be encouraged to form their own trivia teams for the event.  There will some be kid-friendly questions as well as prizes.  Plans for the August 9 Barbecue Dinner are on track.  The August 16 Music Night still needs to be planned.

  *Audit Committee:  no report

  *Archives Committee:  Anne Bullis is working on archives, and will gather information about what records are in the safe deposit box at “The First” and what records are held by the historical society.

  *House Committee:  The Chair, Jack Campbell, was unable to attend the meeting.  Felicia Liebman reported that after several delays the plaque for the flag pole (thanks to the generosity of the Liebman family) should be arriving soon.  John Mulcahy reported that new screens for the clubhouse have been ordered by Jack.  There was discussion of a need to paint the front railings.  The matter will be referred to Jack.  A table in the storage room is bulky and in poor condition.  Chris Gram volunteered to dispose of it at the Transfer Station along with the old tennis net and picnic table. Anne Bullis reported a potential donor (Jim Lyon) for some aluminum chairs and possibly a bench for use at the tennis courts.  She will follow up.  The new clubhouse tables are being ordered, thanks to the generosity of the Conways.  Disposition of the old tables was discussed.  It was agreed they should be offered as a donation to potential recipient organizations (churches, schools etc.). John Mulcahy and Kit Reno will make some contacts.  The roof and lighting projects are complete.  . 

  *Tennis Committee:  no report

  *Nominating Committee:  Felicia Liebman reported that the Committee has been waiting to see if there were changes in the by-laws prior to developing the slate for presentation at the annual meeting.  Now that the Board has decided to remove the proposed by-laws changes from the annual meeting agenda, the Committee can proceed.

Old Business: 
  *The Overboard Discharge Certificate was renewed in January for another five years.

  * Athletic liability concerns have been posted on the bulletin board and at the tennis courts. 

  *Membership dues increase:  a proposal to increase the dues to $35 will be presented at the annual meeting. 

  *Proposal to revisit membership charges for Barbecue Dinner will be revisited in light o the anticipated dues increase and the level of voluntary charitable contribution from members.  The Board was reminded that 20% of member dues go toward charitable contributions made by the Association.

New Business:
  *Proposed by-laws changes:  A number of questions and concerns were voiced regarding the timing, process and content of the proposed changes that had been distributed to the membership for action at the annual meeting.  Of significant concern was the fact that what was sent to the Board and to the membership was not a final “clean” copy.  During Board discussion it became apparent that present wording in some cases is unclear and open to differing interpretations.   Also, the process for voting by proxy for members unable to attend the annual meeting needs to be clearly stated in the by-laws.

The following motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved:  The proposed by-laws changes will be removed from the agenda for the annual meeting.  At the meeting John Mulcahy will inform members of the issues/problems that the Board is trying to address through by-laws changes and will invite member input.  Several courses of action subsequent to the annual meeting were discussed.  These included some kind of open-forum for member input and discussion and also a specially called general meeting in August to vote on a revised by-laws document.

  *Future committees:  Kit Reno raised the concern about finding members willing to serve on committees.  Several ideas were suggested.  One was to invite, through a letter of welcome, new members to volunteer to help out on committees.  Another was to empower Committee chairs to form ad-hoc committees of volunteers for specific events or projects.  No action was taken but there was general support for both ideas.

  *Annual meeting:  John Mulcahy will email the 2013 minutes to the membership for action at the forthcoming 2014 annual meeting.

  *Member voluntary charitable contributions:  The Board was pleased with the number/amount of member voluntary charitable contributions that came in with membership renewals.  The question of whether such contributions were eligible for income tax deduction was discussed.  It was agreed that pursuit of this was the responsibility of member donors.  There was support for the suggestion of sending a thank you letter and donation acknowledgement to the donors.  It was further suggested that on the renewal form next year a note be made that 100% of the charitable contributions will go to charity.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Barbara Achter, Acting Secretary