LCPA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
July 6, 2013
LCPA Club House.

Meeting called to order 9:00 AM
In attendance: Bill Addison (Chair), Bob Rapp (Treasurer), Jane Greisar (Director), Anne Bullis  (Director), Doug Craig (Director), Doug Alcox (Director), Jack Campbell (Director and House), John  Mulcahey (Incoming Director), E. Guthrie (Incoming President), Christopher Gram (President and Social Committee) and Catherine Gram (Secretary and Social Committee).

1.  Treasure’s Report.
Bob Rapp provided the fiscal report for last year and a status of this year’s membership receipts. He included the prior year for comparison purposes.  The bylaws state that the Annual Report be written to cover information from Annual meeting to Annual meeting, but this does not give us an accurate picture.  Therefore, Bob R gives us a report Jan 1 to Dec 31, for full accuracy, with reports updated throughout the summer.

Bill Addison suggested that we separate the tennis expenses account from the Club account, for a clearer picture of how each is doing financially.  Bob R has placed all expenses designated as tennis under tennis maintenance.

Bob R added we have received payment from about 80% of membership dues to date.

Tennis fees, under the new fee schedule, have generated  $2,500, with another $500 coming in.  We have received $1000 less under the new fee schedule.  Bob suggested the Board look at the new fee schedule and its impact on finances as we need to have money set aside for resurfacing the tennis court.

Bob R has noticed that there is a little spike in dues, due to some parents paying separate dues for some of their children in their 20s. 

2.  Tennis Report: Anne Bullis reported for the Tennis Committee
    A. Mike Blake will continue to offer lessons, as in the past
    B. Possibility of new backboard? The tennis committee said that with the new group of players, it perhaps would encourage new members.
    Mike Blake would volunteer his time to construct it.


1.There was a backboard here in the past that was not used very much.
2. Because the backboard would be on the court itself, it might stop others from playing a game.
3. Is this a good time for the extra expenditure?
4. Doug C and Jack C. worried about the solidity of a plywood backboard.
5.  Backboards can be noisy and might bother neighbors of the Club.
Possible solutions:
Bob Rapp described that there are net backboards that we could consider.   These are quieter and invisible.

  Anne will take the recommendations about the backboard and the insurance to the Tennis Committee for consideration.

  C. Open Club round robin on Sundays will continue.

  D. Liability of tennis lessons?
    Doug Craig checked into liability during the tennis lessons with the Chaney agency.
    There is an athletic events exclusion in our policy which means that if    anyone gets hurt, he/she is not covered, and there is no recourse to the Club.  If we got sued, the insurance would probably defend us, but deny liability if we lost.

    Instructor could get coverage for his work.  So, if the instructor is covered, then the students would be covered under a separate certificate.
    Mike Blake is also a private instructor and teaches at Lincoln Academy and may have his own insurance.

    Should the Club consider buying such coverage?  Doug C. will check with our insurance company to check on prices.
    The results of this search will brought to the Annual meeting and to the Directors Board meeting following the Annual meeting.

  E. Other Tennis Committee Issues
    Bob R mentioned that there was some confusion regarding the tennis fee schedule.  The Tennis
    Committee will rewrite the fee schedule to avoid confusion.

3.   Membership Committee. 

4.  House Committee Report- Jack Campbell

5.  President’s Report- Christopher Gram

A. Spring mailing
    The mailing went out to 136 families.  Costs were a bit higher than last year for a total of $354.

B. Cleanup
    Cleanup went well thanks to the Achters, the Burns, Andrew Fenniman and John Mulcahey, Bill Greisar.  Cost 37.56.  There is left over coffee in the fridge.

C. Wine and Cheese- 
    The cost for wine was $233.83. There were 8 bottles and some unopened food items left over.  These will go to the Rapp’s cocktail party.

D. Flower Boxes
    Thank you to Anne Bullis for taking care of the flower boxes.  Anne suggested we make draining holes in the bottom of the boxes. She also explained     that it cost $126.00 for cost of having Julie’s Greenhouse prepare all four flower boxes.
    She suggested that the Club plan on taking on these costs on a yearly basis.

    Motion made to consider Anne’s suggestion to cover the costs of having the flowers prepared by Julie’s Greenhouse.  Motioned seconded and passed.
    Claire Mocarski will be in charge of taking the flower boxes to Julie’s Greenhouse next spring.

E. Events:
    August 3  Carole Lough/Dale Cook – Grand-daughter’s birthday party
    August 4  Brown family memorial

F. Club Tables:
    Several members have approached Chris to suggest the Club purchase new lighter tables.  Jack C will look into the cost of new tables.

G. Club deaths:
    Chris asked for a list of people who died over the winter, to have a moment of silence at the Annual meeting.

6.    Social Committee report.  Christopher Gram and Catherine Gram

A. Total expenditures to date:  $511.66.  This includes Clean-up day ($37.56), Wine and Cheese ($306), general Club supplies ($15.28), paper goods and tablecloths ($102.82), Klondike bars ($50).

B. Events to date (Cleanup and Wine and Cheese). see President’s report above.

C. Barbecue Night- Matt Cook has volunteered to get grills. John and Sheila will also help with this event.

D.. Music Night- Suggestion that we purchase a section of tickets for an excursion to see “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”.  Jane G will take care of organizing the purchase of tickets.

7.   Nominating Committee. 

The Slate of Officers:
President- Al Guthrie
Vice-President- Dale Cook
Treasurer   Kevin Conway
Secretary- Kristin Sant

New Directors to serve on the Board of Directors:
Felicia Leibman
John Mulcahey
Anne Bullis
Bob Rapp

8.  Charitable Contributions.  Bill Addison’s suggested the following figures to be considered for this year’s charitable donations. These will be brought to the membership for approval at the Annual Meeting. Last year’s figures are in parenthesis.

    We will encourage people to make their own charitable contributions.

    John M will check into whether CHIP gives oil to people.  He will also check into the local Energy Fund.

    Bob R wondered whether we should have a stricter policy about charitable giving. He also expressed concern about income and upcoming expenses.

9.  Old Business. 

A. Liability Issues with tennis pro  (See above)

B. Flag Pole- The flagpole is in such bad shape that it is not usable.  Bill A contacted 2 flagpole companies (see information listed below) and spoke to some members of the Board.

Possible considerations:
a.  Steve Nichols said it would $300 for a new wooden pole. Consensus is that a wooden flagpole requires a lot of maintenance.  Board decided against this pole.

b. NorEast Flage Pole
30’ Hinge based fiberglass flag pole  $1,600
Foundation  $600
tax  $83
total  $2283

c. Gorham Flag Center
30’ Hinge based fiberglass flag pole   $1,498
Installation  $375
Tax   $74
total  $2,003


Motion made and seconded to buy a fiberglass pole. Vote taken. Motion did not pass.

Motion made and seconded to buy an aluminum pole.  Discussion ensued and Board realized that they did not have enough information regarding cost to vote on this motion. Motion tabled and suggestion was made to defer decision pending further information.

Suggestion made to see if we could solicit donations to purchase a flagpole.

    a. Patch the roof
    b. Buy an aluminum sectional flagpole.
    c. A fiberglass pole could be purchased with donations.
The Board of Directors will make the above known to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

9.  New Business- None

Meeting adjourned 11:30AM

Respectfully submitted,
Catherine Gram, Secretary