P.O. Box 63

Chamberlain, ME 04541



Minutes of the meeting of the

Board of Directors

July 3, 2004.


1.   The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Anne Bullis at 9 am in the clubhouse.

Present were:  Anne Bullis, Fred Fondreist, Bill Perry, Ed Shepherd, Harold Hughes, Doug Alcox (Nominating Committee, non-voting), Jack Walker (Treasurer, non-voting), Jack Campbell (in Bill AddisonÕs stead, Vice President, non-voting) and Elizabeth Vercoe (Secretary, non-voting).  Absent were Jess Welch and Floyd Reeves.


2.   Minutes for the last meeting on August 3, 2003 were distributed and approved.


3.   The TreasurerÕs Report was given by Jack Walker who indicated that total expenses were $8,221.93 and income was $9,134.42 for the past year.  There is a total of $10,481.21 currently in the savings and checking accounts.  Discussion ensued about the fee of about $200 for overboard discharge with the conclusion that it must be paid.  It was also noted that dues must be paid within three weeks after the annual meeting or a double payment is required to be reinstated. 

The TreasurerÕs Report was moved, seconded and approved.


4.   The Tennis Committee Report.  Round Robins will begin on July 11.  An adjustment for lowering the fence around the court where it has heaved is being considered; the court builders are scheduled to check out the situation.


5.   Old Business.  Bill Perry brought up the issue of liability coverage for club officers and directors.  The discussion that followed confirmed that there is coverage, that Maine state law protects directors and officers of non-profits.  Jack Walker said he would check to see if the insurance for the clubhouse was increased to $142,000 as requested at the last meeting.


      There was discussion about the date of the handover of the club presidency.  The handover is being changed, in accordance with the by-laws, to occur at the Annual Meeting.


      Anne Bullis mentioned the club chandelier.  Jack Campbell agreed to see that it will be rewired and refurbished.


      The House Committee is attending to the leak in the back corner of the clubhouse and has already rescreened and painted the front door.  Brush has also been cut around the back of the clubhouse.


      Jack Walker asked what the bill of $100 from Gary Brackett was for and agreed to call Gary to ask.


6.  New Business.  Doug Alcox indicated that the Nominating Committee has nominated Joe Ponti for Vice President for the next two years.  Three directors also need to be nominated and Doug asked for suggestions and several were forthcoming.


      Anne Bullis initiated discussion about allowing a womenÕs exercise group to do yoga in the clubhouse.  The group would require a TV monitor and VCR.  Bill Perry suggested asking for donations of these items at the Annual Meeting.


      Bill Perry suggested there be an archive report on the history of the club at the Annual Meeting and perhaps an event featuring clubhouse history, perhaps asking John Neff, author of a book on the history of Chamberlain, to speak.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 am.




Respectfully submitted,


Elizabeth Vercoe