Long Cove Point Association
Annual Meeting
July 20, 2019


1. The Meeting was called to order by Chairman and President , John Mulcahy, at 10:05 a.m.

2. In Memoriam:

A moment of silence was held for club members, Jeff Kirby and Phyllis Lucina, who died during the previous year.

3. Secretary's Report. (Elizabeth Vercoe) The minutes for the 2018 Annual Meeting that were distributed to the membership were approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report.  (Kevin Conway) Kevin presented the Treasurer’s Report for the calendar year 2018, noting that 2018 was a remarkable year fiscally because of the septic replacement expenses of about $26K which were covered in full by about $10K in gifts, special assesments to members, and the balance from the capital reserve fund.  Total income was $36,399 and total expenses were $40,459. The ending balance was $19,250.There is about $7,700 in the capital reserve account to which about $5K is added each year. A motion to approve the report was made, seconded, and a vote unanimously approved the motion.

5. Membership Committee  (Claire Mocarski, Chair)

Claire introduced ten new sets of prospective members, some of whom were present:

Marjorie Achelon, Joan and Jeff Barkin, James and Martha Carter, Avery and Lisa Glidden and family (Brock and Boe), Carleton Goodwin, Rob and Penny Jennings, Kandi Kinney, Sam and Kim MacGown, William and Gabrielle Patterson, and Stacy and Patrick Quinn.

A motion was made, seconded, and approved for the applications of these new members

6. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway, Chair)

Ginny presented the slate of Board Members for 2018-19: John Mulcahy, Kevin Conway, Seymour Kagan, Mark Jones, Tim Peele, Bonnie Potter, Kit Reno, and Elizabeth Vercoe. A vote on the slate of board members was approved.

Ginny also presented the slate of Audit Committe members: Ed Shepherd and John Rolfe.

7. Tennis Committee (Martha Flannign Hebert, Chair)

John read Martha's report stating that the electronic signup (yourcourts.com) has worked well so far, that noon to 2 pm is always left open, that triples occur on Wednesday evenings, that the men's and women's groups are continuing, that the tennis pro, Michael Blake, continues to give instruction at the club for one kid's clinic on Tuesdys and is available for private lessons.

A significant change is taking place in the funding of tennis expenses in that there will no longer be special fees for tennis memberships. Expenses for tennis will be paid out of general funds as they are for yoga. All club members now have the right to sign up for use of the court.

8. Audit Committee ( Ed Shepherd, Chair)

John Mulcahy read Ed's report stating that the audit followed the Procedure for Annual Audits approved by the Board in June of 2018 and on the basis of current financial records, the finances are in satisfactory order. While the report also indicated that the Treasurer's Report was not available at the time of the audit, John Rolfe who is on the audit committee, said that after the treasurer's report became available, all was found in order.

9. The Social Committee (Chris and Catherine Gram, Co-Chairpersons)                  

John read the Grams' report.  There have already been various events including the club cleanup, wine and cheese with about 70 in attendance, a small dessert party, and 55 at the pot luck, plus two cocktail parties thanks to the Fields and Potter/Chapins. Upcoming events include the barbecue, another dessert party, the lobster dinner, trivia night, and cocktails at the Crowe's.

10. Archive Committee (Jim Lyon, Chair)

Jim brought attention to the historical photos now framed and displayed on a rotating basis at the club with help from Anne Bullis, Jack Campbell, and Jane Griesar. He mentioned that the committee is interested in helping with the new mill renovation project at Poole's Lumber. Jim has volunteered to repeat the talk he gave at the club last summer about the history of the area for the Bristol Historical Society at Lighthouse Park on July 21 at 7 pm. Anne Bullis will continue to help with committee work.

11. House Committee (Kit Reno, Chair)

Kit thanked retiring chair, Jack Campbell, for his work for the committee and John Mulcahy for seeing the septic replacement project through to completion. She reported that the old shed roof has been removed and replaced, thanks to a group of volunteers who completed the job. Rusty folding chairs are continuing to be replaced.

12. Yoga Committee (Marcia Kagan, Chair)

Marcia reported that the yoga sessions remain popular and the weekly instruction sessions valued.

13. Chairman/President's Report (John Mulcahy, Chairman and President)

a. Thanks to Members.

John Mulcahy thanked the many members of the club who have helped in various capacities:

Jack Campbell as retiring chair of the house committee,
Anne Bullis as a retiring board member who will continue to assist with oversight of club rentals,
the Fieldingss, Bonnie Potter and Bill Chapin, and the Crowes for hosting the summer cocktail parties,
Chris and Catherine Gram for their ongoing hard work chairing the club social events,

b. OBD Upgrade Status

The installation is complete and cost $26,412, paid for with assessments and voluntary contributions of $23,330 with the balance from the Capital Expense Fund (which is funded by $20 from each member's annual fee). Maintenance is performed twice a year for two years (included inthe price of installation) by Water Quality and Compliance Services. Thereafter maintenance will continue twice a year but at a charge.

c. Eight new folding chairs have arrived with 14 remaining for replacement.

d. Charitable Contributions of $3,123 were distributed to the New Harbor Food Pantry, CHIP, First Responders, Bristol Library, Historical Fund, and Community Energy Fund. There were voluntary contributions of $1,635 added to the designated club contributions of $1,488 (calculated by taking 20% of the total of $30 X number of members)

e. The eliminatioon of separate tennis membership fees means that tennis now becomes a club amenity. Tennis fees were about $2400/year with $700-$1100 in expenses. The capital account will fund the court maintenance due in 2022.

f. Volunteers needed for the board.

g. Old Business

Septic Assessments for new members for 2019, 2020, and 2021 of $50 for each member and for lapsed members (who also pay the reinstatement fee) continues. The funds are to go to the 'capital reserve fund to cover future club improvements or repairs.

Handicap Bathroom. The club plans to move forward to install a handicap bathroom..

Exhaust Fan. There are ongoing discussions about a fan.

h. New Business

Discussion about buying a defibrillator was resolved when a member offered to donate the funds for one. There was also discussion about having a CPR class and defibrillator demonstration, possibly by a First Responder.

Anthony Cordasco brought up the issue of the club bathroom being used as a public facility. Problems of liability appear to be covered by insurance.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.

Elizabeth Vercoe