Long Cove Point Association
Annual Meeting
July 21, 2018

1. The Meeting was called to order by Chairman and President , John Mulcahy, at 10:00 a.m.

2. In Memoriam:

A moment of silence was held for long-time member, Steve Hirsch, who died during the previous year.

3. Secretary's Report. (Elizabeth Vercoe) The minutes for the 2017 Annual Meeting that were distributed to the membership were approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report.  (Kevin Conway) Kevin presented the Treasurer’s Report for the calendar year 2017.  Total income was $16,764 and total expenses were $13,065. There is a new capital reserve account which contains $12,451. A motion to approve the report was made, seconded, and a vote unanimously approved the motion.

5. Membership Committee  (Linda Mullin, Chair)

In Linda's place, Kit Reno introduced four new sets of prospective members, some of whom were present.

Nancy and Doug Dowling from Arlington, VA

Julie and Bill Troiano from Powling, NY (chidren, Joelle and Luke)

David and Debbie Essing, Waldorf,, MD (children, Matt, Nick and Carsen)

Caroline and Phil Licari from Cape Elizabeth, ME

A motion was made, seconded, and approved for the applications of these new members

6. Nominating Committee (Ginny Conway, Chair)

Ginny reported that John Rolfe has agreed to join Ed Shepherd on the audit committee.

Bonnie Potter has been nominated to replace Jack Campbell on the board.

The additional members nominated to serve on the Long Cove Point Association’s Board of Directors for the 2018-2019 term are:

Anne Bulllis, Kevin Conway, Mark Jones, Seymour Kagan, John Mulcahy, Tim Peele, Kit Reno, and Elizabeth Vercoe

A vote on the slate of board members was approved.

7. Tennis Committee (Martha Flannign Hebert, Chair)

John read Martha's report stating that Kitty Perry has managed the women's tennis program for the summer and Peter Stahl the men's program. There will be two tennis socials coming up. An electronic signup trial with Sign up Genius has worked well so far.

Michael Blake continues to give instruction at the club. The Waystacks donated two cases of tennis balls to the club and low compression balls have been purchased with additional ones requested. A new roller for the court is on order.

Kit Reno has cleaned the storage shed and installed a cabinet to hold tennis equipment.

8. Audit Committee ( Ed Shepherd, Chair)

John Mulcahy indicated that John Rolfe has agreed to join the committee now that Bill Addison has resigned. John read Ed's report stating that the committee met with the club treasurer to ascertain current practices and that on the basis of current financial records determined that the finances are in reasonably good order.

9. The Social Committee (Chris and Catherine Gram, Co-Chairpersons)                  

Chris reported that date changes of club events are listed on the club website.  He reported on the various events that have already taken place including the wine and cheese with about 80 in attendance and game night with a stalwart three members present. He also listed many upcoming events including the lobster dinner, trivia night, and cocktails at the Potter/Chapin and Buell houses. The club has spent $274.31 on events so far.

10. Archive Committee (Anne Bullis and Jim Lyon, Co-Chairs)

Anne showed some photos of the area from earlier times and said she and Jim (with the help of Jane Griesar) were planning to frame some of the images and show them in rotation at the club. She also mentioned that there is a plan to make John Neff's book about the Chamberlain area available as an e-book on Amazon. Jim Lyon has volunteered to give a talk about the history of the area.

11. House Committee (Jack Campbell, Chair)

Jack reported that he has measured the club in order to make an architectural record of the building. He said that the old shed roof has been removed and partially replaced, with a need for volunteers to complete the job. He also said he had rebuilt and installed the screen door for the back. There is some painting required on the club and volunteers are needed.

12. Yoga Committee (Marcia Kagan, Chair)

Marcia reported that the yoga sessions are working well with an average of about a dozen members present at the sessions. Comments from the membership praised the instruction on Wednesdays with a request for additional sessions with an instructor.

13. Chairman/President's Report (John Mulcahy, Chairman and President)

a. Thanks to Members.

John Mulcahy thanked the many members of the club who have helped in various capacities:

Jack Campbell as retiring board member but continuing chair of the house committee,
Linda Mullin as retiring membership chairman and window box overseer,
Scott Elskus and Men's Tennis for help with the shed roofing,
Bill Mullin for septic advice,
Eric Speck for supervision of the projector and name tags,
the MacFarlands, Bonnie Potter and Bill Chapin, and Anne Buell for hosting the summer cocktail parties,
Chris and Catherine Gram for their ongoing work chairing the club social events,
Kit Reno for her many contributions of time and energy to the club,
committee chairs and board members for their time and work for the club.

b. OBD Upgrade Status

John announced that the club received $10,105 in voluntary contributions and $11,530 in assessments for a total of $21,635 received so far for the new septic system to be installed this fall. There were a few underpayments ($550) of the assessment due to confusion over the renewal form. Since renewals are returned throughout the summer, about another $2500 is expected to come in. If the underpayments and anticipated renewals are paid, the estimated total in hand would be about $24,684 for the projected system cost of $26,412. (A breakdown of the costs: $25,000 for the E.W. Holmes contract, $985 for the design fee, $295 for the Town of Bristol Application Fee, and $22 for the state filing fee). We appear to be close enough to the expected cost not to need a bank loan although that remains on the table. The cost is about $2500 more than originally expected due to an upgrade to a nitrogen system which will require fewer subsequent inspections than the original system planned.

There was some discussion of access to the site. Doug Craig suggested the club has an easement on the Hannon driveway. Tim Peele suggested asking the contractor if smaller equipment could be brought in to avoid the access problem. John will follow up with a call to Holmes for a site evaluation.

c. Eight new folding chairs have arrived with 14 remaining for replacement.

d. Bug Busterezz is dealing with the carpenter ant problem.

e. Rummage Sale. Proceeds are marked for the new porch furniture which has already arrived. Kit Reno asked for volunteers to help with the sale.

f. Charitable Contributions. A total of $3,283 was designated in 2017 for charitable gifts from the club to the New Harbor Food Pantry, CHIP, First Responders, Bristol Library, Historical Fund, and Community Energy Fund.

g. Volunteers needed to help finish the shed roof.

13. Old Business

a. Septic Assessments for new members for 2019, 2020, and 2021 of $50 for each member and for lapsed members (who also pay the reinstatement fee) was seconded and approved by the membership after some discussion. The funds are to go to a 'capital fund' or 'compensating use fund' (the name yet to be determined) to cover future club improvements or repairs.

b. Handicap Bathroom. Current expectation is that the club will have the funds to install a handicap bathroom next season.

c. Exhaust Fan. There are ongoing plans to install a fan at some future date with concerns about noise and cost.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am.

Elizabeth Vercoe