Long Cove Point Association
Annual Meeting
July 18, 2015


The Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with President Kit Reno presiding.

Officers in attendance included Kit Reno, President, Kevin Conway, Treasurer, and Martha Wertz, Secretary. Total attendance 41 members.
A moment of silence was called to recognize members who had died since the previous meeting, Fred Fondriest, June Hicks, Marian Marshall, Richard Semmes, and Ellie Small.

The Secretary presented the minutes of the July 19, 2014 meeting, which had been circulated in advance, for approval. The motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as circulated.

Kevin Conway presented the Treasurer’s report for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2014 and ending December 31, 2014. The written report for 2014 had been reviewed and approved by Andrew Fenniman on behalf of the Audit Committee and was available for review by members. The LCPA began the year with a balance of $8,507 and concluded with a balance of $9,562.

In 2015 to date, the LCPA had received $8,595 in dues, $1,890 in tennis fees, and contributions of $1,640. The checking account had $17,837.55 less outstanding expenses for the year.

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made, seconded and unanimously passed.

Kit then called for a report from the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors' Report

John Mulcahy, chair, presented the Board of Director’s Report. After noting that it had been a good year with no issues or concern of note, John presented proposed bylaw amendments for discussion. These proposed amendments had been developed and reviewed by the Board of Directors in August 2014 for the purpose of presentation to the membership at the 2015 Annual meeting and were circulated on July 3rd by e mail prior to the July 18, 2015 meeting. Hard copies had also been left in the clubhouse, per the Bylaws, for members’ review.

The primary change in the proposed by-law amendments related to number of Board members, selection of officers, and the inclusion of officers as voting Board members.

The LCPA membership at the time of the July 18 meeting was represented by a Board of 7 members with an internally elected Chairperson and additionally 4 club officers (who were not Board members and did not have voting rights on the Board). Officers included a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, all of whom were elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

The amended bylaws, which were being presented for review, called for a reconfigured Board of 7-9 members, which would include three club officers, a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. In the bylaw amendments the position of Vice President was eliminated. Officers under the amended bylaws would serve as Board members of the LCPA with full voting rights. Officers as well as the Chairperson of the Board in the amended by-laws would be selected internally rather than being presented to the membership for vote. Members would continue to elect Directors, but the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer would be selected from within the Board along with the position of Board Chair.

Other changes in the proposed By-law amendments included: a reduction of minimum committee sizes, reflecting the reality that most of the current committees did not meet current by-law requirements for size: electronic communications with provision in place for hard communication to members without access to electronic documents: a provision for vote by proxy: and some clarifications related to membership including the opportunity for children of members to automatically become eligible for full membership at age 18.

After a thorough and thoughtful discussion both of the need for these changes and the potential impact of the changes, the question was called. A number of members spoke about the need for officers to have full voting rights. A concern was expressed that people might not be willing to accept Board membership if it potentially involved serving as an officer. This concern was balanced by the opinion that the opportunity to set club policy as Board members presumes the assumption of the work of maintaining the Association.

The proposed by-law changes were approved in full by written ballet with 28 yes votes and 7 no votes, reflecting those in attendance at the time of the vote.

Committee Reports

Archives: Anne Bullis

Anne reported that she has the key to the deposit box. All archived material will go to the historical society.

Audit: Andrew Fenniman
Andrew has reviewed the Treasurer’s Report and finds all to be in order.

House: Jack Campbell
Jack reported that benches and doors had been painted at a cost of $70 for paint and $360 for labor. He has ordered plastic laminate counter tops for the kitchen, which will be installed by club members. He will be having the brush behind the clubhouse cleared.

Membership: Ellen Addison
Ellen recommended 11 new members. These include:
Susan and Kerry Emanuel
Lexington, MA
Recommended by Jane Roos Griesar and Nora Waystack

Becca and Ken Gray
Chamberlain, ME
Recommended by Ginny Conway and Jacqueline Pellerine

Alan Lee and Christina Cornell
Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill, NC
Recommended by Sam Egbert and Ben Ogburn

James Lyon
Chamberlain, ME
Renewal of lapsed membership

John and Peggy Magness
Southbury, CT
Recommended by Chris and Catherine Gram and Dale Cooke

Bill and Linda Mullin
Chamberlain, ME
Recommended by Bonnie Potter and Jane Roos Griesar

Cheryl Reif
New Harbor ME
Recommended by the Floods

Robert Sheridan
Newburyport MA
Son of Connie Sheridan

Tim Peele and Tracey Shuttleworth
New Harbor, ME
Recommended by the Grams, Fieldings, and Waystacks

Susan Waugh
New Harbor, ME
Recommended by Edwin Brush family

Gene and Barbara Youtz
New Harbor ME and Hilton Head Island, SC
Recommended by Mort and Barbara Achter and Sam Egbert.

The motion was made, seconded, and unanimously passed to accept these eleven new members.

Social: Chris Gram, Co-chair
Chris reported that a full schedule of social activities was underway for the summer season. The wine and cheese reception had 70 attendees, double the attendance from the previous year. On June 6, 14 members attended a clean up to prepare the house for the season.

He reported that there would be no charges for the upcoming BBQ and no reservations were required; however, members who bring guests are asked to make a donation.

A new event, a book group, is meeting with enthusiasm and is scheduled to meet several times throughout the summer.

He also noted that houseguests could attend the lobster dinner.

He reported that the cocktail party, due to bad weather, would be held that evening at the clubhouse.

Tennis: Anne Bullis
Anne reported that a women’s tennis group is underway. The system of signups is working well. People are setting up their own groups or are leaving requests. She asked that anyone who might have interest consider joining the tennis committee. She also noted that Michael Blake is available to give lessons.

Nominating Committee: Ginny Conway
In Felicia Leibman’s absence, Ginny presented the report of the Nominating Committee. With the approval of the bylaw changes, there is no longer a position of vice president. She presented Seymour Kagan, Kit Reno and Kevin Conway as new board members.

This slate was moved, seconded and unanimously passed.

Old Business
Kit warmly recognized and thanked Jane Roos Griesar and Doug Alcox for their long years of service as to the club.

She thanked Catherine Gram for maintaining the membership list, both in reformatting and in maintaining changes of address.

She noted that club rental is $150 with an additional $50 cleaning fee. Rachael Fossett does the cleaning.

She further noted that the cost of mailing membership renewals included 145 mailings at a cost of $1.73 per mailing.

Claire Mocarski is maintaining the flower boxes.

New Business
Under new business, she thanked our hosts for cocktail parties and noted that Elizabeth Vercoe’s son is maintaining the web site for the LCPA at no charge to the Association.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Wertz