Long Cove Point Association
Annual Meeting
July 19, 2014

I.  Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM.
Officers in attendance:  Kit Reno (Interim President), Kevin Conway (Treasurer), Barbara Achter (Acting Secretary).  Total attendance:  36 members.

II.  In memoriam 
Moment of silence in memory of a deceased member, Roger Fessaquet, and also for a non-member friend of the Association, Phil Martin.

III.  Thank you and announcements
*The new tables will arrive next week.  Thank you to Kevin and Ginny Conway and to Matt Reno for their generous donation and support.
*Thank you to Felicia Leibman and family for the new flagpole, and to Richard and Diane Booker for the flag.
*Thank you to the hosts of the 2014 cocktail parties:  Andrew Fenniman and John Mulcahy, and  Peter and Nora Waystack.
*Thank you to Chris and Catherine Gram for co-chairing the Social Committee, and to Jack Campbell for chairing the House Committee.  Also, thanks to Elwin Guthrie for the time he served as President this past year.

IV.  Secretary’s report
Motion made, seconded and unanimously passed to accept the minutes of the July 20, 2013 Annual Meeting.

V.  Treasurer’s report (Kevin Conway, Treasurer)
*A written report for January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013 was distributed.  Motion made, seconded and unanimously passed to accept the report. 
*To date in 2014, dues income is $6,850 with 27 renewals still outstanding.  Tennis fees income so far this year is $1,735.  Voluntary charitable contributions sent in with membership renewals total $1,035.  Current balance in the bank account is $12,977.86.
*Thank-you notes will be sent to the voluntary charitable donors.
*Charitable donations for last year (2013) were:  CHIP ($400), First Responders ($500, Food Pantry ($600), Bristol Library ($25), and Historical Society ($50).

VI.  Board of Directors (John Mulcahy, Chair)
*Overboard Discharge Certificate has been renewed for five years.

*Athletic liability signs are posted on the bulletin board and at the tennis courts.

*Plans are underway to purchase new screens for the clubhouse.

*Members were reminded that 20% of social member dues go to charity, and the voluntary contributions will be added to this amount.  At their August meeting the Board will determine recipients and amounts. 

*At the 2013 Annual Meeting the Board of Directors was asked give consideration to a dues increase from $30 to $35, with the intent for the increased revenue to go toward capital expenses and reserves.  The Board has considered the recommendations and is supportive of it. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to increase the social membership dues from $30 to $35.  A question was raised as to whether the initiation fee for new members would increase as well.  It was agreed that there would be no change to the $30 initiation fee.

*At the 2013 Annual Meeting a motion was passed to begin to charge members for the barbecue event.  The Board has reconsidered this action.  Based on the membership decision made last year to change from 30% of the membership dues going to charity to $20%, and also the favorable response for voluntary contributions, the Board now recommends that there be no charge to members who attend the barbecue.  A motion not to charge members attending the barbecue event was made, seconded, and unanimously passed.

*As a result of the discussion of the aforementioned motion it was agreed that steps should be taken to ascertain in advance (by e-mail) an estimate of the number of members and non-member guests who plan to attend the barbecue.  John Mulcahy volunteered to send the e-mail.  It was agreed to have a “donation basket” at the name-tag table on barbecue night with aninvitation for members who bring guests to make a contribution.  It was also decided to have a “serving lineat the barbecue.  Several members volunteered to be servers, and Kit Reno will provide “food quality” gloves.

*John Mulcahy explained why the draft of proposed by-laws changes was not being presented for action at this time.  Of primary concern was the need to be certain that all proposed changes are clearly stated to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretation.   He also shared reasons for a number of changes being considered.  These included: difficulty in filling officer, Board and committee positions; Association officers not being voting members of the Board; the need to incorporate wording to allow for electronic communication to members; voting by proxy; and term limits for officers and Board members.   
The Board of Directors will meet in the next week or two to develop/refine a revised by-laws document.  If time for the required 10-day notification period permits, a special membership meeting may yet be called this summer to act on the document.  If this occurs, the changes will go into effect in 2015.  If this is not accomplished, revised by-laws will be presented for action at the 2015 Annual Meeting.  If passed they would be effective starting in 2016.

VII.  Committee reports
            Archives:  No report.

            Audit:  No report.  The committee will meet with Treasurer Kevin Conway by the end of the summer.
            House:  (Jack Campbell)
                        *New roof completed.
                        *Porch railing needs to be re-painted.  Volunteers interested in helping should contact Jack, who will establish a work date.
                        *New tables are on the way.
                        *New lighting completed.

                        *Need to consider cleaning help—possibly establish an ad hoc committee to explore.

            Membership:  (Ellen Addison)

                        Seven new memberships were recommended:

                        1.  Linda & Michael Kelleher--Atlanta, GA & New Harbor, ME  kellehed@aol.com   lekellerher@aol.com
                                    (Recommended by Bill & Jane Griesar)

                        2.  Alan Littlefield—Bristol, ME   organic1@aol.com
                                    (Recommended by Doug Alcox and Geraldine Massey)

                        3.  Peter & Susan March, & 2 children: P.J. (14) and Charlie (11)   
                                    Churchville, MD and New Harbor, ME   sdminnh@msn.com
                                    (Recommended by Elwin Guthrie, and Bill & Jane Griesar)

                        4.  Boyce Martin & Anne Ogden
                                    Louisville, KY & New Harbor, ME  anneogden@win.net
                                    (Recommended by Ken Wertz and Julie Burns)                   

                        5.  Pam & Gary Sawyer
                                    Harvard, MA & New Harbor, ME  pamelasawyer@hotmail.com
                                    (Recommended by Marcia & Seymour Kagan, and Ellen Addison)

                        6.  Peter & Beth Stahl, & 2 children: Devon (17) and Jordan (16)
                                    Haverford, PA & Round Pound, ME     peterstahl3@verizon.net
                                    (Recommended by Ed & Bobbi Einhorn, and Bill & Jane Griesar)

                        7.  Richard & Carrie Thackeray, & 3 children:  Noah, Charlotte and Baxter
                                    Rockland, ME & Chamberlain, ME   
                                    (Recommended by Felicia Leibman, and Bill & Ellen Addison)

            Motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to accept these seven new members.

            Social:  (Chris Gram)

                        *10 volunteers helped at the May 31 clean-up.

                        *Attendance at the June 4 wine and cheese event was between 40 and 45.

                        *Attendance at the July 5 international dinner was about 70 people.  The international theme instead of the single Italian focus of previous years                           was met with enthusiasm as were the contest and entertainment that evening.

                        *About 50 people attended the cocktail party at the John Mulcahy and Andrew Fenniman home on July 12. 

                        *Upcoming events:  Lobster Dinner on July 19, Trivia Night on August 2, Barbecue Dinner on August 9.

                        *Updates or corrections to contact information (including e-mail) should go to Catherine Gram.

                        *So far this year the Social Committee has spent about $500 for supplies, wine and cheese, and Klondike Bars.

                        *Klondike Bars:  if anyone using the clubhouse between club dinners/events takes Klondike Bars—please replace them ASAP.

            Tennis:  No report.

            Nominations:  (Felicia Leibman)

                        The following slate of officers, directors and committee members was presented for the 2014/15 year:

                        Kit Reno--President
                        Seymour Kagan--Vice President
                        Martha Wertz--Secretary
                        Kevin Conway--Treasurer

                        Doug Craig (2015)
                        Jane Griesar (2015)
                        Anne Bullis (2016)
                        Felicia Leibman (2016)
                        John Mulcahy (2016)
                        Bob Rapp (2016)
                        Jack Campbell (2017)
            Audit Committee:
                        Andrew Fenniman
                        Elizabeth Vercoe

            Nominating Committee:
                        Ginny Conway
                        Petie Ern
                        Clare Mocarski
                        Judy Speck

            Motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to elect the proposed slate.

VIII.  Old Business
*Thank you to Clare Mocarski for taking care of the window boxes this year.
*Cleanliness of the clubhouse:  Following discussion of the need for more/better housekeeping, the following motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed: To hire someone to clean the clubhouse every 2 weeks.   
*In subsequent discussion it was agreed that cleaning should routinely include floors, kitchen and bathrooms, and that up to $300 should be budgeted for the season.  Names of several potential cleaning persons were suggested.  Kit Reno will follow up.  Also, clean-up responsibilities need to be more clearly stated in rental agreements.

IX.  New Business
*The ping-pong table (which is old and heavy) presents an injury hazard during set-up, moving, and storing.  This is a warning to parents, grandparents and users.  Purchase of an easily movable ping-pong table was discussed.  Jack Campbell agreed to look into this further.
* Julia Gerow offered suggestions for increased communication and socialization among LCPA members.  These could include weekly (or other) social hours at the clubhouse, a weekly movie night, better use of the bulletin board, and possibly a Facebook page.  Jack Campbell agreed to explore possibilities for a movie projector to use with the existing drop-down screen.

X.  Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Achter, Acting Secretary