Long Cove Point Association
Annual Meeting
July 20, 2013

Meeting called to order at 10:00 am
Officers in attendance:  Christopher Gram (President),  Bob Rapp (Treasurer), and Catherine Gram (Secretary).

I. In Memoriam
Moment of silence for deceased members:
Daniel Densch, Arlene Hatch, Richard Klaber, and Flora Hutchinson

II. Thank You and announcements
a. Thank you for:
Clean up: Cleanup went well thanks to the Achters, the Burns, Andrew Fenniman and John Mulcahy, and Bill Greisar.
Flowers:Thank you to Anne Bullis for taking care of the flower boxes.
Donation: Thank you to the Cochrans for their generous donation of $2,500 to pay for the new lighting of the Club.

Announcement –
There will be the Barbecue dinner on July  27th at the Club.
Lobster Dinner- Reservations are required and payments are the reservations. All members who want to attend the Lobster Dinner need to send their payment by July 27th (postmarked).  Checks should be sent to the following address:  LCPA, PO Box 63, Chamberlain, ME 04541.  Prices:  1 Lobster $10,  2 lobsters $15, chicken $8. Please specify how many singles, doubles and chicken make up your total.

III. Secretary’s Report- Motion made and seconded to accept the report- Motion passed.

IV Treasurer’s Report  (Bob Rapp)  Bob handed out the Treasurer’s report.
$1,000 in arrears due to change in tennis schedule.
Bob predicts that membership dues will match or come close to last year’s number of members.
Motion made and seconded to accept the report- Motion passed.
Thanks to Bob for having served as Treasurer.

V. Board of Directors Report (Bill Addison)
a. Lights- See above.

b. Flagpole- The flagpole is not safe enough to use.  The Board considered three options to replace it.
#1. A wooden pole with a short life- Board decided not to go that route.
#2. Fiberglass pole that would cost about $2,000. The Board was concerned about the cost, especially due to costs of roof repairs.
#3. Aluminum sectional pole that would cost around $500.This pole could be mounted in original foundation.  The Board feels this is the best option.
Bill also explained that if anyone would like to donate the money for the better fiberglass pole, the Board of Directors would consider such a donation.

c. Charitable contributions- Last year we contributed $2,000, which is 30% of income from membership dues.   This year the suggestion is to lower that to about 16% of income from membership sues.  These new figures are for discussion.


Motion made to accept the contributions levels proposed by the Chair of the Board. Motion seconded. Motion did not carry.

Discussion continued:

Motion made to charge a fee for the Barbecue Dinner and have the proceeds be contributed to our charities.  Motion seconded.


Motion amended.  Motion made to charge a fee for the Barbecue Dinner in 2014 and that the proceeds be earmarked for charitable contributions.  Motion seconded. 
Motion carried.

Motion made that charitable contributions be fixed at 20% of social membership dues income. Motion seconded.

Motion carried.  Specific distribution of monies to each charitable organization to be decided y the Board.

Motion made that we add a line item on the membership form for individuals that allows people to give additional money for charitable contributions. Motion seconded.  Motion carries.

Membership comment:  Nothing prevents individuals to contribute additionally on their own.

VI.  Committee Reports
A. Archives (Dan Mocarski)- no report

B. Audit  (Andrew Fenniman) -no report

C. House  (Jack Campbell)

D. Membership (Ellen Addison)
LCPA Membership Report
July 20, 2013
David  & Daria Aloise – Lebanon, NJ & New Harbor – 677-3438
Recommended by Fred Fondriest & Nancy & Doug Craig

Rufus & Tracy Collea  (2 young daughters ages 7 & 9) – Mechanicsville, NY & Chamberlain
Purchased Louise Young’s home
Recommended by Felicia Leibman & Bob & Cindee Young

John & Lynne Fielding – Roseland, VA & Chamberlain (Tukey Lane) – 677-2036
Recommended by Ann & Bill Bullis & Ernie & Petie Ern

Mark Jones & Cathy Partridge Jones – Texas & Chamberlain – 677-2114
cmfp@me.com  (Cathy’s)     mhj27@me.com   (Mark’s)
Recommended by Dewey & Bea Chase & Harold & Ellie Small

Seymour & Marcia Kagan – Florida & New Harbor – 677-6634
Recommended by Ginny Conway & Ellen Addison

Stephen B. Farber & Deirdre Curley – Maryland & Chamberlain – 677-3044
Lapsed membership renewal

Matt Reno – Boston & Chamberlain - 677-3133
Steve & Kit Reno’s son

Ted & Tara Simpson & 2 ch. – Baltimore, MD & Chamberlain (The Ledges) 410-804-7643 (cell)
Recommended by Jack Campbell & Elizabeth Vercoe

Eric & Judy Speck – Chamberlain – 630-853-9074
Doug & Mary Alcox’s daughter & son-in-law

Ken & Martha Wertz – Charlottesville, VA & New Harbor – 677-3134
kennethwertz@hotmail.com   marthaannwertz@gmail.com
Recommended by Bill & Kitty Perry & Steve & Claire Hirsch

Motion made and seconded that we accept the new members. Motion passed.

E.  Social (Catherine and Chris Gram)
Thanks to John Mulcahy for all of his past and continued work for the Social Committee.
Wine and Cheese- 40 people attended.
Italian Dinner- 90 attendees.
Cocktails at the Rapps- 30 people attended.

Reminders:  Barbecue Dinner July 27
Lobster Dinner- see above under Announcements for reservation and price information.
Lobsters and corn have been ordered.

Music Night- Social Committee is looking into buying a group of tickets to attend “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” in Damariscotta. More information is forthcoming.

F. Tennis (Nora Waystack)- no report
Question about backboard.  The tennis committee has dropped the idea.
Liability certificate for instructor- upcoming

G. Nominating (Felicia Leibman, Chair, on behalf of the Nominating Committee: Ginny Conway
Claire Mocarski, Barbara Achter, Ernie and Petie Ern)

Elwin Guthrie- President
Dale Cook- Vice-President
Kristin Sant- Secretary
Kevin Conway- Treasurer

Anne Bullis
Jack Campbell
Jane Griesar
Doug Craig
John Mulcahy
Felicia Leibman

Audit Committee- Elizabeth Vercoe and Andrew Fenniman

Motion made and seconded to accept slate of officers.  Motion passed.
Chris thanked Felicia and her committee. 
Felicia thanked all those people who were willing to serve.

Chris presented El Guthrie, Kristin Sant and Kevin Conway to the membership present.

VII Old Business- none

VIII New Business

a. Lobster dinner dates and Bristol Days.  For 2014, the Social Committee will switch the dates of Barbecue and the Lobster Dinner as to avoid having the latter always be in conflict with Bristol Days.

b. Elizabeth Vercoe explained that the website has been altered so that people can view it on an iPad.

c. Lending Library- Bobbi Einhorn announced that she culled the lending library and a few new donations have been made.  She encouraged members to make donations to the library.

d. Motion made that the Board of Directors be charged to establish a capital reserve fund and to increase the dues to contribute to the capital reserve to be used for major expenditures.
Motion seconded.

Discussion:  Could the word charged be changed to suggest?
Modification accepted.

Amended motion: Motion made that the Board of Directors be asked to consider establishing a capital reserve fund and to increase the dues appropriately to contribute to the capital reserve to be used for major expenditures.
Motion seconded.


Question called.  Motion carried.

e. Liability Issue due to the athletic exclusion in our policy. The Club bears no liability whatsoever for any athletic event.  Our insurance company will not cover us.

Motion made that the Board be requested to follow-up on giving proper notification regarding the athletic exclusion.  Motion seconded.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Catherine Gram