Long Cove Point Association
Annual Meeting
July 21, 2012

Called to Order: 10:08 AM

I. Welcome — 40 people attended
In attendance: Christopher Gram (President), Kit Reno (Vice-President),Bob Rapp (Treasurer), Catherine Gram (Secretary).

II. President’s report
a.  Moment of silence for Barbara Neff and Bo Kilner, who both passed away recently.

b.  Cleaning of the club – Clean-up.  Ten people came to help clean up the clubhouse. They did a very thorough job and had fun, too.
Chris extended special thanks to Barb Achter and Pam Brooks, who completely cleaned the kitchen,
and to Bennett Brooks for repairing the ping-pong table.

c. Announcements: 
  1. Old Bristol Historical Society- LCPA has had a request from the Old Bristol Historical Society to ask for interested parties
and families to help fund the republishing of John Neff’s book on the history of Long Cove.
Costs are expected to be around $1,400.  OBHS hopes to have 10-12 families invest $100 each and they will cover the rest. 
For each $100 donation one will receive 10 copies of the book.  This republishing will include corrections.
This information is also on the LCPA website.

  2. Tennis court misuse:  If you notice any misuse of the tennis court, please address it.

III. Secretary's report (Catherine Gram)
Accepted as submitted.

IV. Treasurer's report (Bob Rapp)
Bob handed out the 2011 report for people to peruse.
15 % decrease in tennis fees.
There was a $1,500 decrease in capital improvement.
Conclusion: We are in a good financial state.

V. Director’s report (Bill Addison presenting for BillPerry)
Bill Perry is stepping down from being the Chair of the Board of Directors.  Applause for all of his work!

Bill Addison encouraged the membership to volunteer for LCPA by serving on a committee.

Charitable Contributions.  Last year, there was a conversation regarding charitable contributions and we gave less than in previous years.  
Bill’s point of view is that we get a tax break due to our non-profit nature of the organization. 
One way we give it back is in the form of contributions to local organizations that need support.  It’s a win-win situation. 
(More of charitable contributions below, under New Business.)

V. Committee Reports
     A. Archives Dan Mocarski) – no report.

     B. Audit (Andrew Fenniman) – All set.

     C. House (Jack Campbell) –Several open projects.
        1.There is a new toilet in Ladies’ room.
        2. Floor Cleaning- Pendleton explained that it would cost $1.25 per square foot for a total  $2,000.00.
                Though it might be difficult to do this on a yearly basis, we might consider doing it next spring.
                Concern expressed that one big cleaning would not be enough for the season, as the club is used
                regularly and the floor gets dirty.
                Would polyurethane be a better option, as this would be easier to clean?
                A new oil finish would also help and would cost less than polyurethane.
                The shuffle-board would be repainted.

                Could we get an “industrial strength” mop/ swifter and create a “clean-up” committee to clean
                the floor on a regular basis?

        3. Lighting- Jack checked with an electrician - For the price of $1,680.00 we would have
                3 high-put fluorescent lamps installed (same fixtures that are in Lincoln Academy- good quality
                and would give good illumination), the chandeliers would be put up and a new
                smoke alarm installed.

                Motion made and seconded:  Accepting the House committee’s recommendation regarding the
                    floors and the lights.
                We stagger the light and the floor project, depending on price and the state of the treasury. 
                Step 1: purchase the mops and creating a cleaning crew
                Step 2: replace the lights this season
                Step 3: have the floor refinished in the spring of 2012

     D. Membership (Ellen Addison)– 232 adult members, some of whom have not paid.
                They will be notified.

                New Members- 11 new applications- 20 adults- 3 of them joined after the annual meeting last year.
                Michael Blake – Tennis pro – Jefferson, ME - Recommended by Amy Rolfe & Nora Waystack
                Arline Blaxland-Hatch –Pemaquid, ME - Recommended by Ann Bullis & Nora Waystack
                Martha & Fred Hebert & son Daly – Darien, CT & New Harbor
                                – Recommended by Bill & Kitty Perry Jim Hicks,
                Peggy Holmes, Emmy Holmes-Hicks – Illinois (June Hicks’ son) Membership renewal after a lapse
                Molly & Charles Hill & daughter Callie – New York & Round Pond –
                Paul & Barbara Ness’ daughter & son-in-law Carol & Jeff Kirby – SC & Chamberlain
                               -Recommended by Ginny Conway & Jane & Bill Griesar
                Bill & Jean Murphy – NY & Chamberlain
                                - Recommended by Sheila Dodge & Julie Gerow & Anthony Cordasco
                Wesley Neff & Robert DesLauriers – Winterport, ME –  Barbara Neff’s daughter
                Melissa Norton – Mt. Vernon, ME & Chamberlain - Lorraine Norton’s daughter Michael &                
                Deidra (Welch) Turmelle – Concord, NH & Chamberlain - Recommended by her mother
                Dorrie Welch & Lynn & Dooie Elskus Gary & Debra Llewellyn –
                                Debbie is Dick & Sally Stebbin’s daughter.

                Motion made and seconded to accept our new members- Accepted

     E. Social (Sheila Dodge)

        *The Barbecue is July 28- An email will be sent out explaining the details.
        *Music Night- August 11- For Music Night LCPA is lucky to have Scot Vercoe Duo from Boston.
                They play jazzy standards as well as some blues favorites. An email reminder will be sent.
                There is also info on the website.
        *Lobster Dinner- August 18- Date has  been changed to avoid competing with Olde Bristol Days
            Check due into Box 63, made out to the club, by August 9.
            Price 15$ for double/ $10 for single/  $8 Chicken
        *Kevin Conway- Possibility of his speaking regarding  “A Civil Action”. 
                More information forthcoming.

     F. Tennis (Amy Rolfe/Nora Waystack)
        Tennis is going well.  The court is being used approximately 6-7 hours a day.
        Mike Blake is giving lessons for $30.00 an hour. 
        Call Amy to schedule lessons.
        Sunday Round Robin- Open to all.
        There have been 2 “Welcome Parties”- There will be another one in the beginning of August.
        There is a list posted of current members.

        Question regarding Tennis Dues:  Family membership for the club/tennis is up to 18 years old.
        Could this be extended to include college-aged kids?
        Motion: Recommendation to the LCPA Board that the children membership and/or tennis membership
        be raised to include children up to and including age 25.  

     G. Nominating (Felicia Leibman)
     Slate of Officers 2012-2013
     Christopher Gram, President
     Kit Reno, Vice- President
     Bob Rapp, Treasurer
     Catherine Gram, Secretary

     Bill Addison
     Doug Alcox     
     Jane Griesar
     Joe Ponti
     Anne Bullis
     Jack Campbell
     Doug Craig

     Audit Committee
     Jack Walker
     Andrew Fenniman
     Elizabeth Vercoe

     Nominating Committee
     Felicia Leibman (Chair)
     Ginny Conway
     Barbara Achter
     Petie & Ernie Ern
     Claire Mocarski
     Felicia Leibman

     Motion to accept. Accepted

VI. Old Business- none

VII. New Business
a. Jim Stebbins has old movies of the club and is offering to share them for the membership. 
Do we have a system for projection?  Could we buy one second hand?
He will look into the cost.

b.  Charitable Contributions- Suggestion made to take a certain percentage of revenue income from membership and tennis fees
that the Club receives to be used for charitable contributions.Last year, the amount of our donations was lowered. 
We do not have any clear rationale for the amount of money we give.  Bob Rapp explained
that if we decide on a percentage, this would guide the amount of charitable contributions we make.

Concern mentioned that, should we follow that system, the percentage should be taken from income and not revenue,
in case we have a year where, for whatever reason, we have a lot of expenses.

Another thought is to give the amount that would be close or equivalent to the amount we save on property taxes, due to our non-profit status.

Motion made and seconded: Allocate $2,500 as a flat amount for charitable contributions, at the Board’s discretion.

Motion made and seconded:  A committee is created to draft a clear charitable contribution policy.

Joe Ponti explained that he is planning on making the following suggestion at the August Board Meeting:
to go to a fiscal year for financial book-keeping, rather than the January to December system we have now. 

VIII. Adjournment: 11:38AM

Respectfully submitted,
Catherine Gram