Long Cove Point Association
Annual Meeting
July 16, 2011

Called to Order: 10:05 AM

I. Welcome
In attendance: Officers Christopher Gram (President), Bob Rapp (Treasurer), Catherine Gram (Secretary) and members.

II. Secretary’s report (Catherine Gram)
Motion to accept the minutes of the July 17, 2010 Annual Meeting as submitted.
Voted: in favor

III. Treasurer’s report (Bob Rapp)
Bob Rapp handed out copies of his report of income and expenditures. Our financial picture is the same as last year. 20 members have not paid their dues amounting to around $1000 we are still owed.

Question from membership: Are there any big expenditures expected in the future?

Roof- Doug Craig, House Committee Chair, explained that there are two ways to deal with the roof:
     1.We can take off the old roof and replace it for a cost of $7500
     2. We can recover the existing roof for a cost of $5800
It is anticipated that the roof will need to be repaired in approximately 5 years.

Tennis Court: The tennis court will be resurfaced next spring.

Septic- The discharge has been extended to bottom of cove and seems to be working fine. Doug explained that the chlorinator might need to be replaced.
Bill Perry, LCPA Board Chair, explained that Maine laws had changed regarding septic tanks. The LCPA property was surveyed officially, and it was discovered that the wells are located such to allow for only a tiny wedge on which to put the septic system. Since this wedge of land is too small, the state has waived the requirements.

Question from member: What is being done to collect unpaid dues?
Calls are made. Any member who has not paid by the 6th of August will not be incorporated into next year's list. If those non-paying members want to rejoin, they will need to pay dues for 2012 as well as 2011.

Member question: To what charities do we give donations?
     New Harbor Food Pantry $400
     CHIP $1,600
     First responders $500
     Fire department $300
     Library $200 (up from $100 in 2009, as voted by the membership)
     Historical society $50
     For a total of $3,050 in donations for 2010

Member question: What kind of organization is the LCPA, a 501C3 ( a charitable or educational organization) or a 501c7 ( a social organization)?
We are the latter.

Motion made to accept Treasurer's Report.
Voted in favor

IV. Board of director’s report (Bill Perry)
Bill explained that the minutes will be available on the website, to members only.

Roof estimate: see above for upper roof- Lower roof is OK.

Lights: Bill explained that the club has bought chandeliers to finish putting the new lights that the Conways generously gave the club. The fluorescent lights can be put back to allow for better lighting for certain activities, such as Bridge.
Suggestion was made that the fluorescents will need to be put higher to allow for easy hanging.

Tennis Court Resurfacing schedule- The last resurfacing was done 9 years ago, with the intention being to have it last 10 years. This is longer than normally suggested, but the second resurfacing has been postponed to coincide with the expiration of the 10 year advanced dues provided by some members , which gave us the down payment for the new court. Bill spoke with the company Maine Tennis and Track, who explained that we need to plan on 3 coats for the cost of $6,250. This would include power washing the court and any necessary patching. This would be done June 2012.
The Directors allowed for an additional $250 to fix the heaving that has created problems with the fence.

Tax Filing- As a social organization, we can have up to $50,000 before we need to pay any taxes. However, we still need to file.

Clubhouse Use Policy and Indemnification Agreement. Christopher Gram and Bill Perry worked to streamline and clean up the language of these documents. One substantive change was made. In the old document, a member needed to pay $25 for a small gathering, with no damage deposit. After discussion it was decided that since breakage or damage can happen during any activity, we will no longer distinguish small from large events. From now on, any member wanting to plan a gathering will need to pay $150 and give a $150 damage deposit.

Bill also explained that small gatherings, such as memorial services, would become a club event and a member service. If people abuse this benefit, we can revisit this at a future date.

Floor: The Directors have decided to hire a company to properly clean and treat the floor in the spring. Any additional cleaning and treating could be done, if necessary. Anne Bullis spoke with a company who explained that the floor is coated with polyurethane and a good cleaning would be sufficient.

Music Night- After polling the Directors, Bill explained that they suggested to charge $5 for admission. Some were concerned that this might become quite costly for families. After discussion, the Board of Directors decided to turn Music Night into a fundraiser, with a suggested $5 donation. Bill explained that the club will pay for the band, but any donations would help with our charitable donations.

Fall Board of Directors' Meeting- Saturday August 20, 2011 at 10AM

V. Committee Reports
     A. Archives Dan Mocarski) – no report.

     B. Audit (John Merrill) – will be prepared for the August Board meeting.

     C. Children's Program (Amy Rolfe)House – Amy is concerned that attendance has been low as this makes it difficult to plan events.
     Amy asked the membership if they wanted to continue this program. The consensus of the Membership was that this was a worthy program worth continuing.

     Amy asked any member who has visiting children or grandchildren, to please contact her so that she can help introduce them to other children in the club.

     Member suggestion: Could invitations to the Club's children's events be extended to the wider community? Signs at Riley's or at the Post Office?
     Insurance liability would need to be checked into before we could extend club events to the wider public.
     Amy got a fire permit that is valid through September 1 for bonfires. If anyone wants the do a bonfire, contact Amy.

     D. House (Doug Craig) –Several open projects.
     • See above for Roof and Inside Lights.
     • A new smoke alarm will be put in the kitchen to replace the one that does not work.
     • The porch ceiling will be chloroxed.
     • The flagpole- the plan is to take it down, clean it up, and to treat it with a filler to prevent any further deterioration.
     • The kitchen screen door will be put back correctly to that it will not stick.
     • We will need to reapply to the State for our septic status in 2014

     Nancy Craig put the flowers in the flower boxes
     Bill Griesar fixed the broken flower boxed
     Bill Addison painted the railing.
     And a special thanks to Doug for serving as chair. (He is resigning,)

     E. Membership (Ellen Addison)– 232 adult members, some of whom have not paid. They will be notified.

     There are two new applications for membership:
            Louise Curran of New Hampshire and who resides, in the summer, at 507 Route 32, Chamberlain at the Royal Homestead.
            She is sponsored by the Leemans and the Smalls.

            Richard Russack and Cynthia Hammett from Fort Worth Texas, who summer at their home on McFarland Shore Road.
            The Craigs and the Achters are their sponsors and their neighbors.

     Motion made to welcome them to the Long Cove Point Association.
     Voted in favor.

     F. Social (Sheila Dodge)
     • 60 people attended the Wine and Cheese Social.
     • 92 attended the Italian Dinner.
     • Cocktail Party tonight at the Perry's. Directions are posted on the clubhouse porch.
     • July 30 is the date of the Cookout- Sheila asked that anyone with a truck might help get the grills.
     • Lobster Dinner- Please let John Mulcahy or Sheila know what you will be ordering by July 22.
          July 29th is the deadline for payment for the lobster dinner. Cost: $8 chicken, $15 lobster, $20 for double

     Please send monies to LCPA Box 63. Please note on check name of people and what they are ordering.
     Can Members bring houseguests to the lobster dinner? Yes, but only if they are actually staying with you in your home.
      Doug Alcox has already ordered 120 lobsters- this will be adjusted when we have final numbers.
     John will send another mass email explaining the above.

     John Mulcahy has created an email list of all members to remind people of events.
     Please contact John if you are not receiving the emails, or to let him know any questions and concerns.
     Big thanks to Sheila for serving as chair- She is resigning.

     G. Tennis (Amy Rolfe)
     Nora Waystack and Kit Reno have been elected to the Tennis Committee.

     Nora and Amy Rolfe are co-chairs of the Tennis Committee
     There was a social on July 2nd to start the Pro Program for the season.
     Michael Blake gives lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays.
     One lesson is $30 an hour total, no matter how many people are taking the lesson.
     If you book a lesson and do not attend, you will still need to pay Michael.

     New Programs:
     Sunday Social Tennis: 3PM to 5PM 8 people attended last Sunday.

     H. Nominating (Felicia Leibman)
     Slate of Officers
     Christopher Gram, President
     Kit Reno, Vice- President
     Bob Rapp, Treasurer
     Catherine Gram, Secretary

     Bill Perry
     Bill Addison
     Doug Alcox
     Jane Griesar
     Joe Ponti
     Anne Bullis
     Jack Campbell

     Audit Committee
     Jack Walker
     Andrew Fenniman
     Elizabeth Vercoe
     John Merrill and Bill Arnold to be retained through August

     Nominating Committee
     Carlene Sproul
     Mary Alcox
     Ginny Conway
     Barbara Achter
     Petie Ern
     Claire Mocarski
     Felicia Leibman

     Motion to accept slate of officers and committee members
     Voted in favor

VI. Old Business
Charitable donations
When will we decide on amounts that we give to charitable donations?

History of charitable donations:
This group has given to charity for as long as anyone can remember.
The donation amounts were increased when the economic crisis hit and was very difficult on the local community.

Article I A of the Bylaws (dated 7/17/10) mentions charitable giving.
Suggestion was made that the Board clarify our by-laws regarding charitable donations.
Board will look into it. A sub-committee might be created whose job will be to look at charitable donations.

Motion: Authorize the Board to make donations up to last year's monetary amount, according to their judgment.
Voted in favor.

VII. New Business
Kit Reno: The Regatta- July 30 at Noon. $15 per adult, $5 for children.
This event will benefit the CHIP program.
Participants will need use non-motorized boats.
This will be a judged event: Dress up your boat and yourself!
Signs and a mass email will announce the event.

Anyone who would like to play Bridge later than 9AM, call the Silverbergs.

VIII. Adjournment: 11:30AM

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Gram