Long Cove Point Association
Annual Meeting
July 18, 2009

Call to Order - The annual meeting of the Long Cove Point Association was called to order by President John Towne at 10:00 AM at the club house. Fortunately a moment of silence for any deceased members in the past year was not needed.

Secretary’s report –The reading of the minutes from last year’s annual meeting were dispensed with and a motion was made to accept them, seconded and motion was passed.

Treasurer’s report
– Kitty Perry presented the report for the period of 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009. She stated that the checking account had a balance of $11,492.00 and the savings account balance was $1,385.00 for a total of $12,877.00. Total income for the same period was $12,837.00 and expenses were $6,051.00. To date there are only 21 member families’ dues still unpaid.

Board of director’s report – Chairman Bill Perry reviewed the actions and highlights of the board meeting on July 11, 2009. He said the association is running well and copies of the minutes from that meeting are available to all. He will have a board meeting directly after adjournment of this meeting to elect a new chairman. He stated that unpaid members will be reminded of the dues three weeks after today’s meeting. He felt the by-laws needed reviewing and will work on them with John Towne over the winter. Any recommendations they come up with will be included in the spring letter to all members in concurrence with the by-laws. The last board meeting this year will be held on August 22, 2009 at 9:00 AM at the club.

Committee Reports
Audit – The audit committee consisting of John Merrill, Bill Arnold and Jack Walker examined the books and records of the association for the period of 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009. They found the records in good order, with adequate support for the transactions recorded and reports that summarize the records.

Archives – Dorrie Welch was not present; hence no report.

House – Doug Craig received notification from the State that the discharge pipe needed to be extended 65 feet to low water and will get a quote from Pendleton to comply. All but three windows have been reglazed; the vinyl in the kitchen needs to be tacked down in spots; he plans to get a quote for repainting the porch ceiling; and will install non-skid treads on the handicap ramp. He was thanked for all his work on the windows.

Membership – Ellen Addison presented the list of new members applying for this year. They are Anne Buel, Anthony Cordasco and Julie Gerow, John Mulcahy and Andrew Fenniman, Lee Simard, Walter and Audrey Villeco, Bill and Terri Hendry, Clayton and Kerstin Chapman, Darcy and Jim Austin, and Matt and Dale Cooke. A motion was made to accept the new applicants, seconded and passed.

Social – Sheila Dodge said that there were about 60 people attending the Wine & Cheese and about 110 at the Italian dinner. The callers are notifying their lists of members about the chicken supper on August 1, and for the lobster dinner reservations will need to be prepaid. She is looking for two new houses to hold the cocktail parties next year. Supplies were inventoried and the needed items were purchased. Members were reminded to bring items of food for the Food Pantry to all functions.

Tennis – Bill Bullis said that there are 81 paid tennis members and a list of them is located on the bulletin board by the front door. The sign up list to play is also located there. The court is ready to use; round robins are on Tues. & Thurs from 9:00 to 11:00 AM for anyone interested. He reminded players to use the white envelopes in the tennis box by the door for any guest fees the same day of play.

Nominating – Ginny Conway presented the nominations for 2009-2010 as follows; President – John Towne; Vice President – Sam Egbert; Secretary – Cindee Young; Treasurer – Kitty Perry; new board members Anne Bullis and Jane Griesar; auditors John Merrill, Bill Arnold and Jack Walker; and for nominating committee Mary Alcox, Ginny Conway, Tessa Huberty, Felicia Leibman and Claire Mocarski. A motion to accept the slate was made, seconded and carried.

Old Business
Charitable donations – Discussion was held as to the amounts of donations by LCPA to the New Harbor food pantry, CHIP (Community Housing Improvement Project), 1st Responders, Library, Fire Department, and the Historical Society. Bill Perry said there is a big need for food and fuel this year and as LCPA is tax exempt, it is the organization’s obligation to contribute in our community. Elizabeth Vercoe said there have been low results on food collection and the food pantry could better use cash donations to purchase necessary items. The jar is available at all functions for anyone wishing to contribute monetary contributions. Individual checks should be made out the New Harbor Food Pantry for a tax deduction. Bill Addison made a motion to send $500.00 from the club for the food pantry. Discussion followed and it was suggested that LCPA send up to $1000.00 to CHIP and up to $1000.00 to the food pantry. Bill Addison amended his motion to authorize up to $2000.00 for both with the board determining the final amounts at the board meeting in August; motion was seconded and passed. Bill Bullis suggested that a larger amount to 1st Responders and the Fire Department be considered. A motion by John Merrill to increase LCPA donations up to $1000.00 for those, the library, and the historical society; motion was seconded and carried. The board will also determine the amounts for these four organizations in August.

Web site, cottage history updates – Jack Campbell reminded all of the LCPA website created by Elizabeth Vercoe and she will update any further information she receives about the cottages. She also would like to do other oral histories and people to be interviewed are needed. The words to Doug Alcox’s song are now on the site.

New Business – The reprinting of John Neff’s book about Chamberlain was discussed and because of costs, etc., Steve Reno sent an email to John thanking him for his proposal and graciously declining the offer to subsidize reprinting. It was noted that his book can be obtained on Amazon.com or eBay if anyone is interested. It is also summarized on the LCPA website with his permission and John is acknowledged on each page.

Nancy Craig suggested that the receptacles for the food pantry be placed in a prominent place at each function and be a requirement for admission.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM

.Ellen Addison