Long Cove Point Association
Annual Meeting
July 19, 2008

Call to Order - The annual meeting of the Long Cove Point Association was called to order by President Joe Ponti at 10:01 AM at the club house. He called for a moment of silence for our departed members Sue Fondriest, Ellie Nolan, Paul Nichols, Dave Pollack and Jess Welch.

Secretary’s report – The reading of the minutes from last year’s annual meeting were dispensed with and a motion was made to accept them, seconded and motion was passed

Treasurer’s report
– – Kitty Perry presented the report for the period of 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008. Report attached.

Total income


Current cash balances


There are 135 member families with a total member count of well over 300. Of these, 55 families pay for tennis.

Board of Directors' report –Chairman Bill Perry covered items not in other reports.

1. The elimination of the tennis debt was paid last August and saved about $2000.00 by paying off early.
2. The OBD has been approved by the state. The survey is completed, deeds are registered and residents on both side of the club are satisfied. The tank has also been pumped out and will not need to be done any time soon due to the low usage.
3. The board oversees tennis and reappointed Bill Bullis to serve as chairman and also appointed Nora Waystack as a board member.
4. For a more timely collection of dues, it was stressed that we adhere to the by-laws that state that if not paid by 3 weeks after the annual meeting, member shall be dropped from the roster. A friendly reminder call or note to overdue members will be done shortly after the meeting.

Committee Reports:
Audit - John Merrill presented the audit report after the treasurer’s report and stated that he, Don Murray and Bill Arnold had reviewed the records and that they were approved.

Archives - Jane Griesar reported that John Neff will be our speaker on the history of Long Cove and LCPA the August 3, 2008 at 2:00 PM at the club. This will be in celebration of the club’s 100th birthday.

House –
Bill Griesar reported that the structure was in good shape, the dishwasher had been installed and that Steve Nichols had cleared out brush and pruned trees around the club. He thanked Doug Craig for repairing and puttying windows.

Membership – Ellen Addison presented the list of new members applying for this year. They are Victoria & Paul Smith, Kimberly & Richard Fusco, Tom & Nancy Clark, John & Amy Rolfe, Tracey & Brad Schaaf and Sarah Merrill Mowat. She moved that we accept the new applicants. Motion was seconded and passed.

Nominating Committee – Felicia Leibman presented the slate for 2008-2009 as follows:
President-John Towne, Vice President-Sam Egbert, Secretary-Ellen Addison, Treasurer-Kitty Perry; New board members Bill Perry, Joe Ponti & Jack Campbell; Auditors John Merrill, Bill Arnold & Jack Walker; and for nominating committee Mary Alcox, Andrea Ericson, Tessa Huberty, Claire Mocarski, Ginny Conway & Felicia Leibman. A motion was made to accept the slate, was seconded and passed.

Social – Ann Bullis requested the possible donation of a 21” or larger TV for yoga and stated that the social program was doing well. Joe thanked Social Chairman Kit Reno and her entire committee for a job well done.

Tennis report – Ann Bullis, reporting for absent tennis chairman Bill Bullis, stated that all was going well with the round robins and that weekly sign up sheets for the court are posted every Sunday.

New Business -
Elizabeth Vercoe had seen an article in the Lincoln County News (copy attached) about the need for food pantries in our area and proposed that as a way to fulfill LCPA’s obligation to community service, we participate in a food drive. The Basic Needs Council of the United Way of Midcoast Maine has worked with community groups to establish a Food Security Coalition. The United Methodist Church in New Harbor runs a food pantry on Saturdays from 9:00 to 10:00 AM and now serves 50 households including single mothers and people on fixed incomes. Elizabeth suggested that we collect food at the club to donate to this cause. Kit Reno will provide plastic cartons for the donations. Diapers and fresh garden produce are also needy items. Callers will remind members to bring food to the upcoming socials. Bill Perry suggested a monetary donation toward fuel and a motion was made for the board at the August meeting to consider up to $1000.00 for fuel to CHIP (Community Housing Improvement Project) for the needy this winter.

Flowers were sent to Clarice Sturtevant who is at Chase Point and Marion Marshall who is recovering from a broken hip.
Ann Bullis reminded everyone that we are already starting to collect items for a garage sale to be held next summer. She also has note cards made by Robert Kausch depicting scenes in this area for sale for $12.00, a dollar of which will be donated to the club.
Lynn Elskus invited everyone for cake on the porch following the meeting in honor of her parent’s, Dick and Sally Stebbins, 50th anniversary.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM.

Ellen Addison