Annual Meeting
July 21, 2007

The annual meeting of Long Cove Point Association was called to order July 21, 2007 at the clubhouse at 10:00 AM by President Joe Ponti. He requested that we have a moment of silence in memory of Al Ring, Albin Elskus, Mel Massey and Webster Van Winkle.

It was moved and seconded to abstain from reading the minutes from last year’s annual meeting, July 15, 2006. Motion passed.

Treasurer Kitty Perry was unable to attend the meeting and the treasurer’s report was given by John Merrill. For the period 01 July 2006 to 30 June 2007 our income was $15,530.37, expenses were $9,416.31, with an increase in reserves of $6,114.06.

Cash balances as of 30 June 2007: Checking account – $12,354.91
Savings account - $ 2,364.13
Total - $14,719.04

The debt for the tennis court is $11,300 and there was discussion as to using the reserve to address the loan. A five year financial plan will be drawn up by President Ponti and Treasurer Perry to be presented at the August Board Meeting for their consideration.

The report on the Board of Directors meeting on July 7, 2007 was given by Bill Addison. He reminded all that the Board represents each member of the Association. A discussion concerning the installation of a dishwasher in the Club kitchen was one topic highlighted. The retiring of the tennis debt was brought up before the Board. Using some of the income reserve and paying down the loan will be discussed further at the August Board Meeting. He also gave highlights from the Tennis Committee. Bill Bullis has agreed to serve as interim tennis chairman until Dave Pollick’s return. There are a projected 31 families as paid tennis members. Court activity has been slow but he expects it will increase with better weather in August. The fence around the court is of main concern as is the eventual resurfacing of the court. Maine Tennis Company will be contacted for estimates on both. A tennis committee member for a 3 year term was needed and it was moved to reappoint Sam Egbert to this position. Motion passed. The next Board Meeting will be August 25, 2007 at 9:00 am at the club and President Ponti said if any members are interested they can sit in and observe the meeting.


John Merrill reported that the books were examined and all was in good order. The Audit committee is pleased to note that the Treasurer is continuing to periodically furnish a back up set of records to them.

A bulletin board has been hung in the Club for old and current pictures. Elizabeth Vercoe offered to scan in photos on the LCPA website.

Ellen Addison stated that she had acted on President Ponti’s suggestion that a new line be added to the membership application for members to volunteer on any committees in which they are interested. The new application was presented to him. She has put together a new member packet containing an application, By-Laws, House Rules and Clubhouse Use Policy, membership list, LCPA officers and committees, and the social calendar. The new members applying this year are Randolph and Margaret Brown, Bob and Tancy Rapp, Richard and Brenda Crowe, Ross and Cindy Flood, John and Donna (Kilner) Gay, Kim Donnelly and Mike Chase, Wayne and Janet Spiller, Milton D. Curtis, Morgan Hendry III and Elizabeth Lewis, and Chuck and Peggy Farrell. A motion was made and seconded to approve them for membership. Motion passed. There are 236 adult members and 61 children for a total of 297 members to date. It was suggested that we not actively recruit new members but any interested in joining will not be turned away. As we have no maximum number for members, Roger Fessaquet suggested that we might consider stating a maximum membership enrollment in the future.

Ginny Conway, Co-Social Chairman, expressed thanks to Call Chairman Louise Ponti and to all the callers, to those who helped set up and clean up for the dinners, to the planners and cookers, to Bill Griesar for installing shelving for supplies, and to the Einhorns for supplies. The social events so far have been successful. The Chicken dinner will be August 4, the lobster dinner August 18, and the clean out camp potluck will be September 1. She also announced that an anonymous group was willing to donate a dishwasher for the Club.

Bill Griesar stated that the clubhouse is in pretty good shape except for some leaks in the roof which he will have repaired and windows that need reputtying. He thanked Dave Pollick and Bill Addison for propping up the shed last fall. He said that Steve Nichols would donate his time to clearing shrubbery around the building.

Felicia Leibman presented the slate of officers, new board members, auditing committee and nominating committee for 2007-2008. Nominations are:

President – Joe Ponti
Vice President – John Towne
Secretary – Ellen Addison
Treasurer – Kitty Perry
Board members - Doug Alcox and Bill Addison

The auditing and nominating committees will remain the same as last year. A motion was made and seconded to accept the report. Motion passed.

Issues arising as to road repairs, speeding and road signs were designated a town problem and not the club’s and should be addressed by the resident directly to the town or county. It was suggested that residents along Rt. 32 and Long Cove Point Road trim a 2 foot apron along the road in front of their cottages for the use of walkers if they need to get out of the way of traffic.

Bill Griesar pointed out the new bulletin board hanging on the back wall of the club for pictures, etc.

Mort Achter endorsed the play “Thurber Carnival” which he is directing and is playing locally. John Neff will give a presentation on Chamberlain and LCPA in September at the Bristol Historical Society. Restoration of Pemaquid Light will be done by end of summer and Governor Baldacci’s wife will be at the rededication.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Ellen Addison