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Chamberlain, ME 04541
Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006 Meeting was called to order by the President, Jack Campbell. He began by asking for a moment of silence for two deceased members: Janet Powell and John Hixon.

President Campbell than asked for a show of appreciation to Ellie Small and Cynthia Rodgers for their contributions to the refurbishing of the chandelier.

The Secretary’s report was accepted as presented.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Board of Directors report: Chairman Bill Perry asked Dave Pollick to explain a “Tennis Pro Program” that may be of interest to us. Dave will get details on it and report back to the Board at their August meeting. In the meantime, the shower and lavatory in the steward’s room will be kept intact. John Merrill spoke to the issue of the club’s tax exempt status. He is currently looking for a certificate stating that we are a non-profit organization. Anne Bullis was asked to explain the sale of the dishes from the club’s kitchen; the dishes will be on display after the meeting for members to buy and what’s left will be part of the yard sale on July 29th. The problem of over-capacity crowds at social functions has been discussed at board meetings. This summer, special monitoring will be done and the issue will again be discussed at the Board meeting in August. The subject of whether or not to charge an initiation fee for people who were members as children was discussed. A motion was made, seconded and so voted to not charge an initiation fee to family members who come of age – regardless of their age when they make application for membership on their own. Any variation on this scenario goes to the membership committee for a decision. Two oppositions to this vote were so noted.

Audit Committee report was accepted as presented by John Merrill.

Archives Committee report: Jess Welch said committee has been inactive, however, the missing non-profit status certificate may be found in the archives which is stored at the Bristol Library.

House Committee report was accepted as presented by Phil Cameron. Some of the projects included a new roof; trim painting by volunteers; 15 new support posts under the building, put there by Bill Addison, Dave Pollick and Doug Alcox; lots of trash hauled away; a new shop vacuum was purchased as was a new flag. The piano was also moved to an inside wall.

Membership Committee report was accepted as presented by Chair Ellen Addison. New club members are: Bill & Sally Hanlon, Eileen and Elwin Guthrie, Robert Desmond, George and Betsy McFarland, Glenn & Heidi Arnold (renewal), Eric Lax & Karen Sulzberger, Rebecca & Sara Booker, Allison & Mark Conway and Barry & Bonnie Potter.
Nominating Committee report was accepted as presented. The slate of officers and board members voted in were: Joe Ponti, President; John Towne, Vice President; Ellen Addison, Secretary; Kitty Perry, Treasurer and Board Members Jane Greiser and Georgia Rolfe. Going off the Board will be Jess Welch and Ed Shepherd. The auditing and nominating committees will remain the same as last year.

Social Committee report by Kit Reno, which was basically a review of this year’s schedule, was accepted as presented.
Tennis Committee report was accepted as presented by Dave Pollick. He reported that 35 – 40 persons used the tennis court this past week.

Old Business A motion was made, seconded and so voted to continue the donations the same as last year.
A motion was made, seconded and so voted to extend a show of appreciation to the Board and Officers.
Roger Fessaguet asked that it be noted that we send our best to Dr. Alfred Ring who is now 101 years old.
Meeting adjourned.