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Minutes of the Annual Meeting

July 16, 2005.


1.   The meeting was called to order by President Jack Campbell at 10 am in the clubhouse with all officers and approximately 40 members present .


2.  The President asked for a moment of silence to remember Richard Meliville and Mrs. Paul Nichols.


3.  The minutes from the last meeting (mailed or emailed with the spring newsletter) were approved.  Roger Fessaguet objected to the emailing of the newsletter packet.  After some discussion, there was agreement that members could opt to receive either mailed or emailed materials and would be polled for their preference.


4.  TreasurerÕs Report.  Jack Walker distributed copies of the Treasurer's Report.  He noted that there is a slight increase in reserves, and that the note payments on the tennis court loan will be paid in full in 2011 with about $15,000 still outstanding.  Also noted was a delay in the audit and that the audit should be completed within one to two weeks.  He mentioned that the social functions of the club are operating on a break-even basis, that a number of memberships are not paid yet (possibly due to the new emailing of the notices), and that the checking account balance of $8,735.70 and savings account balance of about $2,000 total over $10,000, $4,300 of which will be needed for roof repairs as well as about $4,000 for insurance and the loan payment.  Bill Perry made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report and the motion was seconded and approved.


5.  Board of DirectorÕs Report.  Anne Bullis presented the Board's Report, noting that the board had authorized Mr. Ganson to make clubhouse roof repairs estimated at $4,300, contingent on sufficient funds in the treasury.  She also indicated the need for painting of the clubhouse and attention to shoring up the underpinnings of the building.  The Board also recommended level funding of traditional donations by the club plus $25 to the Bristol Historical Society and $50 to the First Responders.  Additionally the Board recommended that dues be increased from $20 to $30 to handle upcoming club maintenance.  Steve Reno moved that the Board of Director's Report be agreed to and approved and there was a second and approval of the motion.


6.  Committee Reports.


     House Committee.  Phil Cameron thanked Dave and Bill for progress on maintenance and all those who turned out for the spring cleanup.  He also asked for additional volunteers to help with repairs such as painting and working on the porch underpinnings.  Jack Campbell reported that the club chandelier is being refurbished.  Joe Ponti mentioned that club rentals don't always clean up their trash.  After some discussion Bill Perry moved that there be a security deposit of $150 for all rentals (including rentals by members).  The motion was seconded and passed.  The motion to approve the House Committee Report was made, seconded, and passed.


Membership Committee.  Ellen Addison listed the following new members from last year

and this year:  Crissie and Lex Sant, Betsy Forbes, Mike and Mary Thomas, Sam and Bebe Ablon, Dexter Polistock, Robert and Cindee Young, Gary Stookey, and Bob and Jane Bonomi.  The list was moved, seconded and approved.  There are approximately 220 club members.



Social Committee  Jack Campbell noted that there has been no social chairman and that

it is easier to have a different chairman for each event.  The Renos have offered to chair the next dinner and asked for two volunteers to help.  Doug Alcox will order the lobsters and corn for the lobster dinner and Kit and Ellen Addison will coordinate it.  There was extensive discussion of how to prevent the overcrowding of the lobster dinner experienced last year.  After much discussion, Steve Reno moved that we set a limit of 110 people for the dinner who must prepay by the Friday a week before the event.  The motion was seconded and carried.


     Tennis Committee.  Anne Bullis indicated that Dave Pollack will be the new chair for the coming year and that Bill Bullis has also agreed to be on the committee which also includes Connie Towne, Judy Ribeiro and Sam Egbert.



7.  Old Business.  There was no other old business.


8.  New Business.  Kit Reno said she would help Anne Bullis with another yard sale next year that will be held sometime soon after the annual meeting.  She also suggested there be an LCPA website which Elizabeth Vercoe agreed to construct.  The meeting moved, seconded and approved the purchase of a domain name (preferably LCPA.com).


9.  Nominating Committee Report.  Ellen Addison read the recommended slate of officers:

      President, Jack Campbell

      Vice President, Joe Ponti

      Secretary, Elizabeth Vercoe

      Treasurer, Jack Walker


      New Board Members:  Bill Perry (until 2008) and Phil Cameron (2008)

      Nominating Committee for 2005:  Katharine Shepherd, Miki Murray, Felicia Leibman, Ginny                       Conway and Ellie Nolan.

      Auditing Committee:  Bill Arnold, John Merrill, and Don Murray.


The President entertained a motion to have the slate approved, and it was seconded and passed. 


There was a motion to adjourn at 11:15 am.


Respectfully submitted,





Elizabeth Vercoe