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Minutes of the Annual Meeting

July 17, 2004.


1.   The meeting was called to order by President Bill Addison at 10 am in the clubhouse with 42 members present.


2.  The President asked for a moment of silence to remember Ida Chase and Marguerite MaGee Wallace.


3.  The minutes from the last meeting (mailed with the spring newsletter) were approved.


4.  TreasurerÕs Report.  John Walker distributed copies of the Treasurer and Audit Reports.  He noted that there is an increase in reserves of $851.99, and pointed out the note payments on the tennis court loan and income from the yard sale last summer.  Also noted was the increased insurance cost due to higher liability coverage and about $2,000 cost for rewiring the club.  He mentioned that the social functions of the club are operating on a break-even basis.


5.  Board of DirectorÕs Report.  Anne Bullis reported that Round Robins have begun at the tennis court, that a repair to the new fence on the court is being considered, that there is interest in moving an exercise class to the club if a TV and VCR are donated, that the club chandelier is to be repaired this summer, and that there is interest in the oral history of the club and area—perhaps as an after-dinner talk.  (Doug Alcox offered a TV and Dave Pollick volunteered a VCR on the spot.)  She thanked Phil Cameron for his repair of the screened door and congratulated outgoing President Bill Addison for his efficiency in handling club business this year.


6.  Committee Reports.


     Audit Committee.  The committee reported its review and approval of the financial books of the Association and of the TreasurerÕs Report.


     Archives Committee.  The Bristol Historical Association now has the club archives on loan as the library had inadequate space.  Peter Hope, President of the Historical Society requests that a volunteer set up an exhibit from our materials.  He is willing to give a talk to us about the society.


     House Committee.  Phil Cameron asked for volunteers to help with various clubhouse repairs such as the reglazing and painting of the windows.  He mentioned the new septic cover, new back steps and new screening and painting already done and thanked the volunteers who helped remove the old wiring in the club before the new wiring was installed, thereby saving the membership about $500.


     Membership Committee.  Ellen Addison reported there is a revised and clearer application form now.  She indicated the following new applications, all of which were approved by the membership:  Barbara and Mort Achter, Caroline Bruselius, and Barbara and Edgar Einhorn.


     Social Committee.  Bill Addison read chairperson Anne MerrillÕs report outlining the events already over (Clubhouse Cleanup on June 12, Wine and Cheese on June 26, and the Gourmet evening on July 10) and those to come (Chicken from the Colonel on July 24, Covered Dish Supper on August 7, Lobster Dinner on August 21 and the Farewell Pot Luck on September 11).  She thanked Julie Ann and Bob Burns and Kitty and Bill Perry for hosting the Gourmet Evening.  She also thanked committee members Bev Walker, Ellen Addison, Ellie Nolan and Phyllis Lucina for there hard work and support.


     Tennis Committee.  Tennis business was covered in the Board Report (see above).


7.  Old Business.  Bill Addison mentioned that our fire insurance has been increased to $142,000, the club has new wiring and security lights and three members have generously offered to defray the chandelier repair cost.  He thanked Doug Alcox, Fred Fondriest, Jack Walker, Dick Sims, Jack Campbell and Jess Welch for taking down the old wiring and thanked Ernie Els for building the new back steps.


8.  New Business.  The new exercise program was discussed above.


9.  Nominating Committee Report.  Doug Alcox read the recommended slate of officers:

      President, Jack Campbell

      Vice President, Joe Ponti

      Secretary, Elizabeth Vercoe

      Treasurer, Jack Walker

      Board Members, Anne Bullis and Doug Alcox and Bill Addison


The President entertained a motion to have the slate approved, seconded and passed which was accomplished.  There was a round of applause for outgoing director Harold Hughes and outgoing president, Bill Addison.  Bill handed over the presidency to Jack Campbell who thanked everyone for their help and support and entertained a motion to adjourn at 10:43 am.


Respectfully submitted,





Elizabeth Vercoe