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Buell House

Information conveyed 9/22/10

(Original notes on the Cottage by John Neff)

Land originally part of the Tukey lands.
     1978 -Cottage built by George French and his son who owned the cottage next door.. Reuben Chase helped.
     1982 -Bought by the Herriotts.
     ____ -Bought by Jean Maier and Nancy Purkis
     2003 -Bought by Eugene and Regenna Barron
     2007 -Bought by Anne Buell who allowed the fire department to burn the cottage to practice firefighting techniques instead of demolishing it before building a new house


The new house, 2009

This is a brief house history in photos instead of personal recollections of life on the cove.

Pictured to the right is the cottage as it was when owned by Gino and Gina Barron. Although the house is across the street from the ocean, the Barrons recalled one nor'easter in which waves soared over the Elskus cottage seaside, washing into the breezeway between the two parts of the Barron house.


2007 photo of the old house

Firemen practice a rescue



To the left is the beginning of a photographic record (April, 2008) of the firefighters' training exercises during the practice burn of the old house. Such burns provide a valuable opportunity for the men and an alternative to razing a house before a new one is built.

Firefighter suited up

Firemen confer with their chief

The old house with firemen during the practice burn